My sons dad wants to take him for rides on his this safe?

Moms I need advice on what to do about this situation. My son’s dad has a motorcycle and for the past 3 years he’s insisted on taking our son out on the bike for rides including highway rides. My son JUST turned 9 and I personally think that’s too young to be out on the highway on a motorcycle but my son’s dad just won’t drop it and brings it up ALL THE TIME. Would you just let him do what he wants and take our son out on the bike whenever and wherever? I just don’t think it’s safe at that age yet


I grew up riding, so did my children and now grandchildren. I agree maybe no highways for a little while. Proper gear and teach them how to ride properly.
Check laws and regulations and let them make memories


I woild say no to highway driving. Too many A-holes on the highway. Maybe some back roads, I would allow


I grew up riding with my dad. It’s bonding that I’m so glad we got to do, I ride my own now as an adult. Proper fitting helmet and gear is a must. Normal roads first, then highways when he is comfortable on the back


Absolutely. I grew up riding with my dad. He took every safety aspect into consideration and I ride myself now. Best way to teach them not to be afraid and makes them an aware driver on the road. accidents happen and can happen at any time whether he is in a car or on a bike. Let them have fun.


Well the bike doesn’t get safer if he gets older, with that, if dad is safety conscious and responsible then yes. My dad started riding my son’s at 2 and they were on their own bikes by 5 years old. There’s danger in everything in life. But with proper training, you can decrease the risk. My opinion, you do you momma, sounds like your doing a fantastic job!

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As someone who rode with their father since I could walk, it’s safe, as long as his father is safe. Make sure he wears the appropriate safety gear and clothes. Let him spend this quality time with his dad. The memories really will last him a lifetime.


My question is, is he qn active parent in his life ? Does he get to make any decisions for this child? Dad’s that are active in the kids life should be allowed to make decisions. Not every decision should come from just the mom. Now if the dad is super immature then I suppose mom should have a say. But if I were in this position it wouldn’t even be discussed due to my husband has been very active in our kids lives. So I don’t question his ability on the safety of our children.

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I would first check the laws in your area as some places have laws preventing under a certain age to ride on a motorcycle to see if your child is even old enough for your area to legally ride. If old enough by your area’s laws then you should make sure the child has properly fitting motorcycle gear and let dad take the child around the neighborhood first until he is comfortable riding before considering main road riding.


Just because other people did it and it went well, doesn’t mean you have to. I personally would not feel comfortable. You both should meet each other half way on this one…he can ride where there’s no traffic…absolutely not on the highway.


As long as dad is safe I believe it’ll be fine.
I survived. This is me around like 5 I think.

My daughter has been coming on rides with us since she had just turned 5 (she’s 11 now). As long as he listens and follows instructions and his dad is a safe and confident rider then I don’t see a problem with it :blush:

My son started riding with his dad at age 5. But, his dad’s motorcycle has a backrest on it. The backrest provides a safety feature.

As long as you use precaution and have on all the right gear it’s okay. My son just turned 9 and has been on the back of a bike for a little over a year now. Start slow around the block and work your way up to the big road. My son really enjoys his " wind therapy"

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I’ve been riding with my dad since I was little and I absolutely loved the bonding time I had with him. Make sure he wears all the proper protective gear and as long as dad is a safe driver he’ll be fine


My daughter is 9 and I take her for rides all the time. I don’t take her on the highway but back roads are nice and easy for the kiddos…we use a harness we found on Amazon to strap her to me like a backpack almost.

My kids are 8 & 10 & loveee riding with their dad on his motorcycle. As long as they have helmets & a proper riding jacket I don’t see the issue. I wouldn’t take him on the highway for awhile though, it’s alot different then riding just around town.


My stepdad used to let me ride around the neighborhood with him when I was younger. Never on main roads/highways though.
He said it wasn’t his driving he was worried about; he was other people not paying attention.
And I always had to wear a helmet (wasn’t a law back then) and jeans. No shorts or flip flops.


I’d never. My ex was nearly killed by someone else’s negligence. A friend’s son was killed on the highway in a hit and run.


Is he a safe driver? Is he aware? Doe he wear protective gear? If yes then I’d say go for it. If you are really that concerned then compromise with local roads for now and then go to highways. The problem with bikers is when they arent safe drivers and when cars don’t pay attention. If he’s a safe driver and aware of others, he will be fine.

My dad started taking me out at 5, just make sure he has a helmet

I’ve never seen a kid on a bike on the highway but i do live in florida the highways here are crazy lol

Do they got the proper gear? If so then yes. If nothing fits etc no lol

My kids are 8 and 10 they go for motorcycle rides all the time!!

Personally, I have to agree that he’s a little young for long highway rides. There is a slight learning curve to being a passenger. You can’t move around a lot, you have to lean into turns, etc. Maybe your husband can start with some short rides around the neighborhood and work up to longer rides when he’s a little older.
As always, make sure he has his own helmet (a kids helmet that fits properly and covers his face as well as his entire head). Make sure he wears proper clothing (good shoes/boots, long pants, etc).
Statistically speaking, I don’t think the chances of a motorcycle accident are any higher than a car accident but the driver has to have experience riding with a passenger and the passenger has to know how to properly ride as well so I’d start off small, especially with him being so young.


My 6 year old goes with her dad sometimes. I don’t allow highway rides unless I’m behind them, simply because I know I’m watching them intently and will stop at the first sign of them going down vs someone else running full speed into them :sweat_smile: honestly.most of the time she rides with him I’m right behind them :rofl: I’m always afraid but like someone else said. Accidents can happen no matter what they’re riding in, as long as proper gear is on and he’s taught what he needs tonknow, I’d say go for it, and just save the highway rides for when you’re more comfortable agter how ever many normal road rides!


My partner took his son 7at the time out on the bike all the time. Maybe wouldn’t allow the highway rides
Just make sure he has all the best gear helmet etc. And let him have fun with his dad.


I grew up riding on motorcycles. Not on the highways at that age though… would suggest safety gear and check laws like others mentioned to just make sure…

Most motorcycle accidents happen on “regular” roads with people pulling out and not paying attention. I think a less busy highway in the slow lane would be fine. My husband and I both ride, our son rides a dirtbike, and my husband takes our 8 year old daughter on short rides no problem :black_heart: def great memories for everyone and great bonding time.


I grew up riding on my Dad’s motorcycle. As soon as he would pull it out of the garage the neighbourhood kids would line up and ask for rides. Once their parents agreed (they all did) he would take all the kids for a short ride then my sister and I would take turns on longer rides. I absolutely loved it. If he is a good driver, I would absolutely allow it. I would just recommend the children wear proper gear.


Depends where you live I guess. Being I just spent a month in a trauma hospital with my 24 year old son who was riding soli I’m going to say no. Times are different, there is more traffic on the roads and a lit more careless drivers.
The day of my sons accident , there was 6 others the same day. Its riding season and accidents involving bikers is almost daily in my area. No way in hell would I allow my granddaughter on the roads. Maybe in our neighborhood but that’s it.
All it takes is one person distracted a split second.

Look…. No it isn’t safe. It isn’t safe for your BD either. But this is one of those things that make sure they do the stupid thing safely. I would put my foot down about dad making sure he wears a full helmet and hopefully a full body suit thing because accidents happen. Also teach him how to push himself off sideways with his legs incase the bike tips and skids. Preparing him for what could happen and what to do I feel are important

When I was 6 or 7 years old I rode in shorts, tank top & barefoot with my uncles. It was fun. Nobody got hurt. You have to do what you feel is best for your kid. Nobody else can tell you what that is. Just remember that he is the dad and you shouldn’t make him feel like he can’t just be the dad. If you aren’t comfortable with it, don’t make excuses & don’t tell him it’s too dangerous. Tell him you aren’t comfortable with it. That is the only reason you need. But give him other options that you are comfortable with. Keep communication open & always keep it calm.
*Edit: I am from a small southern, sleepy town with very little traffic, dirt & gravel roads, and everybody knows everybody. I’m sure my situation is different from yours.

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My son has been around and on motorcycle since he was very small. It all depends on the person you are letting him ride with. Has this person had accidents? Has this person had speeding tickets? Is this person reckless and drive irresponsibility? Does this person possess the skill and ability to ride safely with your child? Most important do you trust this person with your child’s safety? Those are the important things to ask yourself

We have been taking our kids riding since they was smaller my son now 12 almost 13 goes with dad alot so does my daughter almost 15♡ I was also raised on bikes since I was tiny tiny

I follow behind when our 10 year old rides, we constantly check helmet and gear fitting, we stay off super busy highways but for me that’s bonding for them. Both the older kids ride and I follow behind in case they need to get in the car with me mid way and also to protect alittle more, I create a “cushion” around them in my car by making it clear to other cars they’re not to get near the bike.

Teach your son about being safe as a passenger but as long as it is legal to do so in your state, let him go. Maybe no highways until he is a little older and is comfortable but let him go. My daughters were 9 when they started riding on the back of our bikes.

My husband rides. Our 5 yr old has been riding with him since she was 3. It’s absolutely one of their favorite things to do together. They go everywhere. Let them make those memories. Proper gear is a must though!


Unless you have been granted the the ability to make all parental decisions I don’t think there’s anything you can really do but express your opinion. You don’t get to make decisions on what dad can do with his child just like he can not tell you what you can and can’t do.

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My son has been riding with me since he was four. I made sure he had all the safety gear and started in a parking lot to let him feel safe before going out. I love my son and wanted him to enjoy something I loved. I would never have purposely put him in harms way. He’s about to be 19 now and also loves motorcycles.


Law= child can reach pegs and have proper safety gear yes, they can ride on the motorcycle my 7,10 and 11 year olds love it. If they dont reach pegs there is special harnesses to the rider. By the sound of it dad has years of experience.

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My 5 year old ride on the bike with her dad every year. They started when she was like 3. He has a special thing that straps her to him and a trunk that has arm rests that kind of wraps around her. She absolutely loves it and gets mad if he doesn’t bring her with. He’s been riding long enough that I trust him taking her and she’s done it enough that I know she knows what to do. Have him start out with small rides where there’s less traffic and build the confidence/experience/knowledge.

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Depends on how good and responsible a driver dad is and how mature your son is imo. There are always asshole drivers but we cant live life in a bubble. Maybe come to a reasonable decision. No highways for now and quieter streets. Although I feel safer on highways as people aren’t running lights and trying to turn onto side streets suddenly cutting you off as much.

I grew up sitting on the tank of a bike I always wore a helmet close toe shoes and long sleeves and pants. I believe as long as he’s mature enough to touch pegs not wiggle and has proper gear he will be fine. Just town is fine until he gets use to what it feels like.

I let my daughter when she was that young. But I made sure she had proper clothes and shoes on. Of course she had to wear a full faced helmet too. Maybe try to make the best of it. U could take him to get the proper gear for ur approval and then Dad can give him a ride (wouldn’t do highway at first). That way u guys could both enjoy his first experience. And you could even follow behind them just to make sure they have extra eyes on them. There can be a happy medium if you guys just come to an agreement.

At that age, I wouldnt. I had one brother that was killed on a motorcycle 6 miles from home at the age of 25. I had another brother that was in a motorcycle wreck 4 miles from home and was never the same and never worked again.

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I loved riding with my dad when I was much younger than 9… still love to ride! Maybe talk to him about starting off without getting on busy highways

My husband has taken our 11 yr old on his bikes for a few years now and put puts around our 3 yr old. Ive been riding for around 4 years, and am looking for a passenger seat set up so I can start taking them too.
My thoughts:

  • ALWAYS wear a helmet. A riding jacket is even better. I personally feel safer with a sissy bar (back rest) in combination of a back seat.
  • check state laws. KS does not have age requirements, but requires a back seat.
  • My husband has been riding since he was 3 yr olds (Motocross, then street bikes), and he still doesnt take our oldest on the interstate. but he does take her on 55-65 mph highways. Its because of other drivers, not his skill, that he limits which roads he’ll ride on.
  • It is completely a bonding experience. Our kids ride dirtbikes by themselves, but still love riding on the back of dads more than anything. I was the same way with my dad.
  • At the end of the day, though, its your baby. you have to co-parent and compromise, but so does his dad. Maybe only in town or back roads at first? or maybe only short, pre determined distances with calls before leaving and when arriving.

I think it’s completely normal for you to be concerned but what age do you consider safe? There are kids that compete in motor cross at his age. I think as long as your husband is a responsible rider and teaches your son the responsibilities it is fine.

I am a mom that rides and I take my kids. They have helmets and have been taught how to ride. I don’t take them on the highways though. Just city streets. I don’t push it with the either we came up up with our own code so I know if they want me to go faster or slow down, if they are having fun or want to be done things like that.

I would. But just around town. Make sure he wears a helmet, pants, and a jacket. Especially the helmet. My sons have been on dirt bikes since toddlers same with my nieces and I always rode around town on my dad’s Harley :smirk:

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when I got divorced, my ex got a motorcycle. and 2 helmets. It was heart ache because then he would shake off his leg our clinging 2 year old, and drive away with our 6 year old. After a lawyer time, that ended. Check your legal rights- probably do t have any- its his visitation and is a legal mode of travel……

By son is almost 10. They’ve been going about 4 years now. Started off just a quick circle around the neighborhood. Now they go on streets, only during the day time. They’ve gone on the highway 2x. Ny husband also build him his own little bike. He rides it around the cul de sac mostly but they have gone on little rides around the neighborhood together. They always wear helmets. It was scary at first, but so are a lot of other things. My husband is a great rider and has been riding for 25 plus years.

No way! If someone ever took my son on a motorcycle you have a death wish. Y’all nuts! Every day in our area, there are multiple motorcycle deaths. MULTIPLE! A DAY! And that’s not even on free way!

If you guys are separated the only thing that is keeping that man from doing it, is his respect for you. That should count for a lot.
You have no say. It’s legal. It’s safe.


As a mother and a driver of a motorcycle I can assure you that I would 1. Never ride on the back of anyone else’s bike and 2. Never have a passenger on mine. So my answer is absolutely not ever on a motorcycle until and unless he is old enough to drive one himself.

I was on the back of a bike at a wayyy younger age. My son was on a bike when he was 2. I’d agree no major roadways until he gets the groove of riding. At the end of the day, it’s your fears- not his.


I was on the back of a motorcycle at like 3-4yrs old & got my first atv at 5. As long as you require he wear proper gear as well as staying on back roads(I don’t trust highways with bikes) then I don’t see why he shouldn’t be allowed to. Is there any background though that’s causing you to not want him to go? Is the father poor at driving or something along those lines?

Yes with a helmet. All my kids rode on motorcycles at a year old. Had their own dirt bikes by age four. He’d ride Infront of his dad at first to learn balance etc. Then on back behind after age four when they can learn to hold on.

I am a biker myself …. Been riding motorcycles for well over 30 yrs…

If the child is in complete safety gear (the correct gear that fits correctly too) and the child can reach the foot pegs and … totally understands the rules and is responsible enough to know to hang on … and the dad has the correct handles for him to hold on properly… then some short rides to begin with should be ok if his dad isn’t an idiot on the bike…

I don’t think it’s responsible of the father to just chuck him on the back and go straight onto the highway …
They need to learn how to communicate to each other as well with their lids on …

If the kid is responsible and knows the dangers and is taught well… and the father isn’t a total d*ck when it comes to riding with his son on the back …

I am sure ur son will be ok
He will either love it or hate it xx

My son is 8 has been riding since last year at the age of 7 as long as he has all the protection he will be fine. If his dad is responsible.

My husband has a Ural so our son rides in the side car that’s attached to it.

Absolutely I grew up riding my girls now ride we started when they were like 4 they wanted to go with dad so he would take them down the driveway then slowly go further now they just turned 13 and 14 and they love to ride they love going on benefit rides etc. As long as you teach them how to sit properly not to bounce around yes thers idiots out there but they are in cars also not any worse as long as you trust your husband and their father I see no harm let him enjoy he may end up not liking it but my experience has been most kids love it

Every year so many people die on motorcycles, it really depends how busy your area is as well. My husbands motto is always “dress for the slide, not the ride” meaning your son would need to have the proper gear. When our daughter was young we got a women’s extra small motorcycle jacket for her, you should also be able to get dirt bike pants and boots, as well as small gloves. Protection is key and I personally would never let them go on the highway at those type of speeds. Also is this guy a good driver? Do you trust his abilities? And can your child sit still, these all play major factors.

My 8 year old daughter gets on her dad’s all the time, he has to get on the highway to go to his house. Make sure he wears long pants and a helmet, he will be fine

I am a biker, legally his feet have to touch the passenger pegs otherwise it’s just your opinion if he can hold on well enough, or not. I would make sure he has all the proper gear, which is usually expensive for children. Short rides, because maybe the child won’t like it

Start slow. He’s going to do it without your permission I fear and I definitely understand worried about age so just start with in town rides not on the highway!

I have memories of being as young as 5 riding on my dad’s bike. If it’s legal in your state for the minor to ride on the bike, and dad is a safe rider, and the boy really wants to do this, then why not?

My son is 5 and my daughter is 9 and they ride with their dad, they love it. They wear a helmet and he started out by small rides around the block or down the street to get them use to it.

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My husband and I have a motorcycle it took me a long time to ride one since my best friend was killed when she was riding hers ! I wouldn’t let a kid ride but that’s my opinion

Girl I rode my motorcycle up until I was 8 months pregnant….my son is now 2 and he’s die hard!

My kids love going on rides on our bike. I personally make them wear a full face helmet and proper protective clothing but it’s a bonding time :two_hearts:

If dads safe, childs safe. 10009% i lived my best life as a child on my dads Chopper

That’s a good age to teach motorcycle safety and going on short rides before jumping into the big stuff like a highway

My dad used to pick me up from school on a Harley and ride 13 miles back home. I was in elementary school.
Some of my favorite memories :blush:

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Around the block or a safe neighborhood maybe but no way would I be comfortable with a highway hard no

I started my son on a dirt bike at 4 and he loves to ride my second son not so much but you need to check with your states laws because some states children cannot ride on hwy until they are 10 yrs old !! Other states don’t have these laws ??? I would always make sure your child has all the proper information on riding and have all his proper protective gear on !!

I rode as a small child. So did my children.

My now 7 yea old has been riding with his dad and uncles since he was 5 on the motorway off road and around just streets. He always has a helmet and we also strap him to his dad with a belt.

Let him go,he’s a boy needs that time with his dad,unless his dad rides impaired theres no reason to not let them

While I don’t agree with highway driving with a child on a motorcycle…he’s the dad. What makes you think you have the right to “not allow” him to do anything with his own child? I hope he picks something you want to do with him and “doesn’t allow you” to do it.

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After the accident I saw yesterday, no one should be on a bike

As a wife whose husband lost his leg on a motorcycle ride i will say a big NO!

They sell harnesses for kids now a days. I can’t wait til my sons dad starts taking him on the bike.

Started riding with my dad at 3, me and my sister loved it :blush:

he’s 9… when are you supposed to be old enough to go. he can drive it himself in 6 years lol

No highway roads yes. Maybe the parks yes, helmet yes

Let the boy go with his Dad…

Insiste he wears a helmet.

In this day and age,with so many lunatics on the roads driving cars and texting,or drugged up,or drunk,no way!

Maybe find a little backroad or path that is out of the traffic

I wouldn’t let my son do it

Mine has been riding with proper gear since he was 7

I saw someone get killed on a motorcycle and know 2 others who were killed plus many who were injured. I wouldn’t allow it. EVER

Allow it! My dad geared me up and we went.

Pray and let God have control

My fiance and I ride together all the time. We’ve recently talked about getting his kids geared up and putting them on the back of our bikes. We are both ecstatic for the family time we can get from it and exposure to new things. 11 and 8 years old.

You shouldn’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with. Just because it went well for others doesn’t mean it will go well for you. Something about 2 tires & a speed of up to 100 mph or more don’t sit right with me. I would never allow my kids to ride with anyone. There are better and more safe ways to let them “bond”.

I work in a cemetery and NO. My dad rode w me when I was younger. I didn’t think anything of it then but now. NO

Ive heard it’s a great way to bond with their kid. If he is a responsible driver, I would let him ride, but stay off the highways. It’s not the motorcycler I’m worried about unless he is a reckless rider. They have to take classes in order to get a motorcycle license. It’s the other people on the road in cars. People in cars often don’t realize how much space you need to give a motorcycler. The bigger the vehicle, the slower it brakes. Motorcycles can stop on the fly, but many car drivers will still tailgate a motorcycler and the motorcycler is the one more likely to die in that crash. Especially a kid.
No one has accidents on purpose. That’s why they’re called accidents. But they still happen and sometimes are completely out of your control. But I’m also aware you can’t bubble wrap your kid. You need to teach them how to safely go through life. And chances are if his dad has motorcycle, he’s gonna want to try it himself one day. And better to teach him to have the proper gear for it and have the expert in the family teach him too than to shelter him. I would still save the highways until he’s a teenager though.

People drive like idiots these days. I would be too scared. Sadly there has already been a few bad motorcycle wrecks in my area since the nice weather started. It’s not worth it.