My toddler has been having accidents...advice?

Coming here for advice. I have a 3.5 yr old boy who was potty trained as soon as he turned 2. Everything was fairly easy while potty training but within the last 2-3 months he’s been having accidents. At least once each month(during the day). Is this normal? How do I address it? It seems like he holds it until he can’t anymore and then runs to the restroom and he doesn’t make it. My mom insists I just have to remind him to use the restroom more often but im wondering if it could he something else. He’s not in daycare or preschool, if that matters. TIA!

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Personally, think its normal! We went thru the same thing w our kiddo for about a year or so. Hes 5 now, and back on track, just maintain consistent.
They get so focused on stuff they dont want to stop to potty. Soon they will learn it’s easier to just go real fast vs having to do the whole clean up process.

My daughter (3) was doing the same out of the blue , turned out she had a bladder infection. After antibiotics she was fine again. sometimes if they start out of the blue it could be diabetes?

My son was potty trained just shy of 2 yrs old but on occasion would do this, doctors said he was just too busy playing to stop and remind him, I would and he would go and still have an accident. So I started keeping notes daily of things going on to see if something was happening, forgetting, over drinking, too busy playing…and after two months I demanded a test for bladder infection and he had a mild bladder infection but I noticed a few other things and found out he had sensory issues, and he liked the feeling of being “full” didnt matter if it was a full mouth, full belly or bladder.

One thought I had too but you said there is no daycare or preschool, but when I went to daycare with my stepmom (she was an early morning worker), some parents were coming in complaining of their kids soiling themselves on certain days so she had cameras installed and never said anything, there was one worker that was withholding bathroom privileges, and would scream in the kids faces if they asked too many times and would cause them to soil themselves (you can ask why there were no cameras previously, but it was a church school and daycare and were privately run and owned so they didn’t technically need to have cameras…but the church made it a requirement after that)

It could be that he’s getting distracted and not registering until to late or it could be a regression. Has anything within his daily environment changed? Sometimes a new sibling, move, change of daycare/teacher or even witnessing Mom & Dad arguing can cause a stress reaction of regression resulting in accidents. I would start with evaluating his daily routines and environment and seeing if there’s been a change or situation that could be contributing if not then it’s likely a distracted issue and he needs reminded.

Bladder control doesn’t mature at this age. Why are you getting mad at your toddler for having accidents?

H gets busy playing and ewaitls to long , reminding him might help .