My twins have started eating less...advice?

Okay help please, first time momma here! My twin babies are currently 2 months and will be 3 months on the 5th. One babies usually eats anywhere from 140-180ml and the other 115-130ml each feed. But here lately both of them have been eating way less, like 60-80ml each feed every two-three hours. Is there a reason they are doing this? Is this normal? Should I be worried they are getting sick or something else?


If you bottle feed try upping the nipple size my son started doing this around 5mo and we went up a nipple size and it did the trick he went back to the same amount of ml each feed. I think he was getting tired of trying so hard for the milk along with teething. It did the trick for us if not though definitely reach out to your dr just in case they may want you to fortify their milk.

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Growth spurt mumma! Are they sleeping more?? Well that’s what mine did as humans

My baby just turned 3 months old yesterday and started doing the same thing a couple weeks ago. I went up on the nipple size and she’s doing better.