My toddler likes to!

Mama’s I need help. My son is almost 3 and spits!! It’s been going on for almost a year now. We were told to just ignore him unless its on someone’s face. It worked for me to ignore him, but not my 5 year old. She can’t just ignore and freaks out making him do it more. But now he’s just constantly doing it, especially when he’s asked not to do something. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what did you to get your child to stop?! Thanks!


When he does it rub it in his face


Maybe tell him spitting private and if he wants to do it, to do it in the toilet or outside… have you had him checked? He might be making to much saliva and trying to get rid of it :heart: best of luck.

:grimacing: personally I’d pop him in the mouth. I know everyone is gonna say that’s the wrong answer but that’s how I’d solve it.

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Maybe it’s love of attention, oppositional defiant disorder, autism spectrum differences, something going on with the mouth. If docs and diagnosticians can’t find anything wrong, you could ask him to spit into something 20 times in a row until he’s sick of it and getting embarrassed. Ask him who else spits all the time. Ask others what they think of spitting in front of him until he realizes this is not normal and not nice.

Tell your 5-year old to stay away from your 3-year old because your son is getting exactly the reaction he wants from her, which only encourages him. When he spits at her send her to clean up, he gets a 3 minute time out & can’t play with her anymore for the next hour and he has to apologize. Maybe give your daughter a prize/privilege if she doesn’t react; take away your son’s favorite toy/activity for 3-24 hours every time he spits. Have you tried spitting back at him and asking him how he likes it?

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Children usually copies someone. So who spits in your home

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My daughter spit in my face once. I returned the favor and reminded her when I missed her I have better aim next time. She’s never done it again.

I know what I would do but I’m old school.


Does someone else spit?! Where would he just pick that up

Tell your 5 year old to do it back to him seriously because he won’t like it. Also he learned it from somewhere so whomever he saw doing it first needs to stop doing it in front of him. Time outs possibly?