My son refuses to poop on the potty: Advice?

Anyone have little boys who refuse to poop in the potty? My son turned 4 in December, wears undies and uses the potty to pee, but flat out will not use it to poop. He’ll poop on himself everytime. He’s had issues with constipation since he was super young, before it was rock hard and hurt so I understand not wanting to use the bathroom, but now he’s on miralax and it’s soft he still will not use the bathroom. Any tips appreciated! I’ve tried rewards, sticker chart, letting him pick undies, making him go sit on the potty, giving him books to read, the iPad to watch, a prize box, pull ups again, I’m at a loss.

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Have him wash his underwear out and wash his own self up.

I have a girl like this …

We had to start requiring our son to help with the cleaning of his underwear. It broke my heart at first but it did truly help him.