My step-daughters mom keeps putting pull ups on herand ruining her progress: What should we do?

I think it’s her house, her call. You guys can’t make her do anything she doesn’t want to or isn’t legally compelled to do. Would it be nice to be on the same page? Sure, but that’s what happens when parents split up.

I think you should continue what you’re doing at your house and let Mom do what she chooses at her house.


I for one would not be mad if someone taught my kid to be potty trained. THANK YOU! LOL. Well I hope it gets better! I would just stick to it. It sucks, but hopefully it’ll stick for good one day.

Her Mom is lazy and prob doesn’t care

Been there done that. You keep doing what you’re doing and let her do her own thing. Once she’s potty trained at your house bm will start to question how you did it because her method is failing. It’s just something you have to push through no matter how frustrating it is. I think not using pull ups is the best option since they resemble diapers so some kids revert back to peeing. Keep using underwear and waking her up at night when she’s with you. We cut off water an hour before bed to help with not peeing the bed. Once they learn to get up to pee during the night is when I allow my kids to keep a glass of water by their bed.