My toddler sleep talks: Advice?

Hey, mamas! I have a two-year-old son, and he wakes up in the middle of the night a few times. When does the will sit up and talk with his eyes open but almost like he’s still sleeping and lay back down and go to back sleep? Or he’ll wake up crying for me, and when I pick him up to calm him down, it’s like he’s still sleeping with his eyes open and doesn’t realize it me even while telling him it’s me and that’s it’s okay. He mostly wakes up crying when he falls asleep in his own bed, but once I put him in my bed with me, he sleeps fine (other than the occasional sleep talking) anyone experienced the sleep talking?


Yh they’re all nuts lol


I did that. Never grew out of it either and Im 40 lol

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yes I have. now my 11 year old son sleep walks badly. 4 to 5 times a week we have to lock everything up. when we go on holidays we have to put things in front of the doors. took 10 years to get him out of our bed and now this. the pead has warned us his walking is so bad that we should hire car keys when he is older.

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My son is 17 and still does this. He used to walk around the house. We just made she is was not going to hurt himself. We get him back to bed. It’s much harder to deal with now. He does not do it often but he is biggger and older now

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My 7yo sleep talks, jas since she could start talking, we just listen and laugh now lol

My almost 2 yr old daughter doesn’t talk but she will whine and cry so I go get her calm her and she is still asleep also put her back in bed and she is fine… She has only been doing it the last month and a half so I have no idea what it is

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My oldest, 4, had night terrors almost every night when she was 2 and she has kinda grown out of them but there’s really nothing you can do about it.

Sounds like night terrors. You can do scheduled wake up about a hour-2 hours after he falls asleep. I did this with my daughter and it helped a lot.

My 14 y/o has done this since she was about 2. After a few dr visits he found her allergies was so bad it was decreasing oxygen to her brain, causing the screaming, and a simple nose spray helps when her allergies flare up she uses her nose spray and doesn’t have a problem.

My son is 2 and does the same exact thing he’ll even start smiling and laughing then just lays back down asleep

Me and both my daughters are sleep talkers.

Yes all 4 of mine did and do. My youngest even sang yankee doodle one night ( he was having a school play) THE WHOLE song LOL. I leave them alone.

My daughter would sleep walk. She is 8 now and hasn’t done it in probably a year. She used to have night terrors when she was little too. When she slept walked she would get up and open doors and walk around like she was awake but wouldn’t respond to anything or remember it the next morning. It was very weird! I made sure she didn’t eat for at least an hour before bed and cut sweets down some. It seemed to work.

We did scheduled sleep interruption as well maybe 30 min before the first typical wake up but after getting 4 sleep specialist opinions - turns out at 18m, he had such low ferritin (iron) that it was making his body feel jittery like restless leg syndrome and it was preventing him from transitioning into the next sleep cycle so he would get stuck in the sleep cycle where the night terrors and talking come in

My 8yr old son sleep talks, walks and last night was singing in his sleep now that is the first for him…

My 38 year old husband says the funniest shit in his sleep

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It’s a form of sleep walking which happens in deep sleep. My oldest has done it upon occasion and twice as a toddler we found her sitting up in the corner outside her room fast asleep. Just be mindful of hazards should they start sleep walking - a baby gate across his door works.

Mine did that too sometimes just get the baby tired before bed and a nice bath. Prayers to the archangels for protection and play healing solfeggio9 frequencies on youtube while sleeping day or night.

Mine did this also, and it turned out it was due to lead water pipes. We moved and the problem went away

Called spoiled we have all be Thur it

First of all putting your child in your bed is the first mistake and it can be corrected. If not corrected this will likely continue on and eventually you’ll have no adult time in your room. Or something bad happens so here’s how to stop the cycle. Do not remove the child from his or her room. Make sure a baby gate is in the door way too the child’s room. When child cries since he or she is asleep do not pick up child just pat on the back soothing voice it will be ok as child lays back down quickly walk out. He or she will grow out of this stage and as always stay safe. And god speed ahead

My daughter used to do this. It was pretty scary for awhile. The doctor told me she had night terrors

Talking in your sleep is common. My oldest son does it. I do it. My brother does it. Stress or a hectic day seems to trigger ours.