My Spouse Has Not Touched a Toothbrush in 5 Years

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"I’m not even exaggerating. He never brushes his teeth. I cannot Bring myself to feel any kinda of sexual desire for him. I’ve hinted and hinted. I’m about ready to just move on. He showers once a week and I can’t take it."

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"Maybe you need to stop hinting and discuss it with him that it’s affecting the physical aspect of your relationship."

"Stop hinting. Tell him hygiene is a must."

"That is not healthy for him you need to talk to him"

"Hygiene affects you too! You can get all types of infection."

"You need have that discussion."

"Does he have any mental health issues? Poor hygiene is a sign of depression."

"Communicate. Forget about his feelings if he’s not getting the hint and just tell him. Not only is it gross its not healthy."

"Definitely need to reach out to him and inform him on how you feel about it. Honesty is key."

"I wouldn’t hint just tell him is he depressed or just lazy"

"His poor hygiene can give you infections!!! From oral sex & regular intercourse. His poor dental hygiene could also give you yeast infections!!"

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