My toddler has been screaming: Advice?

My 2.5 yo old who has a speech delay recently discovered screaming. He just started speech therapy so, we’re working on that!I just had a baby 6 weeks ago and ever since we brought the baby home, my 2.5 yo will not stop screaming. He did scream before the baby was born but it has now become far too often and everyday… I’m talking all out ear piercing screams. He screams multiple times and seems to be doing it intentionally to get a rise out of us. He has even started havingmajormeltdowns/tantrums even since the baby arrived. He drops to the ground and screams beyond belief.It honestly breaks my heart with how upset he gets, however he is causing a huge disturbance. My husband works from home and is often on the phone and we currently live in a small townhome which doesn’t restrict much noise. Has anyone else experienced these meltdowns and screaming non stop? How long did they last and how long did it take for your child to get used to their new sibling?


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I don’t know your child is he Autistic ? or is there something major going on maybe it’s out of jealousy that he’s doing it.

Get along with him and explore the new baby.oh look how little his/her fingers or feet. Oh look how he/she looks around or how he/she moves his/her mouth when hungry. Your toddler feels lonely and as if his place has been snatched by the baby. Take any possible time to get along with your toddler and go silly things that make him happy. I understand you are o. Your toes with the baby and a screaming toddler but a mom gotta do what a mom gotta do to maintain her sanity and the entire family’s.