My toddler wakes in the middle of the night for drinks: Advice?

My toddler still wakes up in the middle of the night for drinks and its starting to take a toll on me…how can I get her to stop needing water in the middle of the night?


Make sure she’s getting enough adequate amount of water during the day. It also may be an underlying issue. If she drinking plenty during the day and still is really thirsty at night, I would be going to see the pediatrician. Excessive thirst is an early sign of Diabetes. Use your best judgement and if you think it’s something looking into, don’t hesitate. Diabetes is a silent killer in children. Most parents don’t know the signs before it’s too late. Not trying to scare you, just making you aware.


Put a cup of water next to her bed, she can drink it and go back to sleep. Tell her not to wake you. But that’s a bad habit since she’s going to need you in your sleep over the next 20+ years for something at some point and you don’t want her to think she can’t come to you :thinking: right now it’s just water!! But kne day it will be boys, drinking and who knows what But I’m sorry that was mine favorite time! Best hugs and a bond I will cherish!
But hey I’m old and my kids all moved out so all these little things I miss !! But back then I’m sure they were a little annoying :roll_eyes: but still very necessary!!
Ahh the joys of parenting!!


I give my kids water at night if I wake and need it so do they.


It’s water, not an ice cream sundae. I keep water by my bed…


I have a 3 year old, 2 year old, and 10 year old. Tge toddlers get a full sippy cup of water to take in their rooms at bedtime and my older daughter gets a water bottle. I wake up thirsty sometimes, I’m sure they do too.


My son has been brining a leal proof water bottle to bed with him since he was a toddler. He loves his water.

Give her a sippy cup to go to bed with


Put a sippy cup of water in her room with her at night, that is what I do.


It’s so simple and easy to figure out lol come on.


I mean do yo wake up and need water and have it near by? do the same for her

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How old is she? Is she potty trained ?

Do you not need water in the middle of the night?? Even adults wake up thirsty :upside_down_face:


I’m 30 and I still need water throughout the night. Give her a water bottle or spill proof sippy cup


It astounds me how salty some of y’all get with all these comments. She could work a hellacious job, she isn’t complaining about getting up, she’s just saying it affects her sleep, which is entirely understandable. Maybe she hasn’t found a cup thats leak proof yet, I know it took us awhile to find some that were legit. Or maybe that thought hasn’t crossed her sleep deprived mind. But yes momma, give them a sippy cup with water at bed time and that should solve you’re issues. I’m sorry for some of these people


Just giVe them a spill proof, sippy cup with water. Even as adults we wake up, thirsty in the middle of the night. Some people need more water than others. Don’t teach your kid to not listen to their body.


Water bottle next to bed…I’m thirsty at night, so please don’t restrict them from having something to drink.


First as a mom of a type 1 diabetic child…I would find out why she is so thirsty, is she extra thirsty during the day as well? I know kids get thirsty, but if it’s crazy excessive…

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Say no and tell her to go to bed. Love these new generation parents who let their little ones run the household smh

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My 5 year old wakes up once and wait hold on… sometimes … TWICE a night for a water refill. Don’t you get thirsty and wake up with a dry sticky mouth sometimes too?!

I give each of my kids their sippy cups with water in it at bed time. So if they wake they already have their water.

Just give her a leak proof cup of water every night before she goes to bed :woman_shrugging:t4: tell her that’s all she gets for the night though so she doesn’t drink it all at one time. They have insulated cups as well so if she prefers cold water it’ll stay cold all night

I always gave them something to drink I get thirsty in middle of night keep water by my bed they should too


My 7 and 5 year old grandsons take a water bottle to bed with them. Like others said if you get thirsty at night you get water so your toddler who may not be able to reach the faucet needs help.

They have hamster bottles you can attach to their beds… :rofl::rofl: Totally kidding. Send your kiddo to bed with a cup :woman_shrugging:t3: one of my kiddos does this & I give them one cup & try to train them to stay asleep otherwise since they still use pullups

Leave a water bottle that’s hard to spill where she can reach it ? That’s what he do in this house, as adults too we have water bottles on the night stand

What we did is we put a water bottle next to my daughter’s bed that way she didn’t wake us up but could still have a drink

you never get thirsty in the night? just send her to bed with a water bottle to put beside her bed

I still need a drink at my bedside table

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Make sure they drink lots of water throughout the day so they don’t wake up dehydrated in the middle of the night

All 3 of my kids. 2 are toddlers get a sippy cup with water at night. They have never woken me up because they are thirsty but they do wake up and drink that

I put a water bottle on my kids’ bed side tables so they wake up, drink and go back to sleep… problem solved

I keep my sons water bottle full with ice water every night next to the bed to save myself the trip

Water! Omg! Sorry something as small as waking up to give your child some water at night is taking a toll on you as a parent! :upside_down_face:


Put it in a sippy cup next to her bed?

My 8 year old takes a glass of water to bed every night.

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I leave a water bottle in my boys rooms

Make sure she drinks a lot during the day and give her a bottle of water for at night

Put a bottle next to her bed. She can get a drink and not have to wake you.

Why not just give her a water bottle or some kind of spill proof cup to take to bed with her?

I have a 15 and a 9 year old they still take a drink to bed

I just leave water in her room to drink

Taking a toll on you? :rofl: Just put a water bottle in the room

Leave a water bottle for her

Have his sugar levels checked, this is a major sign of sugar problems!


:woozy_face: you don’t. you give them a cup to keep near the bed.

Just tell her not to be a human like the rest of us. Maybe that will work, since most people are not thirsty in the middle of the night. Or, maybe you can leave her some water to drink.

Sippy cup on hand every night!

My 4 yearold still wakes up wanting something to drink. So my almost 4 yearold and almost 2 yearold both take a sippy cup to bed.

I let mine have a water bottle at night :woman_shrugging:

Leave sippy cup on nightstand

Mine still asks for milk. It is what it is lol I give it to him because at least he goes right back to sleep. He must be thirsty idk I have three kids I’m exhausted


Get a water bottle that’s leak proof and spill proof. Amazon has some good ones but can even easily and quickly find one at Walmart. Get the ones with the pop-up straws, so she can just grab it and drink.

Put it next to her in bed or on a night stand beside her bed.

Try getting a humidifier for her bedroom. A dry room can cause a need for drinks more often as their mouth gets dry and all.

Leave a cup of water in her room so she can get it herself.

I put one of these hamster water bottles against the side of their wall for when they are thirsty… momma needs her beauty sleep


My girls had nothing to drink after a certain time they did get a little water before bed and done never got up for anything.

Put a water bottle next to her bed.

Jasmine Raika kuupa :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I let her keep water in her room but I wake 2-3 times a night so once twice for her is expected

Give water then put her to sleep

so do I lol so 99.9 % of people

I’m 26 & still wake up in the middle of the night for drinks. :sob:

Mouths get so dry while sleeping. I don’t feel as if that’s something you can really break because you do get so thirsty while sleeping. I would just bring a cup of water to bed with her for her to help himself when she wakes up thirsty!

Give her a spill proof sippy