Natural tips for a teething child?

Natural tips for a teething child? No tylenol please…


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Baltic amber teething necklaces! And I let my kids suck on cucumber through a mesh bag, it’s a natural remedy.

Put ice cubes into a sock and tie the end or frozen washrag

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Coconut oil rubbed on gums.
Breastmilk rubbed on gums
Frozen clothes

Amber necklace
Camilia drops
Frozen teethers

When all else fails try pushing the teeth through the Gums with a spoon !

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Whiskey rubbed on gums!


Mesh feeder with frozen mini cubes in it

I gave my daughter green onion to munch on

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Amber Baltic teething necklace off amazon. 100% the best $22 I’ve ever spent.


Anything really cold and pliable.

Anything cold, I used to mash/blend/purée fruits and veggies and make popsicles, depending on how old babe is.

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All my kiddos broke their teeth thru on a clean leather strap

Nelson powders or weleda granules, vibercol (homeopathic remedy) is fantastic. Used it with all my children.

We have one of those teether like things that u can put fruit in, and we put ice in it

Washcloth that is wet put in freezer and then let them chew on it. I used to let it just get cool and not frozen

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We used pure vanilla extract and it worked wonders

Frozen watermelon slices

It’s cold face cloth

Camila teething. It’s a homeopathic medicine and works wonders

Mexican vanilla. Put water in a paci and freeze it upside down. Wet wash cloth frozen. Put ice in one of the mesh fruit things. Frozen fruit in the mesh thing. Teething toys

The old time mountain folk would use chicken drumstick bones cleaned up and frozen

I used to put Celery in the fridge and then let my kids chew on it. If they have no teeth then the Celery stays intact

Hyland teething tablets were life for us. All natural too.

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Amber teething necklace/bracelet


Chamomile teething drops work great

Organic teething gel, wet wash cloths, my son likes blankets, pacifiers to chew on that you can put in the freezer or fridge……

My bub weirdly loves a teaspoon,

Soak a baby washcloth in water, put in freezer and allow to freeze a bit they will enjoy coolness on their gums