Needing advice about bath time

I’m looking for advice regarding bath time for my 9 month old. She used to love taking a bath but as of late, she isn’t into it AT ALL. She’s instantly crying once we put her in, not interested in bath toys, and I even just bought some new toys hoping it would make it more enjoyable. But so far I’m at a loss on what to do to make it easier for all of us.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Needing advice about bath time

My son was the same he loved baths and then would scream. I got around it by washing him in the kitchen sink :rofl:

Maybe take a couple baths with her? Maybe get a blow up duck bath that she sits in?

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My 5 year old was just like that for like about a year then out of no where liked baths again I use to think he was a cat in his old life ( however they say it ) the way he really screamed when I use to bathe him when he was younger

Try bay paint Mt kids loved it

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On nights when a bath is too much or her skin is a little dry I wash down my baby in front of the fire. I fill a bowl with warm water and her soap. She loves it and I don’t have to worry about all the water :slight_smile:


If she can sit up on her own the only thing that helped me with that was this baby bath seat. She literally HATED everything else besides this lol

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My child went through the exact same phase. It will pass. Super frustrating I know. Just be patient keep trying and it will pass. Sorry you are dealing with that.

Try doing a sink bath with a towel on the bottom or if you’re able to, maybe do a mommy/ baby bath together- show them that baths aren’t scary?

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I read a long time ago that little ones don’t need that much soap. Their skin may be too cold sensitive

I showered with my kids. The other parent was standing outside the shower waiting with a towel. We did this with all three kids.


I play kids songs and sing while giving bath.

My 9 month old gets in the shower with me. Maybe you can try that way🤷‍♀️ he likes the water.

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Get a battery bubble blower and put it on the sink so they blow over bub

How the water temp?
Is it too warm?

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I think my kids both went through a stage like this! It was years ago so I don’t have any advice, just wanted you to know it’s probably quite common :slightly_smiling_face:

Freeze one of those rings that you put mashed up food in to freeze for teething and let her have at it while she is in there. I never went through this but my kids love an occasional popsicle treat in the tub lol

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Get in with her. Or hop in 1st and have your partner pass bub to you. Most kids go through this phase. Stay close and comforting and it’ll pass


Take a bath with her.


Bubbles. Soap crayons to draw on the tiles & tub. Glow sticks with lights off

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My little one loves the shower. Try that

Are you putting her in the bathtub? Maybe she’s not liking all that water all of a sudden. Try putting her in the kitchen sink. Put a washcloth over the drain so it doesn’t pinch her bottom. Maybe that will make her feel more secure. You can always use the sink sprayer to rinse her with. Just put it in the other side of the sink to adjust the water temperature first. Also, a few bubbles never hurt anything!


Are you the only only one that bathes your daughter? Could someone make her feel uncomfortable? At 9 my daughter was starting to develop. It might be that she feels uncomfortable with other people.

Make it a splash party, messy but she will have a blast.

Maybe I’m old school but ours including grandkids went in kitchen sink till roughly 1 year old…
It was a smaller area n they seemed to feel safer… Only time they went into bathroom shower/tub was with us.


My granddaughter was fine after my daughter started bathing with her for a short period of time. Now she’s 3 and loves taking baths by herself and with her older sisters.

Some great ideas have been given but nothing companies to the bonding time of having a tbh or showing with your kids if you have someone that can help you

Check the temperature, I am only saying this because I like warm water but my son likes pretty much cool water and he used to cry so much about before he could express himself. I don’t know how he takes cool baths but he loves it

I bathe my 8 month old with her in my lap in the tub. That’s where she feels safest and most comfortable :heart:

Use the back of your wrist to check the temperature of the water if it’s too warm she won’t like it
Don’t bathe her when she’s fussy as well my kids didn’t mind bathing till now they’re preteens and I have issue threats and violence for them to take showers

My almost 3yr old had a phase like that earlier this year. We found out that her issue was because her dad and I bathe her differently in regards to how we rinse her hair. I use tactics like asking her to tell me what color certain shower items are above her so it distracts her and her head naturally tilts back while I rinse. Apparently, her dad was just winging it! :rofl: She’d cry everytime water even slightly grazed her eyes so I had to teach dad my tactics :sweat_smile:


Have her in the bathroom with you while you bath she will probably want to join you haha

The bath water will bring his fever down, so it’s ok but just a few mins

Try showering instead or put her in the sink since it’s getting warmer

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have you tried bathing baby in big bath and you getting in with? my son hated a baby bath, and enjoyed it more when i bathed with him

I would get right in with her

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Cut bathtime down to a couple of times a week and wash hair using a washcloth once a week. And definitely just a bit of water in your regular bath. Once mine started walking they preferred showers.

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That lasted a full year with my son lol. We basically gave him sponge baths until it resolved. He would not sit down. And the shower would make him scream and shake in terror. Then one day it was over lol

Take one with her. Or try a shower even

Is it too hot? My niece wanted almost cold water.
Does the bathtub seem too big all of a sudden?.. if so try a basket… if that doesn’t work definitely bath with the child and bath them less til this resolves…

U can buy bath bombs and bath bubbles and even special coloured bath slime( feels amazing). U can also buy bath paint and bath crayons that are all safe for the skin. Ect

double check the temp of the water, she may not like the water temp the way it is?
otherwise, sometimes they go through phases with not liking bathtime.

There are some great colored (soap) markers that She can use to draw on herself and the bathtub
That may make bath time a bit more appealing to her
(They wash off like a normal bubble bath would)

My daughter did the same… I decided to hop in the bath with her one day and after that she was good to go

Put him or her in the bath. Wash him…take him out. Dry him. Problem solved.

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Dont cater to a 9 month old. If you do…life will be terrible…bathtime will be the least of your problems. And if a babysitter has to bathe the baby she wont come back.


Put her in the water wash her take her out dry her dress her…problem solved

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My 18 month old same thing just screams now and idk how to help it me in with him does not help LOL its very fast in and out baths of cleaning him while he screams and me saying he’s okay it’s a bath it’s okay and taking him out asap lol

Sorry momma my 3 year old son is going thru the same thing rt now. He won’t even walk into the bathroom if he knows the bath water is running. So last night instead I put him the edge of the sink (he wouldn’t go all the way in) I just let the water run and he let me wipe him down. Maybe find an alternative… my son doesn’t even like to be wiped down. He hates being wet.

So I saw this mom hack once, where you put your baby between your feet in the tub. Like sit on the edge and have your feet in the water to bathe them. It’s the only way I could get my daughter to take a bath without crying.

Something has happened in the tub that she can’t tell you about with words so she cries. Maybe the water was way too hot or soap burned her eyes or something. Unfortunately my experience was my little nephew was molested. I was keeping him and he absolutely refused to get in the tub and went hysterical. At this point I knew something had happened to him during bath time that was terrifying. He was not talking yet, and I kept pressing his parents until they figured it out.

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I ran into this issue and the water was too cold for my daughter (the temp gage told me it was okay too) a simple change making the water warmer or colder (depending on your child) may help. I sure hope you’re able to figure it out and it’s a simple fix. <3 Good luck.

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My boy, I found, doesn’t like baths to last very long. He prefers them short and to the point. Maybe she wants shorter baths? Another thing is my boy HATES his hair washed, water over the head sets him off, so maybe she is like that too? Try to see if you can leave the hair washing til last and try to avoid water in face and ears as much as possible.

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talk to the pedi and make sure the ears do not hurt. My grandson like warm water not lukewarm and we do quick bath with a cup and water running making it as quick as possible and then wrap and lotion and dress as quick as possible so more time to chill before bed

We went through a stage like this. Try to up your water temperature

Put a rectangler laundry basket in the tub and put a towel on the bottom of it so she doesn’t slide around and put the toys in the basket with her. She may not feel safe (confined) enough.


My now four year old went through this just over a year ago. I don’t know why he started hating them suddenly but, it only lasted a few weeks.

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I think it was because he was afraid of the drain. And then became sensitive to how loud it can be filling up the tub.

Take a bath with her with a bathing suit on.

Put on a bathing suit or tshort and bathe with her a few times.
You can even take a bath with her in a high chair in the bathroom…show her it’s ok and how to play.
You can also clean and use the kitchen sink if the bath isn’t working for her. No biggie.
She’s 9 months old. She’s still figuring out how to human. :black_heart:

Put her in the shower with you.

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I think all or most go thru stages of living and hating bath times… both of my children (now 19 and 11) went thru it and we didn’t have bday sitters, and my grandson he’s 2 and he went thru 1 stage already… he loved baths and would take 1 4xs a day if he could and then 1 day he hated them and screamed the entire time, that lasted a couple weeks and now he loves them again and I’m sure we will have more love/hate days to come… good luck and just try to stay consistent

Put a laundry basket with some toys in it inside the bath tub. Maybe the tub feels too big and scary. A little space might make baby seem more secure.

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Get in bath with her. All my kids hate showers/baths because of the water running over thier heads my kids are 10,8,4 and 3 my older two shower themselves but I help make sure all soap is out of hair and sometimes its easier to get in shower with younger two even when they was little they hated the water over thier heads

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I ran into this issue with my now 3yr old, he always loved bath time,for the last year, it’s been difficult with bath time/shower, but in his case I believe it was his ears,cause we found out he ended up having to have tubes and everything. Now he’s fine, he lovves showers again,I turn it on, just to let him play in the water with it so hot, and his little brother helps him also, seeing him play. He still has his moments,but it’s a work in progress

Try bubble bath she may like the bubbles or you get I the bath with her it might stop her being frightened

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Play with a little bit of bubbles in tub have fun with her! Get her to laugh.

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Put her in the kitchen sink. It’s smaller so maybe she’ll feel safer, plus you can use the sprayer to make hair washing easier.


My youngest son was doing that but now hes not and he will be 2 on Wednesday the 18th of May

This is very common. When my children went through this, I filled the tub up while they were not in the bathroom and then would get in the bath with them when it was filled and made it as calming for them as possible. It helped a lot.

I found the tub scares them, but the sink is the perfect small size where they feel safe. I did sink baths till like 1 yr old.

Playing music during bath time helped a little with my oldest.

Maybe try a shower? Could be a fun new change….

Giving them a bath every single day will cause that to happen. None of my kids ever cried while getting a bath because I waited 1-2 days and washed them with wipes. Your kids don’t need a bath every single day.

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Watch water temp. May be too hot for her.

in and out. wash body hair n get her out basically. deal with the screamong. mine didn like baths til llike 8m-15-18month and that’s what i did. made bath time.super quick. now she literslly ripping her clothes off to take abtj when she hears it running for her brother lol