Needing advice about Beta fish

Anyone a betta fish expert? I want to transfer ours from a 1gallon to a 5 gallon tank. Do i really need to wait the 4-5 days for the larger tank run before adding my fish? Or can i let it run for a few hrs or overnight then add her? I just dont have the counter space to have both tanks going for long. Also, is it possible to over condition the water?Thanks so much!


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I’d say if you heat water to temp between 25 and 26 degrees c and ensure you use adequate amounts of beta water cleaner, I’d think after at least 12 hours would be good.

Go to Walmart and they have drops that will take chlorine out. Called start right.

We never have waited more than a few hours. But the water temp has to be perfect

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I put my beta from a 2gallon to a 5 gallon & he only uses half the tank. Even if his food goes onto the other side he doesn’t go over there. I’ve watched him for hours on & off & it’s like he got so use to being in the small tank he doesn’t know what to do in the bigger tank. I might switch him back to the smaller tank.
As for the water I brought 5 1 gallon jugs from the store, treated 1 of them with the drops & whatever else was supposed to go in it & left it sitting in my closet for a few days to get the water use to my house temp.

Atleast wait overnight. And make sure the temp is the same to avoid stress.

I would definitely try your best to not much conditioner it can be too much but as long as the water temp is good I’d say probably 12-24 hours of letting it run should be good. If you have a cup you can take some of the current water and the fish and put it in the cup (with a lid) and condition it to the water temp

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Fish stores always told us to put em in a bag with their old water with a little air and add a little of the new water n let em float awhile in the new tank to adjust before just opening the bag and releasing them. So they dont get stressed out or go into shock.And drops to remove chlorine from water is a must tells you how many drops per gallon on the bottle

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Don’t even leave it in something smaller overnight! They won’t get enough oxygen. My daughter did this , insisted it was fine. Fish was dead in the morning.

Hi there. You will need to use as much of the aquarium water, substrate, decor, and most importantly the filter and media that is in the current tank. The tank will need to brought up to the proper temp. Seachem prime, Stability, and API master test kit, will be yours and your Betta’s best friend. More than likely you will need to follow the “fish in cycle” process, which you can Google. Acclimate before adding to the tank :slight_smile: Thank you for upgrading to a bigger tank. Good luck :+1:


I never had my bettas in a filtered tank… I had a very large base and a plant on top they like the roots to hide in. And they will eat off anything that grows on the root… I also used distilled water at room temp for the tank. He lived a nice long life.

We always floated them for a hour n then put them in never had a problem

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I dropped mine into a massive massive tank when I was young lol and he had no problem he ended up growing to be the biggest beta I ever saw and lived a long time, I’d just drop him in there lol

You can over water condition and it will poison the fish. Put the fish in a zip lock with the old water and float the bag in the new tank for 5-10 minutes uses so the water inside the bag is the same as outside. Otherwise the temp changes can throw a fish into shock.

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If its doing fine in the one gallon let the 5 gallon run for 3-5 days. And yes you can put to much water conditioner in. It will poison the fish. If you want to only wait one day then your fish will probably fine, but its still a risk. Also make sure the temp matches.

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Use the water from the one gallon tank then add a half a gallon a day till its filled the fishy can live in the tank as u do this