My Son's Sitter Asked Me to Venmo Her Money for His Food: Thoughts?

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"So I send my son to a babysitter 3 days a week as I work from home on those days and need complete silence…I pay the sitter $40/day and 5 hours. Yesterday, they decided to go out to eat for their childs birthday and they had my child so they had to take him (he is 5)…she asked me to venmo her money to pay for my childs half of the meal but our deal is she provides meals when my child is in her care. I feel like I am already paying her enough for only 5 hours a day and i am kinda offended she even asked when i didint ask her to take my son out and she could have taken her child out the next day as she would not have my son anymore…she then texted me sayin she didnt want to watch my son anymore…“didnt have the time” but i really feel like its because i refused to venmo her money…am i wrong here?"

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"You only pay $40 for the day for 5 hours? That’s amazing! She’s provides meals on that? you got a really good deal. I would just pay her the money. I don’t feel like $40 a day is enough money for her and she has to provide food. You should be packing him food!"

"You’re not even paying her 10$ an hour. Why would you refuse to pay for food that your son ate? Pay the lady smh you’re being petty"

"I’ve been nannying and babysitting for 15 years. I’ve NEVER had a parent tell ME I had to pay for food ESPECIALLY being under paid at $10 an hour."

"I agree you should be sending his food and paying for his food if they go out. but she should have given u a notice of the planned trip out.

"Yeah you are in the wrong. That’s less than $10 an hr and she has been providing his meals."

"I don’t feel like $40 a day is enough to begin with. That’s like $8 an hour. I’d venmo her the half of your sons meal."

"Lady, $40/ 5 hours isn’t crap. AND she feeds him normally? Give her the $10 for going out to eat and count your blessings she is settling for less than $10/hour to begin with…"

"You think she should have not taken her kid out for his birthday because she had yours? You pay her not even $10 an hour and expect her to feed your son? You should be sending him with snacks and packed lunch! Just pay her the money."

"Youre paying her 8 dollars an hour. That hardly covers food and her expense for helping you out. The least you could do is send some cash for his dinner. Id also ask you for a raise or walk. 40 dollars for 5 hours? No way."

"You pay her $8 an hour and expect her to provide meals?"

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You’re paying the sitter $8/hr and she feeds your child? Your sitter is being ripped off. Where I live sitters get paid 3x’s that! Pay her for your sons meal. And perhaps ask her going forward to let you know if she plans to bring them out to eat and you can decide if you’d rather them not go.

You are most definitely NOT paying her enough. That’s below minimum wage. PAY her for the food you cheapskate!

Pay her for HER TIME and care. At least minum wage + what she spends on snacks/meals. Food is expensive. Pay her, HER WORTH. I would at least pay minimum wage and reimburse her for the food/snacks.