My two year old is still waking up multiple times a night

My almost 2 year old is still waking up multiple times through the night. He's very busy during the day and usually naps for 2 hours. Sometimes he wont nap at all, but he still wakes up every other hour through the night. Putting him to sleep takes an hour unless he's really exhausted, he talks to himself and smacks the wall, anything to keep himself up. The past 4 nights he has been up 5 times from 9pm until 6am. I feel like he's barely sleeping. Usually in the morning from 5am he will sleep a bit better for a solid 3 hours if I'm lucky. Mostly everyone I know says their children sleep through the night by now. Is this normal for a 2 year old to wake up so much through the night ? He usually thrashes around and cries while keeping his eyes closed, its like he is still asleep. Sometimes he will walk into the hallway crying but he doesn't really wake up enough to even find me whenever my room is right next to his, sometimes he will wander into the living room and cry. I'm thinking he could be sleep walking or having night terrors, whatever it is he cannot stay asleep through the night. Has anyone else dealt with this ? Does it seem normal for his age ?