My son keeps gagging like he is going to throw up: Advice?

Has anyone ever had to make their little one throw up like sticking your finger in their mouths ? My son keeps gagging like he has to throw up but won’t, I’ve tried giving him gas med ( his stomach was hard) but that didn’t work, I’m honestly running out of options & he’s just won’t calm down.


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Call his pediatrician…


I would not put a finger in his mouth to force vomiting.

Try a little sprite or ginger ale, giving a small piece of a mint, tummy rubs, and maybe a cool damp wash cloth. Might have to take him to the doctor in the morning.

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If he has to throw up he will
If he is having trouble breathing go to the ER
If he’s breathing fine call his doctor
NEVER shove anything down your child’s throat


Is anxiety a possibility?

Sounds like he is constipated especially if his stomach is hard

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Never stick your fingers down your child’s throat. If he actually has to throw up he will. If his tummy is hard he might be constipated. I’d call his doctor and see what they say or take him to the emergency room. Just bc you’re mom doesn’t always mean taking things into your own hands literally or figuratively.


Get a referral
To an ear nose and throat specialist
Or even an speech therapist

Go to his doctor :woman_facepalming:t4:

Gag reflux? Is he a baby? Maybe he has something irritating his gag reflux causing him to gag.

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DO NOT stick your finger down that baby’s throat!!! Call his dr!!!


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I wouldn’t try and make him throw up. Give his doctor a call or if you really think something is wrong take him to the er

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Please never stick you fingers down your child’s throat unless he’s choking and you need to remove something. When I’m poorly it’s very rare I will throw up even when I need to, I just gag. But I think you really need to take him the doctors to get a check over :grinning:

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Take him to his primary care physician or ER Pediatrican. He could have ileus.

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He may be constipated and it’s making him nauseous or feel like he needs to burp and can’t … you didn’t mention any other details. I would definitely take to ER if it is that concerning because if its alarming you so much you’re sticking a finger in the mouth… its gotta be painful and upsetting for him.


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You dont say how old your child is but it could be something very simple like post nasal drip if hes not yet able to blow his nose. Drs appointment needed .
Never try to induce vomiting in your child by any method unless advised by medical professionals as emergency first aid


Depending on how old your son is it could be just a phase. Because I told my son’s doctor about him doing it and she said something like it maybe the texture of the food and that he was fine as long as he wasn’t actually throwing up.

That’s definitely a reason to go to the doctor.

I’d bring my son to the doctors before posting this… he needs medical attention.

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My brother does that but his is a reflux . he been doing it forever smells certain things trigger it. but would recommend to call his doctor poor thing hope you get answers soon

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Time to see a doctor. Also you should never but your fingers into your kids mouth to make them puke.

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You definitely shouldn’t be sticking your finger down his throat to make him vomit.


To be sure definitely take him to a doctor, but during the pollen season being how it is now I wake up every morning gaggy until my stomach settles. I don’t actually get sick but I just am gaggy because of drainage. But I would definitely have it checked to be sure.

Call your pediatrician asap. Could be gas, reflux, could also be an Intestinal blockage or low motility of the intestines. Child need a doctor.

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My little brother did this when he was allergic to something he was eating

Do not stick your finger down his throat!!!
Go. Talk. To. His. Doctor.
If you can’t get into primary then take him to a walk in clinic.
I have no idea how old your son is, what the circumstances of him gagging or anything like that is …but really…just take him to the doctor.


I would go to the dr before sticking your fingers down his throat. I get your panicking and just want him to feel better but please don’t stick your fingers in his throat. There could be a number of reasons he is doing this. Dr will be able to figure it out and help.

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Geeze don’t take the time to post on FB call 911 and tell them that your child is gagging and can’t stop .there could be something stuck in this throat and making him puke could move it and make it worse

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May have reflux? I’m not a dr though. Schedule an appointment with your child’s dr as soon as you can. I would avoid sticking your fingers down his throat if at all possible. Even if you wash your hands before your finger nails could hurt him. (Any nails, if you have them)

Have a doctor look at the size of his tonsils and adenoids. My daughter gagged a lot - and it was deemed they were too big. Hers were removed - for several reasons.