My toddler is scared of the potty: Advice?

Hi, my daughter is now two years old.she is scared of her potty.what can I do to potty train her

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Wait. She’s probably not ready.

She is not ready my daughter is 2 and a half and is not ready, it’s so much easier to potty train when they are ready and not when you told to do it at a certain age.

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My son is 3 and still afraid of it. This kid is killing me lol hes just not ready. My oldest was potty trained just after 2 but its all about the kid not the age. We’ve been trying to do the naked thing every month or so where for the weekend he doesn’t wear pants or a diaper and we have him sit on the little potty but he doesn’t go he ends up peeing on the floor :woman_shrugging:

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Wait until she’s interested.

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With my kids I would take them and sit them on the potty chair while I went, at first with their pants on, so they get used to the potty chair, then I would pull their pants down if they happened to potty I made a huge issue out of it. I also bought big girl/boy underwear with their favorite characters on it and told them if they wanted to wear them they had to use the potty. Get the cloth training pants with the rubber cover to help keep everything dry, pullups are just diapers and really should only be used at night or on trips. Potty training can go fast or take a long time, just be patient never shame the child for an accident and remember you used to pee and poop your pants.

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Wait until she is ready.

There are potty songs on YouTube. My son is turning 2 in March and we have started training him. Just got him on a schedule and play the potty song/read books to him while doing it. So far I’ve gotten him to pee twice in the potty with no issue. Hope this helps

Cartoons :relaxed: try YouTube cocomelon potty training song.

Offer treats. I used the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charms cereal.

Read the book "oh crap potty training"it will tell you everything you need to know

Wait until she’s ready. I learned the hard way with my oldest. I tried everything under the sun, but the more I tried the more he resisted.

Don’t use FORCE! When she’s ready she will train herself!

Don’t push it. Encourage it, have her go to the bathroom with you to show her it isn’t scary. My son was the same way, and the more I pushed, the less interested he was. Good luck! :blush::purple_heart:


Wait until she’s ready

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I used to let my daughter hang out with me when I go potty and explain everything to her. She’s 3.5 and she’s still a little afraid, she’s afraid of blue cleaner and the loud noise that comes with a flush but she’s not afraid if it isn’t running water or making sounds. Just take your time! I really like the Pink Fong In the potty song, that really got my daughter hyped up about it. Lol

Maybe you can get her a lil potty that plays music :notes:

Read to her when she is on the potty so that it turns into mommy/daughter story time

Be patient… you will know when she is ready.:heart:

My son was as well, he also didn’t like being wet so he started to go on his own at about 3 yrs old though. I also got him his own potty chair but 23 yrs ago it was just made of wood with a baby potty seat, they’ve got some real elaborate ones now. Stay patient and stay consistent.

Dont force it! I always took my girls with me to the bathroom. They would get to see what we use the potty for. Then after a little I move the training potty in there and encouraged them to sit on the potty whenever I did. Sometimes when with pants on just to get them comfortable with it. Once I started noticing the diapers staying dry longer that was my clue to try. BUT, this may be frowned upon. Once I have them comfortable, I’d move the potty down into the space where they spend most of their day and I let them run naked. It gets a little messy at first but they got it down pretty quick. Gave them the opportunity to sit when they wanted or try when they felt it. And the accidents happen and I always had them help me clean them up so they knew we went on the potty. Not disciplining them of course. But little humans love to help! Good luck mama! Everyone starts at different ages. It’s all about the muscle control! You got this! :muscle:

If it makes noises. Take out the batteries. You sit on it to show them. Let the tod warm up to it. It’s a “new big and scary thing”. Make it fun for them.