My step daughter has very large tonsils: Advice?

I’m a step parent to 2 girls and have 4 children of my own! Does anyone know anything or have any experience about OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) and enlarged tonsils in kids? My step daughter snores like an adult, breathes very loud and heavy, and stops breathing sometimes while sleeping.I’m so over concerned and worry so much especially with the stop breathing part that’s happened multiple times already! Very hard to just let it pass! It’s driving me insane tonight listening and watching! I can’t see GP because I don’t have authority and although I have asked and questioned it so many times with partner he just shrugs it off and listens to the mother with an answer that was “their chest is clear and large tonsils run in the family”Please if anyone has any great tips or help would be greatly appreciated x


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Honestly, because you are step parent, you can only address your concerns. If you have mom’s contact info, try addressing your concerns with her, tell her you’re willing to help in any way possible. As a mom, I would appreciate if the step mom cared that much to address her concerns with me


I had same problem with my son, he labored to breathe during his sleep time, got so tired of it and had his tonsils removed at ANMC, never had the problem again

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My 4 year old daughter has large tonsils. Her pediatrician says she’s good and will grow into them. Of course that’s not the same for everyone. Since you’re step daughter has breathing issues they definitely need to be checked out. My daughter doesn’t have breathing issues.

My youngest son had the same problem, the dr thought he would grow into them and he never did. He had to have them removed at age 5, cuz when they did a sleep study they found out he stopped breathing far too much in a 1hr time frame. Since having them removed he has been so much better. He still has sleep apnea, but it is barely there (if that makes sense). I would recommend telling dad she needs to be seen as it can cause MANY health issues for the child

That really should get looked at, my daughter had to have her tonsils out when she was 5 because they were too big and blocking her breathing. She was having the same exact problems, she doesn’t snore at all after the surgery and sleeps much better

Well her mother should know. Ride in your lane