My toddler has hand foot mouth...what can I do for him?

My 2.5yo has hand foot & mouth and his feets are really bothering him. Hes up ALL night crying over how badly they itch him. I tried giving him benedryl anti-itch cream but doesn’t help him at all. Any other advice on what I can try?


Aveeno lotion is oatmeal based and can help with itching (a quick alternative to an oatmeal bath if your baby is in bed or y’all are out and about).


Definitely alternate tylenol/motrin, there’s also a weird mix you can work up (call and ask doctor about it) if it’s in his mouth/throat. Oatmeal bath might help before bed as well. I haven’t dealt with it in a toddler, but my oldest had it at 8 and was unbearably itchy for about a week and nothing I tried actually helped. Definitely give Doctor a call and see what your options are though!

Popsicle, yogurt, Tylenol and cuddles

The6 make oatmeal for bath but I can’t think of the name of it

Popsicles, maybe a baking soda bath

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Definitely oatmeal baths , calamine lotion and if they have it in their mouth speak to your pediatrician about magic mouthwash… It was an absolute lifesaver

For the mouth mix equal parts of Benadryl and mylanta mint flavor and use it as a mouthprint to be spit out only use about 1 ml each time when my daughter had it toddler that’s what they had me do it’ll coat and take the pain out of the mouth Make sure they spit it out however if a little bit gets swallowed it’s not supposed to hurt them

I did oatmeal baths & lots of calamine lotion and Tylenol when my 2 year old got it and my 10 year old. It’s very contagious so make him wear socks and keep washing floors if you have hardwood floors.


Bath with Epsom salt(the lavender ones) colloidal oatmeal soap aqauphor Tylenol ibuprofen rotation. Popsicles ice chips for the mouth. My daughter gets it BAD


Aveeno oatmeal baths, lotion, socks gave my son some relief when he was little with it

Oatmeal baths can help soothe the iritation. Just take plain oats and put it in a thin stalking like a piece of pantyhoes or knee highs and use it as a sponge. I used to get poison oak horribly as a kid and that is one of the only things that helped soothe it and made it stop itching even if it was only for a little while

Tylenol, yogurt, popsicle and lots of love

Oatmeal baths help. And he may not eat or drink because it can be in his mouth.

Oatmeal bath. Acv. Coconut oil.

When my daughter had it, her doctor gave her a mouth wash, an ointment for less exposed areas, and suggested oatmeal baths

Alternate Tylenol and motrin, Popsicle if they have it in mouth but honestly not much you can do but wait it out. My kids have had it twice and my husband and I had it once and goodness I wouldn’t wish that disease on my worst enemy. My littlest guy had to go to the drs 3 days in a row for steroid shots he had it so bad all over his body and his throat.


So sorry hope your toddler gets better. How do toddlers get that?

Wow. Did you take him to Doctor?

magic mouth watse, google it.

Bathe in head and shoulders shampoo x

calamine lotion, then ibuprofen helped our little guy so much with pain

aveeno oatmeal bath, Tylenol and motrin.

You have to get prescription meds to get rid of it

Our son had it as well and just gave him Tylenol/Benadryl- put cold packs on him also. Pretty much you just have to wait it out.

Both my girls caught it years back my youngest was 5 she had hardly any symptoms a bit of a sore throat my oldest who was 12 at time has it bad rash on feet and hands and for months after she lost almost all of her fingernails and toe nails one by one her aunty also caught it from the girls at the same time and she lost several finger nails in the weeks after its an awful thing to catch