My twins do not like tummy time: Advice?

Tips for tummy time!!! My little ones (4mo twins) both hate it and will not do it! They used to be able to do it on my stomach only but now they won’t even do it there.

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Have you tried tummy time cushions

Do it the same time everyday and for a shorter amount of time but be consistent

Just keep doing it… a few minutes at a time, morning and night… Put some toys out for them

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Try breaking up the amount of tummy time throughout the day. Build up to them liking it more.

They’re 4 months old… make them :laughing::laughing:


I had to put my daughter on her stomach and let her cry while doing it. She hated her stomach didn’t crawl until 1 years old her twin brother was crawling at 3 months.

Most babies don’t like tummy time but now isn’t the time to let them decide what they can and can’t do lol you’ll have years of that later! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: