Need some advice or just to vent

Please post anonymous, it’s not baby related I just feel horrible about my boyfriend.

A little back story we been together for 10 years and last year we separated from each other. In may of this year we decided that we wanted to work on things again with each other since we both still really love and care for each other and we both finally started getting things right in our lives. He got this job back in March he was a general manager for a family own business, he told them during his interview that yes he has experience in doing this but he has never gotten fully trained when it came to certain things in the job. They told him that was fine and they do their training for there General Manager’s for over a month before they let them fully take over the store. Well that never really happen he got 2.5 weeks of training or you can say a walk through of how to do the job. He has been working for them for the past 6 months and has been doing his best but he has told his boss that he needs some more training in certain areas. His boss told him that I will work with you once I get this other GM train up, and this GM has gotten more training than my boyfriend did. From my boyfriend his bosses has told him he has been doing a great job and ya he needs a little help on things but that was ok and it would get done. I have even met his bosses and there wives and all I have heard is great things about him. So the problem is he was finally told that starting this week and for the next 2 weeks he would get the training that he has been asking for at his bosses store. He went in on Tuesday to cover his boss while he picked up his wife from the airport and the employees there was saying how there boss told them to make it as difficult as possible on my boyfriend and that he is going to make to where my boyfriend quits or he will be able to hang with everyone. Well yesterday he started the training and his boss was calling him names, hitting him over the head and saying you can either deal with this or you can kick rocks. Well my boyfriend left yesterday at his time that he discussed with his boss to be able to go get our son from school and he was going to come back after. He has been doing this since our son started school was never a issue and he gets a message from his boss saying I’m surprised you didn’t walk out sooner after all the shit I put you through. So on that note don’t come back unless you are dropping off my key. He doesn’t understand why he was let go when he has been telling them for months he needs some more training and not even a whole lot of it, he really liked working at this company and he really liked both of his bosses. This job help him finally get him a apartment for himself and our son, he has busted his ass to get where he is now. He is so upset and confused doesn’t understand why this happen all because he wanted additional training so he could do better and run the store the way they like it. I guess there is no questions here I just wanted to vent and have no one else to talk to about this. I just feel so horrible about it