My toddler has a lot of meltdowns...advice?

14 month old meltdowns over every little thing and sometimes nothing. My husband and I are getting very frustrated at it. She knows sign for eat, more, and ba (bottle.)


Okay, well get used to it. She’s barely a year old and hasn’t learned to communicate or learned to control her emotions and she won’t for awhile. The more frustrated you become she will match. It’s your job to teach her.


Maybe talk to her so she talks to you? Also make sure meals and snacks are on time as mine seriously used to get hangry.

This is developmentally normal. She’s having all these huge feelings for the first time and she’s not meant to be a perfect doll. These huge feelings are the first time and the worst time she’s had them. She needs understanding and breathing room

She’s so little she’s can’t control her emotions so she needs you to help her positively things like I know you’re sad let’s work out why, getting frustrated will frustrate her more

Oh sweetheart… Brace yourself coz it’s gonna get a whole whole lot worse …

She’s still a baby. She’s developing. It’s Normal.
I recommend these groups
Preschool Therapist
Big Little Feelings
MrChazz MrChazz
Dr Vanessa Lapointe, R Psych

Learn and understand child development and it really helps.
She needs to be taught how to regulate big feelings and navigate a world not designed for children.