My son may have Autism: Can I get some advice?

I am an FTM of a beautiful two-year-old baby boy. I came from a very abusive household with my son’s father and managed to get out and on my own (just my son and i) about five months back. I had taken my son to a therapist last year because my son was very behind with his milestones and said to wait until he was 2 to have him tested as it could just be emotional stress. Well, he turned 2 in January, and today I had him tested. The pediatrician told me he is 99% sure my baby boy has autism. Are there any moms on here that have had something similar? Was any of your children diagnosed with autism and possibly misdiagnosed? Are there any moms who can give me advice on how to make my little boy’s life as comfortable as possible? I’m shattered… How do I raise my son to have the best life possible?