My toddler does not listen and idk what to do anymore

Need advice on what to do with my 3 year old daughter. She DOES NOT listen. And when I say doesn’t listen, I mean like not at all. Her father and I have been separated since before she was born and he cannot coparent well, so I know that doesn’t help the problem. Lately, she has had such an attitude and constant either ignores what I say, says no, or back talks me. Spanking really doesn’t phase her. I’ve tried time out. It works temporarily but still doesn’t fix the problem. The biggest issue is in public. She has so much energy and is a social butterfly anyway. She won’t ever stay by me and runs away, is at too far of a distance, is distracted by everything, and again doesn’t listen when I tell her to stop or to stay by me. It’s to the point where I don’t even want to take her in public. I know I have to pick my battles, or else she’d spend her whole day in time out or getting spanked it seems. Looking for advice for what to do to get her attitude back on track and get her to listen more. I haven’t tried taking toys away yet, because again I feel like it wouldn’t phase her and she’d find something else to do.


They’re suppose to listen at 3? I have 6 kiddos and none of them did lol

Continue doing time out’s 3 minutes every time, nose in the corner. It’s exhausting, but you have to be persistent.

I have a 15 yr old grandson who is still like that but grown man size. His mom and I take away things until his behavior gets better. Sometimes alot of things and add lots of chores. It is the only thing that works on him.

If she can’t stay by you while at a store then I would suggest buckling her in the buggy and explain to her that only big girls that listen to mommy are able to walk beside mommy…you need consistency (not verbal threats) if you say something or tell her to do something and she doesn’t comply then there is a consequence (good behavior gets awarded of course) or even try another approach so everything doesn’t sound so demanding to her little ears… instead of demanding her stay by you …maybe say, can you please stay by mommy to help us both feel safe… if she walks/runs off then being put in the buggy (3-5 mins of good behavior)(no crying or screaming and kicking)) is a consequence then try again and be consistent with it…don’t let her out just because she’s throwing a tantrum …she will learn mama just be patient…hugs

I second the advice of in a cart or in a stroller when in public… My grandson, who we currently have custody of, will bolt the minute his feet hit the pavement. He’s 5 and he goes from the car seat to the grocery cart, no exception.

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You have to take the toys and favorite TV shows away. Part of it is her age too. Maybe the 2 parents need counseling to teach him how to coparent.

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Time to put her in time out. I have put my daughter in time out in the grocery store before. It’s one minute per year. Consistency is key.

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Count to 3. And if she don’t listen take her favorite toy away for a day

Well our choices have rewards or consequences. She needs to learn that. When she asks you for something or to do something for her, tell her no. She’s only allowed to do what you say until she can learn to respect you and behave herself. No special toys. Take away away her privileges.

Clearly she knows better.
You have to reclaim your place as a parent because she definitely has no respect for you.

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Child harnesses work great for runners.

My 3 year old granddaughter has been not listening too. In public places she is amazing . I get compliments on her behavior. But at home she has been defying me . So she now has a timeout recliner under a wall clock . She has to watch time go by. I started with 5 minutes. Now it’s a straight 15 minutes. I also take away her tablet . For at least two hours.


I agree with the leash/tail/backpack idea, I also think that you should start setting the scene if the store before you even leave the house. Such as we are going to Target, I expect you to stay right by me, if you run we will leave the store immediately and be consistent it’s the key. I would also consider a sticker chart if she’s good for 3 trips she can pick out a small item.

She’s 3 taking toys away is not going to do anything temper tantrums at home ignore it eventually she will realize that won’t get her what she wants… in public she either needs to be in the cart or in a stroller when you give a young child freedom to roam they will roam they are still learning they are curious and full of energy… currently dealing with tantrums with my one yr old boy he is a wild one so when he falls out I just ignore him or sometimes I will take him and sit him on his bed and read a book to him 9 times out of 10 he’s usually just super tired but doesn’t want to sleep

First off we all as parents are put through stages when we feel helpless.

Short visits to places when you don’t “really” need to get said item… Will help her learn how to behave.
You explain we’re going in for a couple things. If you stay by me we will be fast and get home to do said activities.

Warn her the moment you act up. We are going to come outside and sit on the bench until you’re ready to act right.

All this is said at eye level.

Second attempt. If she doesn’t act right. You go home without anything and she knows why.

Huge thing is to follow through.

Same as going to family gatherings or restaurants.

3 is a tough age. If you think this is pushing the boundaries of what’s safe or typical for a child that age, it might help to find some resources like parenting support and doctors advice to rule out any underlying issues.

She’s 3. 100000% normal. There is no fixing her because she isn’t broken. It’s up to you to regulate your feelings because she’s incapable at her age. Just keep being consistent, she’ll learn.


Well first it’s the age to push boundaries. Now without more info I can’t say if you’ve given appropriate time to teach house rules and appropriate discipline and then punishment(not the same thing). It takes time to instill those things so if you only try them for a few days or a week it’s not going to be the normal for her. It’s going to be every day the expectations are different so she does whatever. Now since she runs off and can’t listen to you about being close by then she needs a tethering system. That’s for her safety and it can be the difference in life and death. All something makes we wonder if she has adhd. Do you know if anyone in either family has been diagnosed? Adhd kids are very impulse driven and can struggle with listening to directions/etc. and a lot of normal discipline and punishment methods don’t work well for them. Including spanking. Also if your spanking every day it may not have the desired outcome. That should be if don’t at all IMO a last ditch egregious thing. Also don’t do it when you are angry in the moment that is how people slip from using it as a punishment into abuse bc they let their big feelings take over. It’s a slippery slope and not everyone can handle spanking appropriately.

Also research age appropriate learning. She’s at that point where she realizes she has some control over herself. It’s appropriate for her to push boundaries I think it’s great that’s she’s doing it but she also has to learn the other side of it. Sit down with her and go over the home rules and the going out rules. Repeat them in the car and everywhere you go. If she doesn’t listen then back to the car. Or even go home.

Backpack with strap to keep her near and safe. Or put her in a stroller until she listens. (If we go into a store. We allow the kids to walk. We give them rules (stay by us, no running off or they sit in the trolley. We follow those rules. If they don’t they sit in the trolley.

Redirect. (If she is acting out, redirect to something else)
Time in (if she does misbehave, sit her next to you for a few minutes rather then send her to her room).
If she doesn’t listen, (like if she needs to put find shoes an put on, hold her hand and do it with her)

Is she going to a daycare? Maybe a way to burn more energy. Or a playgroup.

Be calm, she will pick up on a lot.


Kyla Richardson sounds like Judd :smile::smile:

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Start taking away favorite luxuries. She will learn.

Don’t let her roam the store, keep her in a car until she can learn to listen.

She needs to understand actions/consequences. You have rules for a reason. They aren’t to be mean, they’re to keep her safe and raise her to be a functioning member of society. I have a 3 year old that tries stuff like this every so often, but she knows if she wants extra fun things she has to listen to us. Things like movie time get earned by picking up all of her toys. Dessert is only earned by eating all of her dinner.

She has a lot of stuffed animals and blankets, the favorite of the week will be taken if she gets passed time out stage and still not listening. Honestly, it’s the one thing that gets to her the most to understand mom is serious.


Sounds like you need to buy one of the toddler leash things so she doesn’t run away for her own safety. She’s not going to listen she is 3. That is normal oh and hitting her isn’t a good idea. That will make her think hitting is ok and may cause other problems down the road.


Going in public is probably sensory overload for her. Try times when things aren’t so busy, talk about how we act in the store before you go in, model expected behaviors, remove her if able, reward desired behavior with praise. She is 3 and whoever said Terrible 2’s was wrong because 3’s were way worse for me!

Try connection and leash her in public

Repetition, repetition, repetition. I did get the in public corrected quickly though. We out and he screamed almost entire time. Next day got a sitter over (she knew) to watch him. Made a big deal about going out. He said when and I said not you because you won’t listen to me. He stayed home while we went out. Next time we went out, he had good listening forever after. No one was mad but he had to think about his actions.

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Buy her a backpack with reins on it. She can run but you have hold of her, try and divert her attention to other things, engage with her.

Both of my children are like this and it’s sensory overload ( does not mean autism, etc). First step is the leash with harness ( when in use, discuss safety in terms your child will understand) and build trust with her. Eventually you will not need the leash and harness and move onto hand holding and go into a deeper discussion about safety and trust. Once you get past hand holding work on manners in public in a way she will understand and make it fun! When in public and my kids would be unruly and trying to interact with people I would explain and they were more than happy to help with engaging with them on manners. It’s hard, she’s not going to do perfectly but let her try. Give both of yourselves patience and grace along the way. Amazon sells awesome sensory toys that she can bring in public to help sooth and calm her down a bit. It’s also okay to have to ditch your shopping cart or excuse yourself in public to take her to a quite spot to calm her down. Don’t worry about others, just focus on you and her.


Sounds like my daughter when she was little. She has ADHD and I could not take her to shopping centers she would bolt. Punishment didn’t work either. I had to give her a screen and push her in stroller


Sounds like how my son was he’s 13 now. He has been diagnosed with being autistic which I didn’t know back then. I’d focus on your home unfortunately that’s all you can do. Transitions are tough with my son and it’s because of the autism. I’d read about autism and see what parenting tips they have and try them. I’m not saying she’s autistic and you shoukd get her diagnosed but I felt I was reading my life when my son was 3 up to and including the coparenting delimia. He also has adhd. I have a 4 year old now and he listens very well dad and I live together are together and are on same page with parenting. So I first hand can tell you the differences I see and the symptoms he had that were passed as defiant behavior, lack of consistency etc.

I’m sorry but I agree and disagree with the “she’s only 3” comment. I’ve raised kids myself as a single mom and I’m just going to give an example bc I’d never seen anything like it. An aquantence from high school and I talked on fb and ended up deciding to finally get together for play dates. Her almost three year old daughter I’ve never seen anything like it. The mom is patient and I don’t know how (the dad gets frustrated and spanks but all it does is make her cry and then shes right back to it)
She is constant constant constant to the things she KNOWS she isn’t supposed to do or running to the most dangerous thing. Her mother was constantly having do all the techniques I have seen described in some of these comments. I mean I was overwhelmed just watching it. I ended up telling her to go outside and smoke a cigarette take a moment to herself
And y’all can judge all you want but I took her sat at my kitchen table bear hugged her til she realized she wasn’t getting down. She wasn’t happy about it at first she wanted to run off to the next naughty thing lol then I began to distract her (I can’t remember exactly what it was, one of my kids activities that was left on the table) she realized she wasn’t going anywhere so she got into what we were doing it was the most I saw her focused into one thing, calm, being good. Then 10-20 minutes later her mom walked in and I let her down and she was right back at it.
I have four kids my youngest is three and he acts like a ‘normal’ three year old
Sometimes it’s just NOT normal and you cannot compare it to ‘every’ 3 year old. Thats a bit narrow minded… it’s not always black n white. No offense to anyone and their opinion, just giving my own

It’s the age my grandson 3 too just keep on trying to remain consistent. It will come. Put her in a cart seat to stop for running or put a harness on her. You’ll get some crappy looks but at least you’ll still have her.

Child Harness
Give her two options that you would be okay with the outcome
Redirection will be your best friend

It’s 2023. Physical punishment is a little dated. I’d start there and maybe respect her body and her boundaries. Your child will surely act out if they know they’ll get a reaction out of you.


Raising strong willed toddlers is not for the weak. Ignore the tantrums (this is VERY hard to do). Punish with Time Out behavior that infringes on the space of others (not sharing, not listening), one minute per each year of life. Enroll her in Pre School as soon as possible. The social aspect will be good for her. Eliminate sugar from her diet (and red dye) as much as is possible. Push organic foods that won’t affect or add to her irritability. Reward her small achievements. Praise the good behaviors often. Make sure your support system is on board and following the same behavior plan. Remember: Consistency, consistency, consistency. Structure, structure, structure. This too will pass. I had a hard year and a half with my youngest daughter. She’s 16 now. She’s a smart kid, a great kid, and a kid that’s not easily talked into things by others. That’s a plus for strong willed children. Hang in there, Mama.

Sounds like early representation of ODD. Oppositional defiant disorder. Or she is acting out. But maybe she needs help in expressing her feelings

Sounds to me like she acting her age.

She may be highly intelligent, getting bored quickly. When I would go to the store, I would let her push the cart, have her get groceries and put in the cart, going to a store like Walmart, my first visit was the toy department — she wanted to play---- I let her, if she wanted something I let her put it in the cart— it was easy to discard later. When we were at home and had a behavior problem it was time to read an age appropriate book. It was good quality time and she got into a habit of wanting to help all the time. Its not a bad thing to have her feel important in helping in decisions— she spreading her wings— its our job as parents to help our children grow, learn, and become productive, independent individuals. You will be just fine.

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Natural consequences
If she keeps running away in a store, she needs to stay in a cart. You will need to let her prove herself. If she’s screaming while in the cart, ignore her, or take her outside, then try again. Some kids need lots of trial and errors to get the desired behavior. Things will get easier if you stay completely consistent. It’s a "this needs to happen (not running away) or this will happen (sitting in the cart)
You got this! And yes, dad needs to be on the same page.


Everyone saying this is normal :face_with_peeking_eye: I have 3 kids and 12 nieces and nephews and none of them acted out like this


Pretty normal for kid that age to develop selective hearing
Hold on to your hat because the older they get , the deafer they get

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I sy this constantly on here but “Spankings” simple yet so rarely used solution to so many problems on this page

Sounds like adhd. In public use the little leashes to keep her near you. Take a parenting course and join a children’s adhd support group. My cousin had adjd growing up and his parents had to keep him involved in sports year round or he would have behavior issues in class.

Try dietary changes… eliminate refined sugars,artifical colors especially red food coloring.This helped my daughter immensely.


I can’t imagine hitting a 3 year old for acting like a 3 year old :pensive:


Talking back would have had me spitting teeth at that age. I swear parents are too soft.

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I’m not a mom, but I have a niece who is five and she has HORRIBLE listening skills. She understands what you tell her, but chooses to ignore directions. She’s also a pusher, constantly pushing you when you say no. She’s stolen things if we tell her no, gets into things she’s not supposed to because we tell her it’s dangerous. Her poor mother is at her wits end and just ends up screaming. She doesn’t believe in spanking, and I don’t either, but talking to her does nothing. She also tries to bargain with you and I’m not okay with that.
Again, I’m not a parent, but I’ve been reading books that say that it’s mainly an age thing, but also a discipline thing. Time outs and things like that are encouraged. I try my best to be calm and collected and repeat things, but it’s a lot and very frustrating.
I asked my mom if that’s how I acted as a five year old and she said no. :sweat_smile: so it’s not all five year olds apparently.


I would say possibly ADHD but they will want you to try behavior modifications first. For example extra praise for things done well, planned ignoring for tantrums, using a calm voice to avoid a power struggle etc etc. And I had a spot I took places with me, if we were in public I would put the spot on the ground my son would sit on it for say 3 minutes at 3 years old if he didn’t obey the rules. But you have to make them clear before you go into places and what the consequences will be if they aren’t followed and consistency is key. Even when it’s inconvenient for you and you are mad don’t get in a power struggle it is never good haha


My Mom always said:
Terrible Twos
Trying Threes
Ferocious Fours
Finally Five

Please if you put your toddler in a stroller or store cart get the restraint that holds them tight to their seat. I saw a terrible accident when a 3 yr old decided when Moms back was turned to get something off a shelf he started to climb out. Fell and ended up with a cracked skull from the fall.

Also when I took my kids with me to stores and with restraints in place they stayed where they were supposed to, didn’t give me a hard time when we got home before I unpacked the items we sat down on the sofa and read a book together. I learned that my time, her time, my way got her her choice to do either read a book, play on her etch a sketch or color together for 30 minutes. It worked for us.

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I’m convinced 3yo are just teens in small bodies lol.Honestly,she’s 3.Spanking isn’t going to work.I know I wouldn’t want to get spanked if I did something wrong.Redirect every time she does something naughty.Ignor the screaming.She will catch on eventually.

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If lucky they listen when they are 18 and out in the world .

Spanking doesn’t work sooner or later she’s going to h1t back. Redirect. Maybe get her to see a Dr may have adhd


Stop hitting her. That’s not the answer.

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Bernstein bears books about manners or gimme helps both of you

Your problem is that she is 3


Terrible 3s, my kids were the worst at 4​:face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Have her evaluated at your pediatrician and then ask for a referral to a behaviorist and therapist. Talk to the dad and tell him his behavior is affecting the kid and he needs to get with the program, if needed use the drs to write their professional recommendation for him to get his stuff together for the kid and take him to court to force him to co parent in a healthier way.

I would not put my kids on a leash. She’s 3. Should be in the cart. Have her checked for ADHD

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Have you considered talking to her pedestrian? My child was the same way… she was diagnosed with autism and adhd.

Typical 3 year old behavior. NEWS FLASH toddlers don’t listen!! BACK TALK?? SHES 3! toddlers are barely developing comprehensive skills. She runs off? In public make her wear a toddler leash. Spankings won’t work, she has no idea what she’s being hit for. Just that mommy gets mad and hits her… time outs… toddlers have no concept of time… Be patient, actually explain things. They are barely in control of their arms and legs and you want her to control her behavior?

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Girl you better boss up on her and let her know who’s in charge! How tf you let a 3 year old drive you crazy bs I’ll drive her crazy. Tell her to Shutup and sit down and mean that ish. Don’t be sweet and meek make her do it! If I look at my child or an unruly child it’ll stop them in their tracks bc I mean fckn business and I don’t take no ish from kids or they’ll NEVER respect you!! BOSS UP YOU’RE THE PARENT!!
Whisper in her ear with your teeth clenched and tell her to sit down and Shutup


Rides in buggy no explanations

Also a locking child safety harness

Stroller… she’s not ready to walk in public

Also work on cutting out artificial food dye… that can help change a kids behavior…

Girl she’s 3 that’s ur answer & some kids skip the terrible 2s & go right to the terrible 3s

Keep putting her in time out. Even if that means it’s a majority of the day. Eventually she will catch on. Be super consistent.

Put her back in the stroller when going out, explain that she has to be in the stroller because she doesn’t listen or stay close to you so she has to stay in the stroller so she is safe. Helped with my child as they hated being confined to the stroller

My son is a busy boy too.
Lots of patience, counting to 10 and deep breaths. Ha.
Okay, I started giving him jobs when we go shopping.
Before we get out of the car we make a plan, like are you walking or riding in the cart?
Do you want to hold the list or grab the items?
I turn it into a game with him. He can still be a little wild as he’s 4 (we started this at 3) but he’s a toddler and is going to have energy and be wild still. If he does leave my “safety bubble” without me I remind him we need to be safe in public.
He also loves to chat with people, which I do let him do. Have fun. Chat away. Some people ignore him and he’ll ask why they didn’t talk to him, I tell him they were probably on a mission and didn’t hear him, others stop and chat with him.
Just have fun with it. I used to get stressed out in public with my littles. He’s actually been my most difficult kiddo :joy::joy: but there is never a dull moment. Lol


Try to get down to her level at eye contact and just be comforting when explaining bad behavior and consequences of it! I know she is only 3 but eye level talking might help. Good luck

I would stop spanking her entirely.
Then, I’d find fun things for us to do together and reward good behavior - sometimes verbally and something’s physically- like with a high 5 or hug. Then I would start ignoring or completely disregarding her bad behavior outside of my initial comment or phrase.
I’d also come up with consistent phrasing to use in every aspect of life. For example, since my 4.5yo was a toddler I’ve said “hey, are you having a tantrum or are WE shopping. Because I refuse to do both. And I’m not leaving because you can’t control yourself” and then I’d give her parameters to pout. Like, “you can be mad all you want, we all have emotions. But you can not hit/kick etc. And if you still want to pout, you’re going directly into the basket” and then I would continue about my day/ activities.
I literally just use boundaries and putting my foot down on what I expect of certain spaces. (For example “we are going to the park. You must stay closeby. If you don’t, I’m going to put you in the stroller because I’m refuse to run around chasing you” etc.
And then you have to actually do it. Get up, or move over, or take it away, and not give in. No more spanking. Just straight up stop what they are doing. And if they keep throwing a fit, they made their choice. deposit them into the basket or stroller. Also, I would be super verbal and supportive of things they do well. Like, things you genuinely appreciate. So, when my daughter listens I say “thank you for listening, let’s do xyz” and I move on. Or I say “you were so angry and regulated your emotions so well!” Because this is a learning curve for her and it IS in her development stage. She can learn these things right now, even if its simply foundational for the future.

Reading through some of these comments… yikes :grimacing:. Stop being afraid to discipline your child. Children need to understand that YOU are the parent and what YOU say goes. Stop catering to their “feelings”. If they know you cave easily what do you thinks gonna happen? Their behavior will get worse. If they know you’re not playing around they’ll straighten up. Stand firm and stay consistent no matter what the situation is. They’re not gonna hate you and it doesn’t make you a bad parent. You’ll be glad you did the older they get.

I talk my 4 year olds ears off and did it with all my kids. We make going to grocery a whole one on one learning event. We start in the parking lot. “This is a parking lot where there are lot of cars. Cars can be dangerous so we have to stick close until we reach the door. I can see the door from here, can you see it? So we know where we are going, but we have to focus on the cars around us to make sure we steer clear and all the drivers see us. Do you see that lady getting in her car? What color is her car? Do you think she will start to back out just as we pass by? It looks like it, huh? Okay so what we will do is wait for her to back out and go and then we will use the crosswalk. Oh she saw us and waived us by. Waive back to her as a thank you for giving us the right of way. Are we almost to the door? This is Publix. See the sign? What letter comes first? The “P”? What sound does p make? Can you name another word that starts with p?” So on and so on. She will learn why she needs to stay close. She will benefit from one on one time and your thoughts. And she will be so involved with y’all’s conversation, she won’t think to run off. Keep your flow constant and engage her. Repeat the important things every time you go. Before you know it, she will be telling you to stay close bc this is a parking lot. You have got this, mama. Talk that babys head off.

I would try taking things away. And if she can’t behave while out in public don’t. Take her no where intill she can listen and when does. Behave reward and praise her alot

Please let me begin with only my opinion. First I’d love to read just one of these that doesn’t start by blaming the other parent.
Discipline begins with consistency. If your letting the behaviour slide even a little once in awhile the child wins.
If in a store put her in the cart. A 3 year old shouldn’t be running free, a store has many hidden dangers. If she can stay beside you let her walk, if she doesn’t listen remove the freedom. If she screams the place down remove her to the car and explain you cannot go back unless she behaves.
At home don’t give a time out where she is comfortable. A little wooden stool and again consistency.

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First get her hearing checked!

You know what you do? Go out in the front yard and square up :joy: I’m kidding…my son is almost 2, it took him a while to start listening to me. I tell him no and when he does it again, I give him the death glare, he stops immediately after that :joy:

She’s 3, she isnt going to listen. And if her behavior is so “bad” then try and find the reason for it.

Well, she’s 3! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

She’s 3, words she won’t listen. You need to speak her language. Maybe go out and make her help you find the things. Kids now need to be distracted with something. Time out does work if you make her sit, every time she gets up put her back and remind her what she did that wasn’t appropriate behavior. Usually time out is a minute per age +2. Also, kids thrive on structure and schedules. If your on one they get it. And if you happen to go off that schedule tell her like 5 minutes early what your doing next. It’s hard but doable. Kids know what do do next and they feel better and no surprises. Parenting is hard but you can do it.

Welcome to parenting lol
Three year olds don’t listen… they are at an age where they test their parents non stop.
Make sure you provide a safe environment and unconditional love…but keep your foot down and make sure she knows she’s not the one whose running the household. Good luck.

Positive reinforcement for desorption behaviors.

Please don’t spank/hit your child. She will never forget it!!! She will also think that is how to deal with things she doesn’t like! Single parent of 2 and yes we didn’t go many places because of behavior for almost a year….my children were 10 years apart. Is she taking naps???

She’s 3 years old for crying out loud! If you don’t want her to wonder off in public then hold her hand. Stop hitting her. That will only cause her to build up aggression and resentment. Take some parenting classes. It’s not going to get any easier.

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You need to let her get her energy out or leave the place spanking doesn’t work stop abusing her .

I strongly urge you to take her to a child Dr. who treats this behavior. There maybe a clincal reason for her responding or not responding appropriately.

Three is worse than two! Just stay consistent and follow through. And hopefully by four she will have a grasp of no means no…

We have lots of resets go in he starts acting out we go to car and set tell he thinks we can get shopping done without acting out and screaming…

I have a 2 year old and her main issue is just screaming and crying a lot sometimes, I can take her in the store, I always keep her in the buggy and she enjoys the ride and when we are walking anywhere without a buggy I’ll look at her and say “hold mommy’s hand” she know what that means and will hold on, my son is 6 and he will hold her other hand, or when she’s in the buggy he will hold the side of the buggy, I do not give my kids the chance to run around because people are crazy and all it takes is one second for somebody to snatch a kid, i really try to refrain from spanking unless they are absolutely just out of control, time out seems to work most of the time, my 2 year old knows what time out means but I have to remind her that she doesn’t just get to let herself out when she wants to. Parenting is hard in general, but you’ve got to make them mind or they’ll run over you every single time

Watch food intake. Like dies , alot of sugar. My cousin found out some behavior come food issues.

My daughter has always been a handful. Now she is 13 and they want her on attention deficit meds. I never wanted her on those, but her therapist assures me that she will likely behave way better on them, but 3 is far too soon to diagnose, because most 3 year olds act that way. Your job now is to see if she matures with age or stays this same way. My daughter has always been a runner, but damn I never used a kid leash. Lol My fat ass would just chase her down. You need to pick one form of discipline and stick with it and try to get her dad to stick with it too. My kids pediatrician said to make consequences for your kids that you stick to every time. I would go with what you have seen works best for her so far. My heart goes out to you mama. All kids this age can be quite the handful. They are pushing boundaries that you need to set and that is normal. Luckily they mature with age. Just remember kids are born knowing nothing, and have to learn everything. Stick with the same pediatrician all your kids life if can, because they get to know your kids almost as well as you. Mine spotted depression in my daughter before I did. Good luck!

Mine just turned 4 he doesn’t listen either. It’s the age mama. They all think they’re grown at this age. Pffft

U can teach her without leashing her like a dog. All these “moms” taking the lazy way out. It’s a person, not an animal. Might as well crate train her too huh? Pathetic

So you abuse your kid for being a normal 3 year old?