Need sunburn remedies

Any and all sunburn remedies???

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Honestly…… Breastmilk.

I said it. Breastmilk. It cured my babe’s sunburn overnight.


Milk! Soak a soft wash cloth with milk and put it on the burn. It takes the heat out.

White vinegar for the pain. Rub it on burnt area. I leave it on for about 10-15 minutes and then jump in the shower to rinse it off. Use whatever body wash you like. Then lots of Aloe.

Disclaimer the white vinegar will cause discomfort well on the burnt skin. You don’t need to leave in on for the full 10-15 minutes if it’s too uncomfortable.

I put vinegar or tea bags in a bath and soak in it. It stings for about 2 minutes, it takes the burn out. I can’t stand to take a shower when I’m sunburn, it hurts too bad. After the bath, put aloe on it- do not put cold aloe, just room temp is good.

Calamine lotion. That’s what my doctor recommended to me years ago when I got a bad sunburn.

I’ll soak in tub of cool water with some white vinger mixed in.