My sons dad wants to take him for rides on his this safe?

I was raised with motorcycles. My parents brought me home when I was born on a motorcycle. Mom holding me. My Uncle owned a Motorcycle Shop . Back then riding was good . Now there is NO way I would let my child on one . My son in law was killed on his way to work on his . Ex state trooper turned in front of him. Here where I live now . There is at least one motorcycle accident a day .

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My girls started very very young . 4 years old

That’s a no for me… Accidents happen especially on highways

My first boyfriend died on a motorcycle. I wouldn’t allow it. I know people will come back on me that people die in cars too. I know but rarely are they thrown several feet & ran over multiple times so badly that his own mother can’t identify him.

There was a rule in our house, no motorcycles. No matter how careful the father is accidents do happen.

It doesn’t matter if it’s highway or back roads people drive like assholes everywhere!

He’s HIS SON TO not just your son!
I can’t believe The FATHER of your son would even ask YOU!

Nope. Idgaf what anyone else did, probably their parents did mth and they “turned out fine” too. There is a reason they are called “donorcycles”. :roll_eyes:

Everything is unsafe in its own way. But Dad has rights too.

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I took my grandson on his first road trip when he was eight at that time I lived in Sandusky oh we rode to Hersey Pennsylvania to the chocolate factory we had a blast together there n back he’s now a grown man and all ready had four Harleys since then as long as dad drives safe and not showing off he will be okay but again it has to be both of your decisions not just dads but mom if you trust your husband on the bike then I would trust him to take him on a ride maybe a little one at first you never know you’re guys son mite not like it and won’t do it again that’s just my opinion

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That’s the best part of being a kid bike rides with dad that mom absolutely didn’t want to happen :joy:

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Stop being a mama Bear and let him enjoy his childhood. Dad’s not going to let anything happen to him. I know it’s hard however you need to let him enjoy things with his dad. This is just my opinion. Not trying to upset anyone. Just food for thought.

I’m all for the rides I would just keep him off the highway until he’s a little bit older. I’m 26 and half the time I don’t even like being on the highway on a bike! Too many assholes on the highway so I wouldn’t risk it, keep to the back roads for now. :blush:

My dad always took me for rides on his street bike when I was a kid - but we live in a small town so it was always backroads idk if I would like the highway that little lol I don’t even like being a backpack on the highway now people have no regard for motorcycles whatsoever.

I grew up riding with my uncle and grandparents. Make sure they have the proper gear and teach him safety. Maybe only have them ride around town for a while instead of the highway.

No. There are way too many distracted drivers I’d never get on one and hopefully not my kids. Death trap

My son is eight fixing to be nine and he rides on the back of my boyfriend’s motorcycle with no problem

I would tell him he can do side roads and through town but he needs to learn to be a passenger before highway rides. I grew up riding with my dad.

I grew up riding with my dad as long as he’s taught all the saftey issues and proper rider passenger instruction before going .

With Helmet it’s no more dangerous than a car as long as Dad did not drink prior and does not ride like an idiot and he has to watch others .

I road with my Dad at 9 absolutely loved it. Miss him so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

They actually have motor bike harness that connect to the dad back and connect to the child front that child ain’t going no where

Get the proper gear and let the kid ride!

No. I would not allow it. It’s dangerous for adults, it’s 1,000 times more dangerous for a child. Especially the highway? Even if Dad is am expert other people are idiots. Nope.