My toddler wakes up with itchy hands and feet: Advice?

My toddler has been waking up at night for the past few nights, uncomfortably itchy on his hands and feet only. It’s disrupting his sleep, and I’ve been to the doctor who didn’t say much of what it could be… He said to just moisturize his hands and feet before bedtime and give him an antihistamine… Just wondering if any other mum has experienced this with their little one? I’m just worried that my LO is not sleeping well cause of this itch TIA


Coconut oil before bed

Are you bathing him too often?

Allergies to the laundry detergent or dryer sheets

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Any pumps can be hand foot mouth

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How my daughter started

Sounds like an allergic reaction to something or the start of HandFootMouth disease otherwise known as Coxsackie. But I think more an allergy. Did the antihistamine work? Maybe use a antihistamine lotion or cream

Could he have a kidney problem?

Not trying to worry you but could be a sign of diabetes just get them checked hun x

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Maybe have a bile acid check it can be sign of liver failure. I had same issues. It can also be start hands foot mouth or simple allergic reaction. Good luck

Possibly an allergic reaction to something?

Try washing sheets and bedding. Did u switch laundry detergent recently? Otherwise coconut oil is a good suggestion. Maybe try Benadryl for the next few nights? See if that helps ?

Honestly it could be eczema. I would take him to his primary dr and get a referral to a dermatologist if your dr feels that’s the next best step. My daughter has eczema- atopic dermatitis- and her hands and feet were itchy too.


Hand foot and mouth disease its going around again. Check your child’s mouth.

Hand foot n mouth ???


This happened to my daughter. I got her every cream and tested for all sorts of stuff. Then we found out it was like athletes foot from a swimming pool. I put athletes foot medicine on her hands and feet for a week and she has not itched since! Don’t always jump to the worst conclusion, it could be simple :relaxed:

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Sounds like hand foot mouth, seek pediatrician.

Eczema? My daughter gets itchy bumps on her feet. It’s a type of eczema. Moisturizing helps.

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Also, doesn’t always show in mouth!! Both of my daughters had it a couple years ago and it was AWFUL but not on their faces

Give him some age appropriate allergy medicine

Whats LO mean? maybe the clothes soap you use!

Antihistamines dry me out, I get itchy when I take them. From what I can tell from the post the child was itchy before the antihistamines, so that’s probably not the issue but could possibly be a continuing issue? Maybe try a dermatologist or go to the pediatrician to he sure it’s something a dermatologist could diagnos?

Happens to ME. Lol. Its dry skin. Lotion up with some Aveeno, every single night. Winter is horrible on skin and the heat we pump into our home to keep warm dries everything out.

When something similar happened to my son it was scabies.

Athletes foot ?
Could be fungus

Even the sweat causing ecxzema

Have you changed her diet at all formula or milk intake ?