Need thoughts and prayers

Can I get some prayers everything will work out for me and my son? I quit my crappy part time job last week, and snagged a full time job. More per hour and 30 hours a week and not the 5-16 hours at the old job. It’s with the school system as a cook. Well it’s 18-19 minutes away from my son’s daycare. It opens at 6 and I have to be at the school at 6:30. It’s been hell for my kid to let me go in the mornings. I’m at the daycare for 10 minutes trying to get my son off of me. I go into orientation on Tuesday and I’m going to bring up my concerns. I’m praying I don’t lose this. I’m a single mom and dad is not around. I have no one to do drop offs for me.


Wishing you all the luck in the world :heart:

I have found if you are honest about everything people will support you. I work full time but my employer is also aware that I have to stop during parts of my day to do drop off and pickups. They work around it because they know I have no other options. You’d be surprised how understanding people are. You got this!!! I’ve been there and you are doing great!


Sending prayers, courage, strength, light, love, and good vibes your way. Be consistent with your son. A hug a kiss and go. I know it’s hard but pretty soon it will get easier. Probably not good to bring up that issue as it has nothing to do with the job.

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For sure let your new job know about this concern, but really talk up daycare and how much fun it will be and how you’ll be working and coming to pick up as soon as you’re done working. It will get easier.


Get there right at 6:00. Don’t hang around. Give him hugs kisses and a big smile while telling him to have fun and get out! He’ll calm down before you are to school. He is feelingYour anxiety.


He will adapt, my son did that for months and now he loves it! It will get better momma! I wish you the best of luck. I’m rooting for you!

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Don’t linger. Take him in hugs kisses have a great day love you and out the door. You make it harder when you linger. He thinks he has a chance to leave with you. He will calm down much faster once you are gone.


Bring him in, kiss him goodbye then head out. It’s tough but he will get used to it. The longer you stay around the harder it’ll be for him.

My daycare has always told me that they appreciate parents that just hand the kid to them and go. Don’t try to soothe them or get them out of your grip. You simply hand them over and get out the door. No matter how much they cry or freak out. 2 seconds after your out the door they are fine.


Don’t bring up your issue at orientation. Everyone has issues, keep them separate from your job. Do what you gotta do to keep the job. Day care drop offs are always tough at first but everyone will adapt. Ask the daycare provider how you can make it easier on everyone. Good luck


I worked as a preschool teacher for years. Talk about how much fun he will have today, what he has for lunch and his friends and play time. (Also, listen to him if he has a complaint of bullying or if he has a problem with a teacher)
Try and make it a positive experience. Hold his hand and walk with determination to his class. Hand him off even tho he might be fussing. Kiss him and tell him you will be back, and for him to have a good day. Hand him directly to a teacher and walk away. He may fuss for a second. He will settle quickly after you leave. Go to your job. This will pass.


Don’t bring it up, honestly your job does not care. I also work as a head cook in a school district and I’ll tell you, your personal life has nothing to do with your work life. Tell the kid bye and walk away in the morning. Work with the daycare, not your job. Good luck and I hope you love working in food service.

Don’t bring up your issues. They can easily find someone else to do the hours if you’re not able too.


Can U make a friend who living near child*ren nursery/school but that wouldn’t help for few months to a year bcux U need t get know said person what they like as individual n parent but further down line would n bouns new friend for U n Ur babies cx

As a former Daycare provider when you drop off kiss reassure your love , and leave. By the time you hit the driveway your child will be playing and it is so much easier on provider.


Your son will adjust. I’d bet he’s fine as soon as you walk out the door. It’s harder on you. I personally wouldn’t mention any of this during orientation. Prayers this works out for you, it was meant to be

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Remind your kiddo how much fun they’ll have at daycare. Ask them to give you a super big hug and a push out the door so you can get to work on time and come back and get him and spend time together later.

Speak with the daycare administrators about the drop off situation and ask if they have tips and ideas.

Do not bring it up to your employer.

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Speak to the workers and see if one of them can meet you at you’re car or the doors and walk your child in. I know it’s hard now but I promise your child will adjust and before you know it walk in and not even want hugs goodbye. It’s hard but you have to set the routine. set a timer this is how long we have and when timer goes off mommy has to leave.

Your son will always be your motivation. I’m going through the same thing but my son is older. I also have the support of my two older daughters but it’s not their job, it’s my job as an adult to take care of things. I will keep you in my prayers.:pray:

How old is your son? Speak to the daycare as well. If you’ve just started, this is new to him as well. Have a talk with him (if he’s old enough) before hand. Let him know he’s safe and you’ll be back. Be firm about it and ask daycare for help. Have someone there for a handoff after a min or 2. He’ll cry and thats normal because its a change. Don’t feel bad about leaving him at daycare. Especially if you need this job.

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I wouldn’t mention it, it’s pretty common for kids to be like that when they first start if he’s not used to being apart from you so much. It should get better. No point jeopardizing the job of some temporary small issue. Keep that chin up queen.

  1. Do NOT bring this up to your new employer because I can assure you that they do not care. I don’t mean to sound harsh but that’s the reality of your situation.
  2. I have to agree with the other moms under here. Take your child in, give him a kiss and leave. The day care workers are used to these type of situations and they won’t be upset with you.

Talk to the daycare. Hand your son off at the door and don’t even walk inside. It should take no more than 60 seconds, hug and kiss bye, hand em off, and keep it moving. Single mom of 3 who have all been in daycare so I get it. Make it a routine and be consistent and your kids get used to it. I wouldn’t mention this to the job as they’ll see it as a heads up that you’ll have attendance issues. Talking to the daycare and having them prepared to take the baby and shut the door is the better option.


As hard as it is drop him off and walk away

He is ready for the battle , don’t give him the chance ,just a hug and a kiss tell him goodbye and walk out . Don’t give in . He will get there and staff know how to handle kids like this . You are making things worse for him by allowing this . And don’t say anything at work .

May sound weird but try asking if one of the daycare employees could get him from your car and take him in

I’m confused on exactly what your concerns are and what you’re going to bring up?


Drop him off hug and kiss him and WALK OUT! Nothing worse than a parent making it worse prolonging the goodbye. He’s fine you will pick him up in a few hours. He will cry for a minute tops.


I think it’s a bit late to bring it up
At the orientation day
This is something you should have mentioned at the interview
Hopefully your boss will be understanding
As for daycare
As other mom’s have said
Take your child to daycare, do the hugs and kisses
Then say I will be here to pick you up this arvo
And walk away
It sounds like you are a mom who doesn’t like to leave their kids
So your child will pick up on that
We have all been through it

So sad, that’s why I chose not to have kids until I could stay home with them. Daycares are not a good life for kids.

Start cutting back the minutes you are with your son each day .one minute each day if need be. Make sure your at day care several minutes ahead of 6:00. Teach positive reinforcement techniques today that you can use when you take him to day care.

Former preschool here. Take him to his teacher, give kisses, say goodbye & leave. The daycare provider is not gonna hate you. Hell get over it. A lot of this is for your benefit. I’ve seen many many kids cry, grab mom etc then the second mom is out of sight they’re playing & having fun. Some kids would do it for months.

The book “kissing hand” is awesome. I read it to all my kids before they started school.

Making matching bracelets helps too. Use pipe cleaners & beads with bigger holes. You can even use a plastic cap like from milk or juice bottles put a picture (photo or drawn) or “kiss” (lipstick print) inside it.

Give him something he has to hold onto for you. That way you HAVE to come back to get it. IDKY this works because of course you have to come back for him.

I had a mom that left a dryer sheet in her son’s pocket. He rubbed it between his fingers, smelled it all day. As soon as Mom walked in he excitedly gave it back to her. Mom was always soooo proud he kept it safe for her. On the days he didn’t have his dryer sheet he was a wreck.


You do not have to stay for 10 minutes at the day care , just drop him off and leave he will stop crying eventually.
If this so hard that you could lose your job you should consider a babysitter instead , someone who can go to your place and take care of your kid in your home, you buy a nanny camera so you can check on them for time to time


If he’s not used to getting up that early then yes he’ll give you a hard time. But eventually he’ll get used to it, just make bed time earlier. Congratulations 9n the new job

Talk to the daycare people someone has to be able to come up with a plan to help you make it to work!! He had to have a favorite that might help with drop off at the door

Try to get to daycare 5-10 mins early before they open. Then do your goodbyes in the parking lot so when u take him in it’s just a quick hug and kiss and leave. As hard as it is the kids r usually good within 5 mins of parents leaving.

Do not bring this up at work this is a personal issue not a job issue. You need to set hard boundaries. Walk in drop the child off and walk out

You need to give a kiss
, a hug and tell him you promise to pick him/her after you get off work. Then turn around and leave. Our family had/has a daycare. The longer you hang out - the more drawn out. Once you kid realizes your gone - they stop and join in with the other kids. :rofl::joy: I’ve seen waterworks for Momma and the minute the door closed -tears stopped and took of her coat - same girl -when Daddy drops her off - he barely gets out truck and she’s in door waving bye-bye. It tends to hurt the parent more than the child - because they’re your kid - BUT eventually school time will come - this technique will help with that transition too. Young Momma this is how trust and family bond is taught. :v:t4:🫶🏽:feather: