Need help with my step kids!

Hello I have been married for 3 years now and we have been together for almost 9 . So he has 2 step kids one is 16 year old girl and other is 11 year old boy. With this being said I am at the end of my line! I dont know what to do. I need help ! So the 11 year old gets away with everything . (There moms house is clean and they don’t treat mine like they do her’s) they track mud all in my house they throw down chip bag cans cups all over my house . I have burn holes in my new couch. The boy set my back pourch on fire! Holes in the walls no one know where they came from! I have stuff poured out and no one cleans up! Keep in mind these kids are 16 an 11 . I work nights , so when I come home my house is dirty . I have to clean it every day before I go to work at 4 pm . Or husband has a come apart on me! When I tell my husband to have the kids pick it up he says they will do it later. I tell them to do something they look at me like I’m crazy . These kids have dirt bikes too. So I have a 4 wheeler that I let the kids ride they have wrecked it and not took care of it at all! The reason I let them ride it so they can learn responsibility. But they have just torn it up! So I have a 30,000 $$$ side by side I don’t let the 11 year old ride because he just breaks stuff because its mine. But when I’m not around husband let’s him drive it! So we fight about that! I have washed all of the 11 year old clothes and go look in his room last night there all in the floor covered in mud! Husband said all I do it bitch about kids ! But can anyone help me with ideas how to make these kids mind and be less of a**holes to me ! Husband is no help. We only have the kids when there out of school! Spring break and every other weekend . All summer! They live with the mother 2 hours away the rest of the time! If ya have took the time to read all of this please help! I beg you!