My twin hurt my feelings: Advice?

How would you handle it if your twin sister said you were getting “big” she straight up told me I was gaining weight…we have been little all of lives and I have gained weight due to some health issues and Idk what to say to her to let her know this actually hurt my feellings…


If your twin can’t discuss the obvious with you, then who can. And in the same sentiment you have every right to tell her that you are aware that you have gained weight and that her pointing it out is not helpful, but is certainly hurtful.


Have a conversation- I know my body is changing and I know why, you pointing it out isn’t helpful and it hurt me.


You can tell her that your recent journey with your health has made it so you have gained weight. Tell her that you’re having a hard time adjusting to the new you and her comment hurt your feelings. That at this time you need her to be supportive and to not pass judgement on you over things you can’t control at this time


If this is such a big issue that you needed to post about it you’re in a for a rough life. I hope you’re young enough to grow and learn and realize this isn’t a real problem and to just be honest about how you feel. If you’re insecure and timid about expressing how you feel it’s not doing anyone any good. I wanna say who cares what someone else thinks about you and you shouldn’t care but I know a lot of people are always worried about other people’s opinions of them :person_shrugging:t3:


Be honest. As obvious as it should be that someone commenting on another’s weight can be hurtful and offensive, some people either don’t think about it or think they have some form of right to comment on it depending on their relationship with you.

Send her a text, call her up, or sit down with her and tell her exactly how you feel about it. Only way to solve it :man_shrugging:

That’s your sister tell her to STFU!

she obviously told you out of love, why hurt when you also know your butt is getting bigger? rather thank her for caring and start a different eating plan and excersise

If your sibling can’t be blatantly honest with you are you even really siblings?

Acknowledge it and move on. Tell her your situation… more than likly other people have said something but she is the only one that has enough respect for you to tell you

She was being honest… I don’t see the problem here?


She’s your twin. Just tell her the facts. You have some health stuff going on and what she said was hurtful.


Say nothing…for a while…

Tell her guys like bigger boobs