My sons teacher this year has been horrible

For instance, she keeps all the kids inside and calls the children forward when she sees their parents, she completely ignores me and my husband even when standing directly in front of her, she'll call peoples kids who are behind us or just walking up. A few times, kids will run out and she doesn't say anything but the one time my kid did, she yelled at him. He even tries to tell her "i see my parents" and she'll ignore him. Multiple times ive gone past her, grabbed his hand and walked out with him. A few weeks ago my son came home saying "shut your yap". I told him that wasn't okay and asked where he heard it. He said his teacher says that to him sometimes. I started sending him a lunch because i recently asked him what he had for lunch one day and he said "they gave me milk" i asked "oh. Did you not like the other food?" And he said they didn't give him anything else. Theres a few times hes come home and said he didn't get to play with toys because they all take turns but it was never his turn. Im at my wits end and thinking about taking him out of the school. Should i go to the principle, let him know and get him into a different class or just try a different school? I asked him if he likes her and he says hes does. Idk what to think. There are two helpers in the class and they wouldn't condone behavior like this and not say something right? Hes 4 so he could be making some of this up but i can already tell she doesn't like us and im just hoping to get some advice on the situation

I would go to the principal and tell them what you’ve experienced and heard… that is unacceptable. Depending on how the principal reacts to this is what would make me choose to stay or leave, if they talk to the teacher and you see a difference then great… but if they just blow you off I would take him somewhere else because kids have no reason to lie. There’s no reason he should treated like that… I mean to just give him milk?? What in the world.