My toddler refuses to potty train: Advice?

I need some advice on my two and half year old son who refuses to use the potty he hasn’t had any bad experiences with it and we encourage him but he refuses?


I have the same problem with my daughter. She tells me when she has to go, but holds it until I give up and put a diaper on her.

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My daughter wasn’t ready until after her third bday. Give it time and if it doesn’t work just shelve it for a bit and try again later.

If you force it it will make it worse. The child may not be completely ready.


I have a 2 and 4 year old training together because the older has been rufusing since i started trying

My son is 3 and a half and he refused to use the potty up until here recently Now he’s doing good with it I guess we just had to wait until he was ready

If you can stand it, and will clean up the mess, You could put him in underwear and pants and just let him pee in his pants. It will be really uncomfortable and he won’t like it. It didn’t take my son very many times of doing that before he didn’t want to pee in his pants anymore.

Don’t let the clothes be baggy otherwise he won’t feel it

He may not be ready. I’m daughter is turning 3 in a month and we just started this week

He’s not ready so try in a couple months

Maybe he’s not ready…I tried at 2 1/2 with my daughter and she didn’t want to. I tried again a little after she turned 3, maybe 3 1/2 and she did it with such ease! No overnight accidents or anything and was trained in just a few days. Just try and be patient and keep encouraging him! :blush:

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He’s probably not ready. Forcing the issue will cause problems. Just wait a while and try again when he’s a little older. If you’re really concerned about it then talk to his pediatrician about it so they can make sure nothing else is going on.

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Took me time to get my daughter trained no matter what I did from putting her to a schedule, bribing her & begging her to do it. Then I started to potty with her when she’s around 3 yrs old so she has her own portable potty while I take a potty, too. It worked until such time that she doesn’t need me “pottying” with her anymore.

He’s probably not ready for it

I took my kids to the store so they could pick out their own undies, helped a ton!!! They didnt wanna mess up their big boy undies :blush: hope this helps… good luck!!!

It’s fine. He’ll learn. He’ll also see how patient you are.
Give M&M treats for rewards after each potty use.

It took my fella until he was 4. He started at 3 but my sitter pushed it and he regressed. Now he goes to the potty all day. Naked potty training worked for him. I did it that way because he was too lazy to go to the potty if he was wearing a pull up. He wanted tablet time for going on the potty.

Has dad tried to help him? Sometimes it’s better coming from dad.

My son is the exact same way. I’ve just decided to not force him and keep encouraging him. He’ll be ready on his own time.

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He’s :clap: not :clap: ready :clap:


Kids aren’t all ready at the same time. Don’t push it or it will become a battle that won’t stop. Wait until he shows interest and then I highly recommend potty training boot camp!

If he refuses then he is not ready. You need to wait until he is ready or you will just frustrate yourself and your son


He might not be ready my son was 3. Just put the potty in the bathroom and try sitting with him.

Don’t force him or it’ll make him want to do it even less…

My son is 4 ans still will not use it :unamused:

Boys don’t care. Very few of them go to school in a diaper, though.

Hes just not ready. I would just keep asking every so often but don’t push it. Also I’ve heard with boys its easy to start the process outside… pee only of course lol

Wait until they are ready. My first child was potty trained at 2 but my second child didn’t want anything to do with it. We gave her breaks but kept at it. We can finally say she is potty trained now, but not until she was 4. Every child is different.

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My grandson was almost 3. My son was 2. All kids are different

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Dude. One day it just “clicks”!

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Both my kids i pushed them since they turn 2 but didn’t get the hang if it till 2 weeks before turning 3. It took me 3 weeks of daily accidents and let them choose their favorite underwear.

Hes not ready yet, he will let you know when he is.

Let him pick the pace. He is still super young. Don’t force him, it will just be way more of a headache. My oldest was trained at 2 1/2, middle was at 4 and my youngest is 3, will be 4 in october, and she is just now starting to want to go and will say something.

I tried to potty train my son at 2, just like my girls. I got absolutely nowhere! I gave up until he was 3 and then had siccess.

Hes not ready some kids take longer. My son was almost 4 while my daughter was only 2.

He’s not ready. 2.5 is early.

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All kids potty train at their own pace.

If he’s showing interest and still not going try a prize board. I tried it with my boys I would place a star next to their new every time they would go and at the end of the week I would give them a prize.

My son is about 2 and half, we started trying to potty train when he turned 2 but he refused so we stopped and waited for a while and now him being 2 and half we just casually let him come to the restroom with us and he will sit on his potty while we use the bathroom. He has yet to actually go in the potty though.

Trigger warning: Harsh opinion- dont @ me all offended

You’re really supposed to start when they are waay younger. Just start talking about it and get them excited about it, so i think you’re starting a little late and that may be why you’re having issues. In my OPINION 2 and a half is plenty old enough. Hes just being stubborn to change. Maybe try giving rewards… boys are a bit harder than girls, so hang in there and keep trying different methods! Definitely don’t listen to people saying he isn’t ready. ALL babies can be potty trained by the time they are 3, parents that say otherwise are just making excuses for themselves. Unless of course the child is developmentally delayed… If your child is 3 or over and still in diapers it’s your fault, not the childs. Sorry not sorry.

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hes not ready, dont push it.

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When thay start walking start potty training. This is Bethany the laziest generation I have ever seen

Try reintroducing after a quick break from that approach and make it into a game. They make clingons and sticker for the toilet… or you could use a cheerio. :woman_shrugging:t3: make growing up a fun thing for your big boy. It could be an encouraging thing for him.

He’s probably not ready. Wait until he shows interest

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Hes not ready, cant force it. It will turn into a powwr struggle

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My son’s two and we are very lightly introducing him to potty. He sits on it sometimes has only peed in it once :woman_shrugging:t2: I’m trying to be chill about it bc I know he’s not ready yet. At 2½ I think you have a bit of time. Just be patient and keep trying :blush:

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Hes not ready try cheerios

He’s not ready. Some kids are slower to potty train. Give it a break for a few weeks and try again.

Don’t push it. He’s obviously not ready yet. Wait until he’s ready and it will go much smoother. I’ll tell you like my son’s pediatrician told me, he won’t go to kindergarten in diapers.

I had 2 girls then 2 boys. I can talk from my experience the girls were much more interested in learning and were potty trained shortly after 2 years of age. Each child is different and you have to find what motivates them. My boys didn’t show as much interest and took a bit longer both were just past their 3rd birthdays not counting night time. I think forcing it does more harm then good. Also switching to pull ups and letting them pick out their own underwear helped them to get interested in keeping them dry. Read books and videos to help them get the concept down before starting.

He’s probably just not ready. My son wasn’t fully using the toilet until he was 3 1/2

Get the cloth training pants, with the plastic pants to go over them, until he realizes how uncomfortable wet is he won’t potty train.

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He’s not ready. My oldest was just over 4 and youngest was about 3 and half. I didn’t push either one of hem. We did have a potty and underwear for when they were ready. We read many books about using the potty and wearing underwear weeks before. Pooping will most likely take a bit longer.

Forcing the issue will just cause him to regress. You gotta follow his lead and move at his pace for it to be successful.

Im my experience boys are a lot harder than girls

My son is three and he wanted to earlier but didn’t just quite catch on, but with the help of Cheerios and patience we’ve made it three weeks with underwear. Also I found little boy boxers briefs like his dad, going outside helps too with boys.

My son wasn’t ready until he was almost 3. We did the bottomless method and showed him songs about potty training and had him sit on his potty chair any time my husband or I went potty.

Its all about willingness and maturity, unless you do EC (elimination communication) then you’re a super parent

My youngest was the same way. REFUSED. hated the toilet. I was told to let him tell me when he was ready. We talked a lot in the background and nonchalantly about big kids getting more privileges (big kids who don’t wear diapers) and one day he just said i wanna go on the potty and low and behold he basically just trained himself. He was 3 when that happened but it was over night. No crying or accidents or anything. If you let them tell you when they’re ready, it’ll save your mental health lol just remember that they won’t be in high school and wetting the bed lol don’t worry about it

I found the more I pushed it the less he wanted to go. Try relaxing it a bit and letting him move at his own pace. My son was toilet trained within months overnight and all as soon as I let him move as his own pace and didn’t force it.

They hold all the power in this struggle. He’ll do it when he’s ready and you’re basically at his mercy.

He is not ready. Boys usually use the potty later than girls.

Leave him and try again in a few months sound like he’s not ready

Wait until he is ready.
I had my girls potty out from when she could walk.
One day she decided to use it. She started just after she turned 3 last December!
My step daughters boy didn’t start potty training until he was 4.
Children are different, be patient it’ll happen :slight_smile:

Put them back in nappies and try again in a few weeks

I honestly got no advice, I didn’t force it. I waited till he told me he wanted to go on the potty, he started at 3 and was potty trained after a few months.

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Boys on average don’t potty train until 3 1/2. My best advice is to follow their lead. It’s less stress on you and them. My oldest potty trained about 2 months before he turned 3 and he basically did it himself. My youngest potty trained 2 weeks before he turned 2. Again he basically did it himself.

Potty DVDs… uh o gotta go is a great one and Elmo’s potty or potty power.My 6 and 7 year old boys loved it. Also a male figure to tell him how awesome it is to be always going to the potty.Oh and the book potty train and softy the poop.

Sticker charts to.I made a race track and put a sticker on it every time they went potty.At the finish line they pick a small prize.sucker or something etc.

I used fruit loops made a game out of it. An they have little boys pottys noe that have spinners

Let him lead. When he’s mature enough he will potty train. My boys were over 3. One of them wouldn’t poop in the potty until he was 4. The anxiety was heartbreaking so I just let him do it at his own pace. My youngest daughter potty trained herself at 2 1/2 because she wanted to wear little girl panties. She’s been an old soul since day 1. Just be patient and reward the successes and don’t mention when he fails.

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He might just not be ready
I tried with my first son at 2 and half and he just wouldn’t 6 months later we tried again and over the weekend he was in underwear no accidents. My youngest we tried at 2 and a half and he trained pretty much right away… when they’re ready they’re ready unfortunately cant rush these things


He’s not ready. Wait a few months and try again when he’s a little older. Forcing the issue can cause actual problems. If you’re really concerned about it then talk to his pediatrician to make sure there isn’t anything medical or psychological going on.

My son is the same age, same way. I was told by an early childhood teacher to test the waters ever so often to see if hes interested, eventually he will be and then start really trying… The only interest my son has in it now is wearing the pot on his head like a cowboy hat. :woman_shrugging: He will get there… :crossed_fingers:

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My mantra has always been if they don’t start high school in diapers you’re a success! Relax Mom. When your little one is ready they will potty train😊

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My son is just over 2 and we tried and he just wasn’t ready. We will try again in a few months. Like everyone else has pretty much said you can’t rush it

tell him that’s okay cause only big boys are allowed to do it.

I would wait. Try again in a month or so. Sometimes it takes longer for some than others.

My son took forever to potty train! I started around 2.5 and he just wasnt ready, again at 3, still not understanding it, not ready. He turns 4 tomorrow and it just clicked about 2 months ago. Literally one day he went to the toilet alone, without being asked and bam! I was very frustrated thinking he was never gonna get it lol. But when he was ready he just got it :woman_shrugging:

My son refused potty n went straight to big toilet, but he didn’t do that until he was 3 n a half,

Don’t force it but let him know it’s there and encourage it. He probably isn’t ready but he will let you know when he is. My oldest was almost 3 and it happened over night. My youngest just turned 3 isn’t ready but understands the concept. He does go on the toliet when he wants and that’s okay. It’s there when he is ready.

My boys did that… and it was them who decided when they potty trained… they weren’t interested until just after they were 3… but they were dont within 2 weeks when they decided they wanted to potty train. You can’t force it… it will take longer.

My sons doctor said most boys arent ready until 3 and to not push