My son won't keep his diaper on but he also isn't ready to potty train: Advice?

Basically, I have a two-year-old son that hates wearing his nappy, this I do not mind, but he won’t sit on his potty, so I really don’t want him running around crapping everywhere… so I guess my question is how you would handle this?


Put his nappy. On back wards

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Pit it on backwards or put a sleeper on him backwards

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My daughter will be 2 in September and she is the worst about this. I try to make sure she has a pair of shorts or pants on over her diaper. It definitely helps the situation

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See how he would potty train? Every kid is a little different. Maybe he won’t workwith the fake potty. Perhaps he needs a seat for the real potty.


Duct tape. That’s what I used.

Put a onesie on him. They can’t unsnap them.

Maybe it’s the potty try one of those seats that fit on the toilet.


He sounds ready to be potty trained

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He’s 2? Time to start potty training.

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My son does the same thing. He just takes the diaper right off. I’m trying to potty trained he just isn’t ready he doesn’t understand. So I got him pull ups. He can not take it off. Try putting pull ups on and also good to use when ready to potty train

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Diaper on backwards, or onsies that snap and shorts or maybe try pull ups? Maybe he needs pull ups instead. My son is almost 2 and onsies with shorts work, or overalls.

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Put shorts on backwards and safety pin them to his shirt or onesie

Rompers! Or onesies.

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Put it on backwards and then zip up jammies backwards so he can’t undo them

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Start potty training


Its summer, let him pee off the back porch :sunglasses:

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He also sounds like he’s ready for potty training but u as a parent need to know his cues n take him to the potty seat . Make potty training fun for him. Accidents will happen


2? Potty train and pull ups

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All 4 of my boys were potty trained before 2 1/2. Why isn’t he ready if he’s playing in his poop it’s a big sign We did naked and yes they ran around bare bottomed. I had 3 potty chairs you just have to watch them close for a couple days. Mine like to pee in the grass

Keeping pants/shorts on my son has worked so far.

Put him regular underwear. Put on the toilet. He can hold himself on the toilet that’s what I did to my grandson and it work. He was 2 then

Hes ready to be potty trained. Id highly suggest oh crap potty training by Jamie

When mine did that, it was Underwear and Potty time. We used the kind that goes over the actual toilet bc I didn’t want them scared of the toilet. Plus everywhere you go has toilets so I wanted them comfortable using them. Underwear worked great for both of mine. When we used pull-ups, they would just pee/poo in them as a diaper. They both hated peeing/pooing in underwear. Oldest was potty trained in a week, youngest took much longer but he came from his biological moms at 4 years old still in diapers, so he struggles sometimes. We just don’t make big deals about accidents unless they happen all the time then we start rewards/punishments. Good luck!

I bought big boy undies to put over diaper…they get used to wearing underwear so when ready to potty train they already used to tolhem

Put jocks on over nappy

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Take him to his chair every 15-20 minutes to try to potty and when he does potty. Get all excited. Just keep up with it and in no time he will be use to the routine and taking himself when he needs to go.

Put the diaper on backwards.

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I am in line right now

Put a diaper on his ass an tell him he can either shit an piss in the diaper or he can sit his ass on the toilet an piss an shit in that

When he has to pee tel him to tell you and get some Cheerios and take him to the bathroom ,put them in the toilet and tel him to aim ,as if it’s a game,it’s what my mom said she did with bother my brothers and said it worked like a charm bc they thought it wasfunny and a game .

Duct tape all the way around. Cover the tapes.


My daughter takes her diaper off when she peed in it or needs to pee. We started potty training at 18 months, and we got a little MySizePotty. Each time she would get up, we would place her right back onto it. And we keep a direct schedule with her. It takes time, but it works wonders. She tells us when she needs to peepee. We’re still working on poopoo, though.

Put the diaper on backwards if it has tabs and maybe put full suits on that he cant take off ex bond suits depends how big he is

Use the toilet instead of potty as he will be more at ease as everyone else uses it. Look up the 3 day potty training

Put shorts under a onesie make sure the onesie is snapped up. If that doesn’t work use a zip up sleeper with a button right at the top

Try putting underwear over his diaper.

My son was the same way, I use to have to duct tape him into his diapers and go around at least 2x or he would pick the tape off. He thought it was pretty funny. A few months later, he decided to use the potty and pretty much potty trained himself.

Definitely ready to potty train

My son did this and was a difficult one to potty train and I know this isn’t politically correct but to keep him in his diaper I put a little duct tape on it. He finally potty trained at almost four years old. I was never so happy.

Turn it in to a game example what I do with my son turn it into a race who ever gets there first an pottys wins or if u live in the country let him pee outside worked with my kiddo

Get him pull ups. Tell him they’re for big boys. Or get some really small pairs of underwear and put them on over his diaper so he forgets the diaper is under them and just feels “grown up” wearing big boy undies.

Pull ups instead of diapers.


Keep a onesie and shorts on, that should help him not be able to get to the diaper easily


I had to tape all my kids diapers onto them :joy: none of them would keep them on to save their lives


Boxers over the diaper.


Keep a vest on him so he can’t get to the nappy

Duct tape worked for my son which did the same at this age.

Try regular underwear. It doesn’t take them long to learn wet undies are not cool and hopefully will start using the potty. Sounds like he knows exactly what the diapers are for.


When my son turned two he kept pulling his pull up off and never wanted anything on, we left him be and put a potty in every room, we always asked him if he needed to go every few minutes and eventually he took to it in his own,

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My 18 month old girl does the same thing. I have heard you can but the diaper on backwards. I haven’t tried yet but it is an easy fix if it works.

Put them on backwards. Worked with my brothers

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Underwear or onsie always on over diaper

Always make sure your baby has on bottoms over the diaper. It’s hard to take off both without you catching him before both are off. And if he is taking it off he may actually be ready to train

Let him pee standing up. My son(who is also 2) doesn’t really like diapers either and loves to be naked or wear underwear, but when I was on the potty and couldn’t get off for him fast enough I made him pee in a bucket so now he always goes in his little potty standing up lol hope this helps.

Lol mine wanted to keep them on lol it was hard to switch to pull-ups

Uhm id start potty training. My daughter is 18 months and already knows what potty is and will go straight to the bathroom. We are starting potty training soon.

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Clothes? If he takes the clothes off, duct tape the diaper? :joy:

lol my son was the worst with the “baby stripper syndrome “
we literally had to duct tape his pampers on him :joy::joy::joy:

Put a tee-shirt with snaps, we call em a “onesie”. He won’t be able to get his diaper off.

Put the diaper on backwards and then keep him in a onsie. Worked for my three strippers.

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Put his diaper on backwards and put a onside in him… or tape the diaper.

Onsie, sleeper or sleep sac depending on the situation. Or cloth diaper! :wink:

Make going to the potty a game!! Or going potty outside a game! Or backwards zip Jammie

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My son just turned 2 we keep pants or shorts on his butt at all Times. He’s figured the diaper out but not pants yet

I’ve been here with all of mine! They take clothes diapers backwards pajamas. Duct tape worked pretty well but make sure it’s all the way around. Obviously not tight enough to hurt but snug enough he cant break threw…
And once they get use to the duct tape gorilla tape. No joke.

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I used to duct tape my son’s diapers on

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I don’t know how to help you but I feel like I’m going to have strippers too, my twins are about to be one and they can’t go without pants or a onesie because they will pull at the diaper until the straps come off. We’ve had to use Pampers little movers because there are sticky things on the side in addition to the sticky straps

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Ugh I’ll be following the comments for advice too! My daughter will be 3 in august and we started introducing her to big girl undies the last month or so and now for the past 4 days or more she REFUSES to wear a pull up or diaper and pulls them off or throws the most got awful tantrum. We have her potty chair out and she knows she supposed to pee and poop on it but she wont. I’ve been bribing her with loli pops and she did good at first even made herself fart trying to push but now all she does is sit down, flush and say all done lol. Shes only peed on the floor twice but that’s only because she will go grab herself a pullup when she has to use the bathroom and then takes it off when she is done :woman_facepalming: I dont know what else to do I think were just going to keep her in undies and leave her potty out and pray. She doesnt like peeing on herself so were just hoping one if these days she actually gets it :weary::crossed_fingers:her brother was so easy to potty train and I’m just hoping at this point that her little brother is just as easy as he was and we dont have to do this again :rofl:

Very good opportunity to potty train!! Buy a little potty for him to sit on. He should be rewarded with something at first just for sitting on it. Give him a book to look at or an iPad only then. Yes you may have to clean up pee & poop a few times. But I always took this as a sign with my 4 children it was time to at least start trying. Pull-ups on for sure at night! Big boy underwear on during the day. Taking him shopping to pick his own out! Trust me they get tired of having wet pee or poop in their underwear real fast!

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Put one strip of duct tape over both tabs so they are taped together, make sure you don’t get the tape on his skin.

My sister tapes my nephews diaper

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What does someone do with an almost 3 yr old tank who won by t poop in the toilet but is wearing 5t clothes and almost 50 lbs , there is no onesies for him

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Time to potty train as soon as mine were tearing thier diapers off. Took a couple days with a couple of them but constant potty time

My son is two he knows how to take his clothes off how to unsnap onesies and will poop in his diper then take it off and take it off then literally hide it he refuses to keep them on half the time :woman_facepalming:t4:

I had to use a onesie under my son’s clothes lol

Have him wear a onesie or footed pajamas over it, put it on backwards, tape it down.

For potty training, use underwear. If those are too light, use the lined/thicker underwear that have some absorption.

My 14 month old refuses to wear hers so we have to keep shorts on her or a onesie at all times. :unamused:


Put the diaper on backwards

Get the potty ring that goes on the big toilet. Try putting them on that if they don’t want a reg. Potty chair . It may help . Tell them their such a big person now . Good job. Praises seem to make them feel proud. And reward them when they go. Like have a healthy snake or a small toy , book ect. I just had my granddaughter and after 30 yrs since my own last one , ya I had to relearn new modern ways.:grin:

Put diaper on backwards

We switched my girl to pull ups and started potty training when she started this. A month in and she’s doing great- started with total meltdowns refusing to sit for the first week!

She could undo onesies and such too so nothing else was a real option for us.

It is time to potty train. But they putting the diaper on backwards

Make him sit on the potty every hour. Have an alarm go off when its time. I rewarded my kids with gummies, a small candy bar, airheads, make your own treat bag. Give him a taste of something. Tell him if he goes yo the potty and does a pee or poop he can have the rest. When I give the candy to my kids, I always brush their teeth when they are finished with it. Mine potty trained within a week. Then I slowly got rid of the goodies because I say “he your a big kid now, good job”. They eventually will forget about the treats. Also get some pullups instead so he can just pull them down easily when ready to go. And u want him to wear them at night. Make a schedule at night too. Its tough but u will have to be consistant and not give him liquids after 5 pm. Wake him up in the middle of the night to go to the potty. That way he will grasp the concept of not wanting to pee the bed.

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Our daughter would take hers off at night. We ended up putting on a belt - duct tape. Listen, you can judge but after the 2nd poop fiasco…you do what you have to do.

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Slap that baby on backwards

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I can say my 2 year old is half potty trained he will use at home bit wont use any wheres else on the potty so when were over at my moms or something he will poop and pull his pullup off and tell me he pooped

Backwards diaper with duct tape works pretty well

At home you can put him in footie pajamas and turn them backwards so he ca9get them off, and when out make sure his shirt has snaps and put shorts on him.

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I put right belted pants on the boys. They can’t take them off

How old is he. If he is two or older I would tell him he either keeps the diapers on or he has to start using the potty. Let him make the choice. If he is younger than two put him in onesies so he cannot take the diaper off.

Take him to the store and let him pick out his own underwear. Tell him he is a big boy. And he should wear undies.

Fasten his onesie and put on pants. My 12m old started that, but, I am the one not ready to potty train him.:unamused: I’m tired

Potty train…anywhere from 18 mts to 20 mts they are ready to train…specially if they can get up and refuse it…they are def ready and can comprehend…also recommend reading the book…oh crap…potty training

Pull ups and start working on potty training. Might take a while but once the diapers aren’t staying on it’s time to start getting the idea out there.

Ya I had the same issue with our 2 and a half year old he isn’t 3 yet but he started hating diapers to so since last he he has been wearing pull ups here and he will sit on the bigger potty chair