My son never wants to go to school: Advice?

Anyone else struggle to get their kiddo to go to school every single day? Its a constant fight every single morning and I am so stressed out. He really just dislikes school


There is a reason. I’d try to find out the reason.

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My son use to hate school. Turned out he had a horrible teacher & the school itself was just terrible! We changed schools & now this year he loves it! Hes so happy

Not sure how old your son is but the younger kids really just miss play and they don’t get enough play time at school. My daughter is in kindergarten and get 20 to 25 minutes of recess, that’s it. It’s really not healthy considering half of all the learning they’re supposed to be doing at this age is supposed to be done through play. My daughter does well in school but she’s already telling me every other night that she doesn’t want to go back.

Just keep pushing him all kids are this way n trust me it’s hard on the parents but don’t give up on him he will ty some day when he puts that diploma to use and realizes the importance of getting that diploma

My son is struggling with school. It’s a battle to get him to go. He’s always hated school and the older he gets the worse it gets

Is this recent? Did he like school before? Does he have any friends? Is he being bully and not telling you? Talk to him, ask questions like who did you play with today. Did you go to the library today? Even if he gives you short answers like yes or no, it’ll point you in the right direction. Is he lonely at school, having some anxiety or struggling academically.

My daughter really disliked school, going from kindy, reception then year 1 being sat at a table to do just work. We put her in ohsc an now she absolutely loves it, I think it balances out the work with fun.
She learns independence by cooking her own breakfast, after school she has afternoon tea (comes home saying all the different things she has tried, as she was super fussy). She cooks, does activities, has friends,
Plus we found out the reason why she couldn’t concentrate was because she needed glasses, for writing etc.

My 3rd grader tells me this every night & every morning. She wants to have more fun. The easy days of school are gone & some lessons are boring & some are hard. I just keep trying to figure out every day if she’s struggling to pay attention & doesn’t know what the assignment is so that’s why she’s bored? School at this age just isn’t as much dancing & singing so she misses just playing.
What age is your son?

This was my son last year. He would literally cry some mornings. He was 9 in 4th grade. Come to find out it was the teacher. Which I didn’t like in the first place. Now he has the best teacher and loves going to school. For your son it could be bullying, the teacher, or maybe he just hates school. Have you asked him why he doesn’t like it?

My daughter already told me tonight she’s not going tomorrow -.- she has a different excuse every day. No real reasons either just doesn’t want to go

Not sure about his age but mb try class dojo you can assign home points and rewards it’s helped us!