Need advice, I'm overwhelmed and scared

I have been married for 6 years. In this time I have separated from my husband 3 times. Only weeks at a time. I currently work two days a week at a small shop and baby sit at home basically doing it for free because I just wanted to help the parents out. My husband is currently fighting to keep his kids because the other mom thinks he is abusive and doesn't want the kids around him. I have been wanting to leave for years but I am financially dependent on him. I have family but their situation is even more unhealthy for my children. I currently am working on my credit because my student loans didn't get paid on time while I was a single mom and are a huge ding on my credit summary. They are all paid off but the history is there for 7 years. I have little to no support system when it comes to having someone baby sit. I can currently find a job but my husband would be mad at me and there isn't a way to keep it a secret so I could save up and leave. I'm just wandering how others got themselves and their children out of these kind of situations. I have four boys. Two school ages two under school aged. I have tried to find rentals before but I have been denied because I have to many kids for them to want in their house. I'm really just feeling overwhelmed and scared

So, I know it may not be ideal long term but it could be a temporary fix for now… Find income based apartments near you and apply, they will go by your family size and income and that will be a start to get you on your feet cause you can save a little money while living there to find a house. It can take a coulle months for them to get you into one, but can sometimes be sooner depending on what they have available or coming available.