Nany fussy since getting vaccines

I need help please. My LO had shots Thursday and we gave Tyenol for a fever Thurs and Fri. It is now Sunday and no fever but extremely fussy still and ONLY wants to be held or she screams. Any ideas?


Report to VARES and recognize THIS IS VACCINE INJURY and start your journey on educating yourself as to what that means…


Most babies want cuddles for about a week after shots cuz either it hurts still or they want comfort and to know you are there when they dont feel their best. All the normal suggestions have been give but let the baby have more cuddles then normal just so he/she knows that mama is always going to be there for him/her. You will miss the cuddles one day enjoy them while you can remember chores can wait you never have the same day over again with your little one


Shes most likely sore. Give the tylenol for pain relief, and lots of love and comfort.

How old is your LO? My 6 month old is going through the same thing and shes teething.