My three year old won't listen to me at all

It’s especially bad in public. He will it sit still, he will yell, he will hit. He will throw himself on the ground if he doesn’t get his way and throw horrible tantrums. I feel like I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried gentle parenting, I’ve tried being more disciplinary and assertive and I’m not getting anywhere with him… is this normal or possible behavior problems? Has anyone been through this and have any advice?


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This is why I spank my kids. No attitude problems and they listen.


My 3 year old is the same!! I’ve tried all kinds of ways to “parent” him but I mostly yell because I get very frustrated but they are toddlers learning their boundaries! My 8 year old was as wild as my 3 year old but not as mean!


Oh lawd Jasussssss I’m right there with youuuuuuuu :woman_facepalming:t2::tired_face: I told mine if she didn’t start listening I was gonna throw her in the ocean with a shark :woman_shrugging:t2: it’s helped some :woman_shrugging:t2::joy:


Horrible parenting i know, my daughter is about to be 18, but when she did not listen and made a scene, I would sit in the floor and throw a fit like she was, wouldn’t be about 2 minutes, and she saw momma sad and calmed down.

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Just love her and support her through it. You don’t have to resort to being a child. If she’s having a hard time in the store then tell her you’re going to go and sit in the car or the restroom until she’s calmed down. She doesn’t have the ability to regulate herself at 3 years old so you kind of get what you get and our job as parents is to support them through it without judgment. And if people watch then who gives a damn the last thing I care about is a stranger watching me love and support my child.


Whenever my son doesn’t listen in public or he throws a tantrum, and AFTER I’ve tried to be patient and gentle I say “okay, goodbye.” Kids around this age CRAVE control. If you don’t give them that power they usually listen.

Spanking…works everytime


I HATE THE 2-3 STAGE. especially this round of covid creepers that had to stay socially inactive during the crucial time period where they socialize with others and learn things.

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Get a book called strong willed children, you can buy or get from the library, to many want to put them on medicine… All children are different what works for one doesn’t for the other…

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My son did the same thing at that age. We couldn’t even sit down at a restaurant without a scene. He is now 5 and has grown out of it. Try bringing a favorite toy or something to distract/entertain him and keep trips short

this is my 5 yr old granddaughter atm lol but her 3 yr old brother doesnt do that​:woman_shrugging:kids are wonderful and we are all truly blessed to have them in our lives​:two_hearts::pray::grin:

It’s a phase mines doing the same terrible 2s is a nightmare dont be so hard on yourself they sense your stress they are clever lol my threat is your dddy is one call away or sit in your spot he hates the naughty spot but it works lol

To add, I like to bring something my daughter likes to the store. So an animal or a play car or even a juice/snack to keep her entertained long enough. If you have to use a tablet or your phone then do it. People judge but I’ve heard many pediatricians say it’s fine to use. I wouldn’t say give him his way but depending on how he acts up, that’s how I discipline my daughter. If she screams because she doesn’t want to wear something, I’ll put out two choices. Usually it calms her down and she picks one. The thing that used to get me is that my parents would record my tantrums then show me how ridiculous I looked and it straightened me up. If he throws himself on the floor yelling and screaming, let him. I just will ignore it. If it’s something more serious I’ll sit her down and ask her “can you please tell mama what’s wrong so I can help” or “there’s no need to be upset, it’s ok to cry but tell me what’s wrong” and then I usually realized that positive reinforcement works best. Saying “wow you did so good at the store! Maybe let’s get a treat!” Or sometimes it’s just praising. If I yell- which yes nobody is perfect, I apologize quickly. Recently she started hitting me. I asked her where she got that from and told her don’t hit because it hurts. She cares about people’s feelings so after I will ask “can you touch gentle and show me” and I’ll guide her hand softly down my arm or face or anything to demonstrate the right way. By no means is it perfect nor is it always easy. But we do better some days than others. Usually at the store I’ll pick out some of her Cheetos she likes and let her snack on those and she’s pretty calm. I do have to rush though or else she gets antsy lol.

Throw a glass of water and your 3 year old will behave

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He may be sensitive to noisy places and being around groups of people, have him tested

Check out Pathological Demand Avoidance.

It could be adhd but they also are just kids. Toddlers are a-holes lol


I honestly didn’t take my son into public between 2-4 lol even if I patented perfectly he’d still throw a fit :joy: he’s a good listener now but damn those toddler year were rough

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Trip to bathroom and an ass whooping would help tremendously. Then when they act up ask them if they want to go to the bathroom? It really does work.


slap his ass but good