My toddler refuses to stay buckled in his carseat: Advice?

What can I do about my toddler that refuses to stay buckled in his car seat? The second we move he’s unbuckling and nothing I do changes this…


They make buckle covers that work really well! Make sure to get one from your car seat manufacturer. Anything else may not be crash tested and will not only void the warranty but your insurance in the event of a crash.

Get a cover for the hook in part.

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Who ever keeps laughing at this these comments these parents are trying to keep their children safe so if you’re laughing that makes you a complete idiot

Pull over every time he gets out and whoop him. Every time. He will stop.

Spank him, you’re the boss


You can pull over and refuse to move until they buckle.


You can buy a buckle that they can’t get out of … reward him every light he stays buckled

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A slight breacheck pulling out of driveway should put fear of God in him (:


How old is the toddler, maybe different car seat, they can’t get un buclkled