My wife is mad I let my 6-year-old watch a snake eat: Advice?

Nothing wrong with it at all exposing kids to the the real world set them up for less shock when they are older. Kids are the most resilient of us all.

I mean, taking your spouses feelings in to account is important. If you have beliefs on a subject you really should have talked them through and come to a compromise first. It’s a respect thing.
That being said, it’s a snake eating. You cant shelter them from the world forever.

My opinion is that if you’re raising kids together those things should be talked about before hand. If my husband showed our son a snake eating I wouldn’t be too upset, but I would be concerned about how the child would handle seeing something die at such a young age.

I’m your wife is cray cray. Lol.

Absolutely nothing wrong with it in my opinion. Unless you just have an extra sensitive child that you know couldn’t handle it, it’s fine.
Educational, actually. Too many helicopter parents these days.

Its actually educational. Your wife needs to grow up.


My partner has a snake and all 3 of my children watch it get fed a rat. I watch it too. Maybe she should actually watch it with yourself and your child. Never know she might like the way the snake eats it etc… #sorryjustsaying

Guarantee you that he WILL see something she doesn’t want him to and she won’t know about it if it hasn’t already happened. :roll_eyes: can’t be in control of everything.

I have 7 snakes and my kids have watched me feed for years.

My kids are 6,4 and 2 and they watch david atenbrough, it’s apart of nature and life

I have had snakes for 18 yrs… everyone and I mean everyone even ppl who are scared of snakes have watched me feed mine…

You know ur child best.
Doesn’t he know bacon is a pig, steak is a cow? My children do.
One said I want to be a vegetarian, I said when you’re 18.

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I think your wife needs to sit her ass down and let you parent your kid the way you feel is best when he is in you care. You dont need her approval😂 Me and my man raise our child together, but we can still make our own decision when it comes to the child. Tell her to join you next time, sounds like she needs to know how nature works…

Am I the only one who started singing it’s the circle of life from Lion King?


You did nothing wrong, that is a ridiculous overreaction on her part. It’s the circle of life :roll_eyes:

I dont see the problem. If my husband had my child at his sister’s house and one of the kids had a snake and my daughter saw it eat I wouldn’t be mad. But that’s just me? It’s what happens in the wild so why be upset if it happens while a snake is a pet?

She needs to grow up

Thats just silly… My 6 year old son loved feeding our snake and yet the sight of blood made him sick! Lol
All 4 of the boys liked watching her eat! :woman_shrugging:
I think it’s more educational than anything! :+1:
It’s better to expose children to different things in life, not hide it from them! :slightly_smiling_face:
Did your son like it? Think it was cool the way they open their jaws? Or did it freak him out?
Hopefully you can talk to your wife and help her see the good in it!

Nothing wrong with it at all. It’s life it’s nature. Sounds like a control freak to me. I had a snake and my daughter’s brothers loved it.

If the snake is the kids snake…then they need to know how to feed it to take care of it. Just like how u would teach a kid how to feed a rabbit…dog…cat…a snake is a living creature and needs to be cared for too. Its important and I’m glad it happened. Its educational and important so the kid knows how to take care of their pet. Dont like what it eats, then dont have a snake. Wife needs to calm down.

Odds are your wife is afraid of snakes and that’s probably why she’s upset. If that’s the case, she’ll do a vast disservice to your son if she passes on that fear. Snakes eat, and if it’s a pet snake, it’s eating in a completely controlled environment. Your child was probably fascinated. Just think of the world that just opened up to him.

So you fed you snake? Snakes got to eat.
You can buy frozen, dead mice but that’s no fun for the snake. The snake doesn’t get much of a hunt that way.
Your wife needs to get over it. Snakes eat mice. In their natural habitat they’re not dead. They hunt & kill them. Part of life.
Don’t like it? Don’t get a snake. Or by the frozen mice (they’re also expensive compared to live).

I don’t know I think it’s pretty educational

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Is he traumatized from it

I don’t see anything wrong with learning how nature works. But…my concern is…how’d it effect your son when he seen it? Did he understand? Or is he to young? Some things children hold onto and carry it to bed. It comes out in their dreams.

Your wife needs to chill , as long as the kid wasnt upset by then it’s fine. Animals eat other animals it’s a fact of life and the snake needs its food too. If that kid ever wants one for a pet which is possible hes gonna have to feed it the same way.

I wonder is your wife a vegetarian or does she cook and serve meat to your family? If she does then she’s a hypocrite. You have to feed pets. If the nature channel was on he’d probably see the same thing :woman_shrugging:t4:

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My brother had nightmares for months after seeing a praymantis eat a grasshopper when he was little.

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It’s the life cycle. They learn this in school. My son just turned 6 and been seeing it since he can tell me his dreams.

She needs to grow tf up. Like what? She gonna e pect the kid to think that snakes eat grass and leaves?

Its nature. Circle of life.
I guess she wouldn’t let him watch Bambi or fox amd the hound either

No you aren’t wrong. Not as bad as a cat eating a mouse, crunching is horrid!! Had to put something in front of my face. I am handicapped so by the time I could get up she would done!!

That’s life. Mom can be as overprotective as she wants, but all she is doing is making him unprepared for real world and life. :woman_shrugging: He is your kid too, you have the right to make decisions too.

It’s part of nature, how else is he going to learn? No offence to your wife but would she prefer the snake being vegan? Snakes eat mice it’s like sharks eat seals and that. May it be that your child was wondering how do snakes eat, what do they eat and this just help answer these questions.? If he didn’t freak out about it then it’s fine if he did then maybe it was a tad too early to let him watch the whole thing but i mean let the kid learn nature is a good thing.