My teen is getting circumcised: Advice?

My teenage son is getting circumcised in a few months, and I have no idea what to expect. Can anyone help me out? Wondering about recovery, how it went, any issues, etc?


Don’t do it! Unless it’s purely for medical reasons I don’t understand why you would. Unnecessary to put him through all that pain! one erection in the healing process and he’ll probably do some serious long term damage


What why? Is it a correction or personal choice? Circumcision is an unnecessary medical procedure that’s become the norm. Definitely do your research and decide what’s best for your family


He’s gonna be in a lot of pain…
is this for medical reasons.


My son had to get one at 5, medically necessary. They put him to sleep and performed the procedure, he bled HEAVY for about a week, and total recovery I’ll say a month. He still remembers it vividly and he’s 13 now. Worst pain. Keep bandages clean and pain meds on hand. Wishing him a speedy recovery.


I don’t think it’s anyone business as to why he is getting circumcised. Imagine asking that


Heard it could be risky when they are older, that’s why it’s best to do it when their born , f*ck what people say, it’s ur kid, so do what you thinks best, not their kid not their problem.


She asked what to expect not your opinion on whether to do it or not


All y’all saying don’t do it need to keep your opinion to yourself. Obviously there is a reason they are getting it done. Whether it’s medically necessary or her son just wants it done. Either way she is asking for advice from those that had it done


My son was 12, it was done for medical reasons. His recovery was ok, obviously it was very sore and he didn’t go to school for a week or so In case someone accidentally bumped him


Why are the comments always a shit show on circ posts. Answer the question being asked. No one is asking for opinions on wether or not to get this done. It’s happening and it’s not up to you. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Anyway my advice is medication, rest, and really that’s all that you can do.

It is significantly more painful than doing it on an infant. I’m hoping he understands all of the recovery process.

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Maybe talk to his pediatrician? I’m sure he could give you and your son all the answers you’re looking for.

Extremely loose pants, keep it clean and have him avoid arousing things. My partner had it done at 19. And no way around it is gonna be rough.


It’s his choice people! Some men actually want it done just like some women want breast implants. Smh she asked for advice not to be hounded. Make sure he has Vaseline and keeps it as coated as possible. They will give him gause and if there isn’t enough Vaseline it will rip the healing skin if it sticks to him and he will be in excruciating pain. Loose clothing.


Why r u doing it now verses when he was a baby is it medically necessary otherwise why do do it other than emotionally scar him for life


As an RN of 20 years I will be so thankful when ppl wake up and understand the religious basis of this and that’s it’s genital mutilation of a child. We don’t cut off the vagina for infections…unless ur in Africa

Keep vaseline and pain killers on hand gauze loose boxers and that should do it.


Teen?? You were supposed to have that done when he was first born I thought

My dad wasn’t circumcised until he was in his early 70’s. He ended up back at the hospital because he had excessive bleeding. I’m sure he’ll never forget that. As a baby or toddler, I’m sure it’ll be less memorable. FYI, he had to have it done due to health issues.

Do it when they were born would have been far better but since it happened now it going to be pain it better now than have to have it done at 75 hurts like hell

Wow so somebody let their son actually decide like yall beg them to do, and yall still got a problem with it. Oh my God. :joy::roll_eyes:


Ouch. I have told my sons if they decide they want it done when they get older I will support that and even pay for it but I have told them I heard its really painful later on. I used to work at a daycare and had a couple kids have to get it done at age 3-5 for medical reasons and I just remember it wasn’t pleasant :grimacing:

People get bbls now and days to have big butts young girls that’s really bad too let this young kid do what he wants … :raised_hands::heart:


My Husband had it done when he was 12 he said it wasnt too bad he did get a infection but he doesn’t remember it being awful or painful. Just uncomfortable and took a while to heal just dont put on underwear for a good while till healed x

Lol nobody here studied about different cultures? Back where I’m from, babies don’t get circumcised. Kids wait between 9-12yo and it’s NORMAL. Boys just take pain meds for it, wear skirts for the mean time. My son was born here in the US and was cut at a few days old. It’s very easy recovery compared to adults. Why do people always want to shove their opinions on others if it’s not the same with them. :woozy_face: best of luck mamma. Your kid is gonna be fine. :two_hearts:


My friend Eric had it done as an adult and he said the recovery wasn’t as bad as he assumed it was going to be. He said it took about a week before he was up and doing everything like normal again. He also said he doesn’t regret it.


Vaseline on the wound! It will be really sore!

Best to do when baby, going to be in a lot of pain, a lot of swelling and a lot of discomfort. Plenty of vas. I hope for the best,!

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My 11 year old was just circumcised, you’re more than welcome to message me with any questions. More than likely your son will have dissolving stitches, the hospital will let you know that he can’t shower or bathe for 3 days.
They required my son to get the covid test done and then quarantine for the remainder until surgery. It’s about a 20 minute procedure, you’ll spend more time talking to the anesthesiologist, nurses, and doctors than the procedure actually takes.


My 3 brothers had it at age 12, 10 & 8, and had recovered after a week.

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He will be fine. They will give him painkillers when he leaves hospital and he just needs to do what the doctors tell him.

My brother had it done in his 20’s due to medical reasons. He said it was the most painful thing he’s ever had done… and he’s an epileptic. :sweat_smile: just take it easy it is a very sensitive surgery

Im sorry you’re son has to go through that. Im assuming its a medical reason. Good luck

Weird af. :joy::joy::joy::joy:. This world gets crazier by the day.


The urologist normally tells the parents how to treat it post operativly… :rose:

Painful babe make sure you have plenty of painkillers :+1:t2: sending best wishes

My son had it at 1 month he screamed you could hear him scream all over the Dr office had no problems at all. My grandson had it done before he left the hospital and no problems. He just had his bellybutton was not drying up.

Ugh. This is such a ridiculous topic. Only because people come out of the woodwork and throw their opinion around. Its none of your business why. She asked what to expect.
Those tossing your opinions around need to learn how to be decent humans and keep scrolling.


My son had to get it done when he was 11 cause he couldn’t pee properly. His pain was managed by Panadol once he was up walking around the nurse said to put Vaseline on it to stop the wound sticking to his jocks but the thing I found most helpful was for him to spread the Vaseline on the inside of his jocks instead of on his skin that way it didn’t stick he could do it himself


A friend of mine was circumcised after 30 for medical reasons. The first night, he got an erection in his sleep and the stitches cheesewired and he woke up in a pool of blood. Had to go back to hospital to have it all stitched up again :persevere:


My kiddos was 4. They have him pain meds and he was fine, basket ball shorts and sweats will be his best friend

Ppl can do whole sex changes no one blinks an eye, a teenager wants this and y’all lose your minds :sob::joy:


People say to its HORRIBLE to do as an infant because they have no voice. But then a person is old enough to consent and people are still against it. You can never win. Medical reasons or whatever, it’s his body. :woman_shrugging:
Hoping for a speedy recovery! :heavy_heart_exclamation:


If you don’t have advice, why waste your time to comment asking why and telling her not to do it!!! You don’t know what the story is here and if she wanted you to know, she would have put it out in the open.

When we got our son done, we applied a lot of Vaseline. As mentioned down below, I would have him apply it and she said she had him apply to his underwear or gauze. Make sure he’s staying on top of the pain before it gets to bad. Please do not feel the need to defend yourself here, nobody has a clue as to what is going on, nor do they need to. Sending lots of love your way.:heartpulse::heartpulse:


Loose fitting clothes, Vaseline, Tylenol and ibuprofen. My boys had to medically have it done as newborns, but I’ve had to care for many men post surgery. Also, Ice packs will help with pain and inflammation (and might help keep him from getting a boner, because trust me, he does not want to get a boner while he is healing. I’ve seen that happen and OUCH.)

All 3 of mine were done before we left the hospital. I have no advice but best of luck to him and you. :heart:

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My cousin did as an adult. He said it was the worst pain he felt in his life and wishes he hadnt chosen to do it.

Theres a reason its done right after birth.

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Buy a long skirt for him to walk in until it’s healed. Lots of Vaseline and soak in salted baths once a day. Panadol to help with pain. Good luck and hope he has a speedy recovery.

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If her son is a teen, a doctor isn’t going to perform a surgery that she wants him to have. Either it’s medically needed or HE WANTS IT DONE! she obviously didn’t get him circumcised at birth. She gave him the ability to choose for himself. And he did.


My son 9 years old just got circumcised 9 days ago (since it’s the tradition in the Philippines to get circumcised at the age of 9-12 yrs old). He was taking antibiotics for 7 days (very important to complete and take antibiotics on time). He gets anesthesia during the procedure and the sutures are soluble so no need to worry. The healing process takes about 14 days so right now he is outside running up and down. Btw he didn’t take any pain medication from day 1 up to now (I can say he is a brave boy but not every kid is the same) so,only give your son pain medication if he is in pain but if not…don’t give any.
Tip: don’t use gauze in dressing the wound, use a regular tissue paper ( gauze will stick and penetrate to their wound so it takes forever to remove unlike regular toilet paper or tissue paper it’ll easy to remove if you soak or put water in it) change the dressing as often as you esp when they urinate. You don’t have to let them wear long t shirts or skirts that will make them uncomfortable. Let them use underwear or boxer shorts. It’ll not gonna hurt as long as you properly dressed the wound. :relaxed: hope this help


Hes gona need lots of painkillers and him mommy, esp at night.


I mixed triple antibiotic with vaseline for my son. They tried telling my to put a&d ointment on it and that stuff smelled like stinging! He cried when I would apply it. I switched to the vaseline mix when we got home and it healed in a few days.

Have him watch Penn & Teller: Bullshit on circumcision. Or maybe you watch it first the language isn’t the greatest but its definitely informative and easy to get a teenager to pay attention to. It helped me make a decision when my son was born.

My son did it when he was around 12,they had picked them from school n they were dropped in the evening same day after that he followed instructions on how to clean,he never allowed me near him to help n a week or so later he was fine,he used warm salty water n that was it.

I have no experience with a teenager getting circumsized just a new born. Id imagine the care is pretty much the same after for him. I’d get him comfy pants amd underwear too and maybe some ice. He maybe sore for a but but he’ll be ok

My uncle was 25 when he got his, he got really sick due to infection and almost lost his life. Had to have it removed. Everyone telling you to keep it obviously doesn’t understand statistics and that most of men who don’t get circumcised small, end up getting it done when they’re adults. Most of them have a hard time with properly cleaning it. Do what’s best for your child, that’s your baby at the end of the day. Xoxo momma

My son was 6 when he got an infection and needed it done. He was put to sleep and woke up very numb. It wasn’t until later that evening he started to feel some pain. I had to keep changing his dressing and greasing him until it was better. His meds had him sleepy for a few days so he got through it fine. The ONLY bad part was him waking up needing to pee and his dressing was dried to his tip :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: I sat him in bath until it came off on it’s own. Your teen should deal with it a little better. Oh and he didn’t understand the surgery :disappointed: he wanted to know why they cut his weenie off and told everyone for at least two months that the dr cut his weenie off!!!

People are such bullies when it comes to beliefs of their own.

Why’s the fuck would you ask the internet? Go see a fucking medical professional and ask the questions ??