My toddler has been having night terrors: Advice?

My almost-two-year-old is experiencing horrible night terrors that have now started into his nap times. They last for several minutes if not ten or more. We’ve tried Benedryl for a week as our pediatrician recommended, and that didn’t reset his sleep cycle. Same thing with Melatonin. How do you mamas deal? Pediatrician says it’s normal, but it happens all the time (every night) and now into naps too. Typically after it happens during his nap, he won’t go back down.


Both of my boys went through this. It’s part of sleep regression. The only thing we could do is wait it out. There isn’t a “cure” so not much can be done. Good luck to you momma. Remember, it won’t last forever!

You have to wait it out. I went through it personally and nothing helped

We also had to wait it out. It didn’t last all that long though

Went through this with mine too as a newborn and then around 1. Just gotta wait it out and keep them on a consistent sleep schedule. Same bedtime and such… it’ll feel like it’s taking forever to pass but I promise it will pass

Get rid of screen time 3h before bed and no snacking 1h before bed! Helped us! And if you want to give sugary treats, do so when you have time to burn them out before nap/bed.


Might sound crazy but turn the temperature down 2 or 3 degrees in the room
Body temperature :thermometer:
It.helps my son

I did a 5 lb weighted blanket and it worked wonders!

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Try a weighted sleep sack, and nix the melatonin. Melatonin can cause vivid dreams, I imagine that might exacerbate it for your little one.

We had the same problem. We read that after you put them to bed (and they fall asleep), like 30 min later go and gently rub their back or something to make them stir just a little. This breaks them from their deep sleep and somehow prevents the terror from happening. We tried it and it worked! Night terrors went away just like that.


Temp in the room is a key factor I also made a teddy we call him his dream buddy he gave him a name and every night we put on magic potion(lavender) to take away the bad dreams we found this helped our son as it relaxed his mind before and during sleep x

My son had night terrors and all I could do is make sure he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else

I thought my little one was having night terrors…turns out he had a severe ear infection while already on antibiotics…he didnt have a fever or tug at his ears. His ear drum ended up rupturing. He could be experiencing some sort of pain that wakes him up and he isn’t old enough to tell you where


Try diffusing lavender essential oil. White noise. Checking in on him to rub his back like suggested after 20-30 minutes.

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My son sleps in underwear and uses a sheet. I keep the room cool. It has worked wonders!

Play music softly in his room during sleep! The one and only thing that EVER worked for my son. I play classic country so there are no sudden heights in volume.

My two year old started night terrors recently too. Whats helping us is keeping the room cooler than normal, I go in and readjust his blanket, and rub the top of his head(his favorite). I do this around midnight every night, he goes down around 9, it is seeming to help. We went from 3 nights a week to maybe once every two weeks.

try a weighted blanket. My eldest had those and the weighted blanket made him feel swaddled

Pray over him, white noise, chamomile tincture, clear his room. I find my lo sleeps better when the room is clean and tidy. Only books and plants. Simple…bless him

We diffuse lavender oil and this helps, night light.

Melatonin gives me horrible nightmares !!!

Weighted blanket, essential oils + cool most diffuser, cbd oil with terpenes, nice bath before bed. Had to do this for my nephew like a ritual every night if not he wouldn’t sleep he was taken at one years old into the system and had a foster family until he was about 2 and 1/2 years old rehabilitating him was very difficult but not impossible