My teenage daughter told me she is hearing voices...advice?

My 11 year old daughter recently started to say she’s hearing voices. But can’t hear what’s actually being said. Should I be concerned? She told me today that she told her school counselor & that someone is coming to talk to her tomorrow?? Wouldn’t they tell me? Do I need to be worried? Thanks :disappointed_relieved:


Make sure you get her ears checked. My son actually had fluid in his ears but described some sounds like whispering and moaning. Once the fluid was cleared he didn’t hear anything else and it was years ago


Have her ears checked first

My 15 year old is autistic and hears people talking. She told Cahms’s and they said it’s just her brain rationalising :woman_shrugging:


Seek help from a mental health professional! My father and brother are schizophrenic. We were kept in the dark about our fathers diagnosis until my brother started had a break & we were so totally unprepared to deal with this.

In no way am I saying that this is your situation, it most likely could be fluid in her ears. I’m just saying it’s better to be prepared if that is the case. Hope you can bring strength & comfort in this situation!:heart_hands:


I would definitely find a mental health professional for her!

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I think it is a good idea for her to see a professional, but also get her ears checked for fluid too.

Is she SEN or having trouble at school? Sometimes it can be caused by stress, like a PTSD from her past too. is she under CAMHS?

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Worst come to worst at least she will be safe. I’m guessing there will be a few tests and evaluations and see what happens from there. Best of luck it may be nothing :heart:

Worried? Notbim the omg something serious is wrong. But it’s important u get her to a dr

She’s not a teen…she’s a PRE-TEEN and that is the age range that schizophrenia can start to develop (that’s where hearing voices starts)

I’d be very concerned if I was you…and get her to a psychiatrist right away

Best of everything to her and you


13 is a teenager…and please get her help ASAP

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Most definitely see a professional. I am a psychiatric nurse and sometimes those voices tell people to hurt themselves or others. You wanna make sure there is no mental health issue going on. There is no stigma and seeking help. Please please have her seen -Don’t blow this off.


When I was 8 I started hearing voices couldn’t understand what they were saying either than soon after I started seeing spirits no joke.i was always scared when it first started.didnt understand what was happening and nobody really believed me just thought I was crazy.some people are born with special gifts maybe she is one of those special people!


Yes my daughter started hearing voices around that age 11 too. Most often schizophrenia is the first thought but my daughter was actually diagnosed bipolar type 2. With lots of therapy and proper medications she is doing so much better. I do recommend professional help.


Yes, please take this seriously. Better safe than sorry. Yes, start with her pediatrician and getting her ears checked. If they are fine, then proceed to a mental health evaluation. PLEASE.


you should be very glad she came to you with this. so many kids wouldn’t. get her evaluated, the sooner, the better. prayers being sent for you all.


Take her to your family Dr. For proper advice on what to do…

If it were me, I’d call the dr. ASAP.

I would advise talking with the school counselor as well. Be present with her for that and let them know that she will be seeing a pediatrician and they may possibly suggest a psych evaluation. Let them know that you are being compliant with her treatment. Hugs mama, you got this!


Is she sleeping, my grand daughter was having issues sleeping and started hearing voices she ended up in patient but once her sleep was regulated the voices were gone

At 11 she isnt a teenager… wouldn’t be worried untill they tell you, you need to be.

You need to find her a psychiatrist. As someone who is on medication for voices. It’s nothing to mess around with.

In rare cases the fillings or braces on teeth can transmit radio signals! The saliva is acidic and creates a battery! Far fetched but one possibility.

It doesn’t hurt to see a therapist, and I’m saying this from experience.

she needs to be assessed. hearing voices isn’t normal and when she told you you didn’t help so now the school is

So I was watching an episode of house(I think. ) and it was a hole in part if her ear/head. Hear sound would echo and it sounded like voice.

It’s good that she told somebody. Maybe get in touch with counselor and figure out what to do

Not knowing is the scariest and getting answers from a doctor and understanding is the biggest stress relief. Take her to a psychiatrist

Talk to the counselor and get her into therapy. Also, take her to her Dr for a hearing check. They’ll send her for a hearing test with a specialist.
You can work with them to lower the cost and make payments.
She needs to be seen, just in case.
It could be nothing. It could be something.
She trusted you enough now you have to help her. :two_hearts:

Make sure she knows that ADHD and autistic people have an internal monologue and it is not hearing voices it is replaying the day of voices that you have heard back to yourself in your head reworking through your entire day


Yes u need to be worried you don’t know what they gonna do or what child actually said to them

My daughter has this ! It was recently described to us by a psychological assessment as a symptom of a learning disability. Have her assesed, my daughter can hear muffled voices like she’s in a room of people but can’t tell what they’re saying or sometimes hears a louder deeper tone yelling. It usually happens with more concentration required or higher stress days.

The Doc actually recommended noise canceling headphones to try and let the brain settle from too much surrounding stimulus or actually listening to soothing sounds / music while in class or exams. Apparently it’s pretty normal but definitely go for thr assessment to be sure what the learning abilities are.


Go to a mental health professional.
I hear voices but it’s do to other mental disorders

Is this for real??? Of course you need to be worried! Get her to a Dr immediately!

Are the voices biblical. He could be hearing Jeshua. God will use anyone for his Glory.


Is she on any medication? Sometimes certain medications can cause this.

I would talk to the school counselor and take her for a psych evaluation.

Yes you do need to be worried and take it very seriously.
A child commit sucide this morning in our school because he was hearing voices all I can tell you that

I worse in a psych clinic. Get your child seen by a psychiatrist. If she is telling you this then listen to her. This is an age frame where this can happen. Do not wait to get your child help…waiting will only make things worse and it can take a huge mental toll on the child.

I wouldn’t worry to much
All kids say that at their age
I would be worried if it’s still happening at the age of15-16
Or if they start self harming herself
Or harming others , if she starts taking about killing herself

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First and foremost get an appointment with a professional. Find out when the school counselor is seeing her and be present. Make sure that the school is aware that your presence is required for this session. Advise them also that your daughter has an upcoming appointment. Note that most family doctors aren’t extremely familiar with all psychiatric conditions so schedule with either a psychiatrist or get a referral to one from your family doc. Hopefully it is something more temporary like fluid behind her ears, but either way, prepare yourself and good luck!

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A old friend of mine he started hearing voices at around 13/14 and was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 17. You should definitely get her checked out