Needing advice about gestational diabetes

Hi, I was wondering if you could post about gestational diabetes. I was just diagnosed today and I’ve been freaking out about it. I just wanna hear some successful story’s of moms who had it and had a successful healthy delivery. I never had it with my daughter. So this is all new to me, also… my doctor did say it will most likely go away after delivering. So my question is, how long did it take to go away for some of you?


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I just got diagnosed with the same 2 weeks ago. They have me taking insulin shots every night. I didn’t have it with my previous daughter either. But I do this time. But as long as you listen to your doctor and try to keep your sugars under control you should be fine.

It’ll be ok! Watch your carb intake, drink lots of water and limit sugar. Had it with this last pregnancy and while it’s a pin to monitor, he came out fine with no complications

I had GD with all 3 of my pregnancies. Pretty much as soon as baby was born the GD went away. I had to be on oral medication with my first pregnancy towards the end, oral meds again with my second, and then oral meds and insulin with my last. Each pregnancy my sugar was a little harder to control even though I was eating really healthy.

I had it with my first, but not my other 2. I was able to eat normal right after I gave birth (well after I farted because I had a csection). They will closely monitor the size of the baby. In my final trimester I had nonstress tests twice a week but never any issues. Just watch your carb and sugar intake. I was lucky I didn’t need medication, but this is a super common condition. Just breath and everything will be ok.

I had it with two of my three. On insulin shots and limiting carbs/sugar intake. Listen to your doctor and track your meds and carb counts. There’s an app called glucose Buddy that I used. My doctor had me see a nutritionist also if that’s available to you! My GD went away right after delivery and both babies were born healthy with zero complications! You got this mama!

Stick to the diet!!! Exercising helps alot too!!! I was diagnosed at 4 months baby came out healthy and right on time.

I had it with my 4th pregnancy. They gave me a pamphlet,I Googled a bunch. They recommended I stay under 30 carbs max for breakfast and snacks If I had them, and 60 for lunch and dinner if I remember right, 2 hours between meals. I had to change my coffee habits and watch what I ate, but I was able to maintain a good blood sugar level without medication. I noticed it helped to have a later snack after dinner to prevent my blood sugar from spiking in the middle of the night.They thought my baby was measuring large, but she came out just over 7lb and perfectly healthy. It went away after birth, it is common to turn into type 2 later in life, but nothing so far for me so far(10 months pp)

I had it with my youngest he came out perfect and his sugar levels where great.My sugars where good after I had him.

I’m 60- and had it with a pregnancy. No sign of it yet! I run just a tad above normal range as it is, but nothing that requires medication. Diet controlled during pregnancy

I had it with 3 of my pregnancies. It went away after each one

I had GD with my 3rd pregnancy. I controlled it with diet. My delivery was a normal vag 3 1/2 hours. It went away pretty much straight away.
I got type 2 diabetes 5 years later and was put on tablets.
With my 4th pregnancy I stayed on my tablets and also had insulin and diet. I ended up having an emergency c-section due to fetal distress. I’m back to tablets and diet. I have had type 2 Diabetes for 20 years

I had it with my first. I basically watched what I ate. Adjusted my insulin to what my intake was. No complications from me having GD.

I was diagnosed at 6 months, had baby nearly 6 weeks ago. Normal and quick delivery. Was on insulin injections and Metmorfin, It went away pretty much straight away. Listen to your doctors and watch your sugar intake. You got this!

Had it with my last. It was rough not being able to eat all the stuff I was craving and I had to be on a strict diet and do insulin shots twice daily. But at my 6 week pp check up I was fine. I do have to get tested every 3 years now though. One good thing about it though is I lost 45 lbs (baby came out 8lbs 3oz) durning my pregnancy so I actually weighted less than I did before I got pregnant after I had baby. As long as you follow a good diet and Monitor your blood sugar you should be okay!

I had it with my son’s pregnancy 12 years ago. Mine was diet controlled. Watch your carbs and sugar intake. Have your obgyn set you up with a nutritionist. So helpful. My son was born perfectly healthy. 8lbs 10oz

I have had it with 6 of my kids and as soon as u deliver ur sugar should go back to normal, but ur baby could be a bigger weight at birth and their sugar could drop at birth but the nurses are right there expecting it and they take care of it. Just listen to your dr and try ur best to keep ur sugar under control the best u can

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I’ve had it multiple times. Every pregnancy is different. But if you stick to the diet, you will be ok. Mine went away after I gave birth. Hang in there!

I had it with my first child 35 years ago, I gained 40 pounds and dr said he was considering insulin, and my baby would be at 9 pounds! I was careful the rest of pregnancy and delivered all natural and he was 7’13. With my second child same problem, which caused a rupture:hole in the sac. All amniotic fluid leaked out and they told me I was miscarrying! My second child was 8’13, full term. I gained 25 pounds with her, last child not an easy pregnancy either! She was 8’4 and born full term!! I have been a diabetic ever since!! It has not been under control for 35 years!! Recently my A1C was over 14, and I’ve been on Metformin for years, and since February, I’ve been on an insulin pen and am successfully getting it down!
My suggestion would be to eat really good, watch your sugar! Try not to gain a ton of weight!! Forget the old saying, “You’re eating for 2”. Eat healthy!! Praying for a healthy pregnancy and birth!! Y problem is I didn’t listen to my dr! You and baby will be fine!!

Had it with my first watched my diet took insulin went away. On my second was not pre diabetic but I have had again my sugars are a little harder to control but I’ve gain 10lbs I’m smaller than my 1st pregnancy and my baby was 8lb 4oz
It’s going to be okay it’s stressful just breathe and do your best lots of water veggies and walking :heart:

If possible you want to try to control it with diet. There is a higher likelihood of developing diabetes later in life if you need meds to control it. However, for some women diet isnt enough so dont beat yourself up if that doesnt work for you. Ask for a referral to a dietician to get tips about managing it. Use the carb allotments they give you for meals and snacks as a starting point and then adjust as needed. To remain diet controlled I had to stay around 10 to 15 carbs less per meal than what the dietician told me. Snacks I was fine but the carb counts for those are lower. Since its gestational and will be gone almost as soon as you deliver, it’s easiest if you find a handful of things that you can eat and just stick to them. It gets monotonous and boring but its over quickly. GD does get worse as you get further into pregnancy so what works now may not work in a few weeks. Emeals is a great source for recipes. You can look online too. Things targeted toward the keto diet are usually okay also. There is a brand of keto icecream called rebel that is pretty good that I was able to eat so its not too bad if you do some research and find those sugar free options. If you start struggling with your fasting glucose readings get some sugar free applesauce and when you get up middle of the night to use the bathroom, eat one. For me that was about 1am. Overnight your glucose levels will bottom out because you are in a fasting period. Your liver then releases stored glucose. The further along you are the more likely it is that your pancreas wont be able to keep up with your liver overnight. The applesauce helps to regulate your glucose naturally so your liver doesnt have to go crazy. It doesnt have to be apple sauce, you just want a protein over a carb. Applesauce was just easy for me to stomach in the middle of the night. Take your fasting number right away when you get up. Your glucose will start to rise after you start moving around. Dont wait too long to eat breakfast. Your schedule should be fasting test upon waking, breakfast, test at 1 or 2 hours after (whatever your Dr tells you), snack, lunch, test 1 or 2 hours after, snack, dinner, test 1 or 2 hours after, bedtime snack. Between meals and testing you dont want to eat anything amd stick to sugar free drinks. Make sure you have small snacks after testing to get you to the next meal. During the day try not to go more than 3 to 4 hours max without eating something. Your liver can release glucose during the day too. That last bedtime snack should be a protein, little to no carbs.

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I had gd with my 3rd baby it went away after birth but a few years later I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes

Watch your diet & you’ll be fine. Your health plan should give you at least one session with a nutritionist to help you adopt a diabetic diet that works for you. Look up diabetic recipes online, and most frozen dinners have diabetic info on the box. Basically, eat as many colorful veggies as you want, eat lots of lean protein and go for fiber. This means half or 1/4 of normal servings of carbs, and go for whole wheat bread and noodles, brown rice, sweet potatoes vs. white versions, oatmeal and other hot cereals are good, less refined foods.

Skip most sweets. Check sugar counts on packaging, and anything that ends in -ose is a sugar. Half a piece of fruit at meals, one sheet of Graham crackers, 8 animal crackers/cookies once in a while. Nitro-Grain almond is not bad, Honey Bunches of Oats could kill you. 1/4 a whole wheat bagel cream cheese, almonds, and any raw nuts make good snacks, mozzarella sticks, beef snack sticks or jerky though they’re high in salt.

Plain milk is a good drink; find interesting teas. Some like vanilla caramel or Constant Comment almost taste like dessert. Bananas are high in sugar: use sparingly. Strawberries are a better choice. Artificially sweetened foods and drinks are not good for you, but go for it if you’re desperate (sugar free pudding, Jell-O, Cool Whip, Diet soda).

Skip fruit juice as it’s a direct sugar hit to your bloodstream. Or pour four ounces in a glass & fill the rest with water to dilute it & fool yourself into thinking you’re getting a whole glass. Have whole fruit instead (small or 1/2 portions). Coffee is OK, especially decaf, & plain cream or milk is OK

Chicken nuggets/strips and unsweetened iced tea or salads from fast food. Cauliflower crust pizza.

Successful vaginal birth, healthy first baby, a bit big for me at 8 lbs, 13 oz., though my second was 8.4. My husband had Dove ice cream bars in the hospital fridge for me as soon as I got a room. Literally once you push out the baby, you’re fine. But you are more susceptible to diabetes in the future. I adopted a lot of the diabetic diet tips for good and avoided gestational diabetes with my second child. Check your portion sizes and foods once a week as things tend to creep up. It does make your baby grow like crazy, so your incentive for sticking to the diet is having a not giant baby to push out! The American Diabetes Association is a great resource and they have a really good magazine with lots of tips, ideas & recipes.

Oh, eat every 2-3 hours & have a snack before bed & eat as soon as you get up & test yourself in the morning. Maybe have cheese or beef sticks or nuts handy on your nightstand to munch on if you get up at night.

Exercise helps a lot too—whatever you can manage & is safe for pregnancy. Walk a lot, swim, take in person or DVD or online classes of whatever you enjoy. Try to do some movement for 30 minutes every day (can be in 10 minute increments if needed). I love this because it’s good for your whole system and mental health/moods too, plus it’s simple to do. Tai Chi Chih - Joy Through Movement - YouTube

I had it my last 4 pregnancies and as soon as the placenta was out it went away. If you control it well you and baby will be ok. Walking after meals helps a lot

Had it and went away when my son was born

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Everyone is different, but mine did go away right after delivery, and my son was ok too. You’ll be ok just try your best to follow the diet :heart:

Had it with all three of my pregnancies…all three health successful deliveries. Controlled with diet all three times.

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Do what your doctor says with diet and exercise but so many people are saying if you do that you will be fine. Please know that SOMETIMES you may need medication to help you and that IS NOT because you did something wrong or didn’t listen to the doctor. I had a medication but still struggled keeping my sugar down. I ended up needing to be induced at 37 weeks for a different reason but I had a healthy 5lb 3.9oz baby boy and my sugar problem went away after he was born :sparkling_heart: Good luck you’ve got this :sparkling_heart:

Momma you will be fine less carbs, eat smaller meals throughout the day, get your heart rate up for 30min a day as that cleans the blood and keeps a fatty liver at bay. please be mindful that you can run the risk of getting diabetes later in life. It’s not hard to mannage

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I know women that had it and it never went away. It will cause you to have a bigger baby. Also, take care of yourself, watch what you eat, do what the doctor says and all will be fine.

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It will go away after the baby is born. Most moms do well with diet
Some mom’s have LGA baby’s which normally means that mom will become a DM later on in life. But again watch your diet during pregnancy.

So, currently 19weeks, started noticing sugar issues at 8weeks, tracked diet and sugars, my fasting numbers were very high, post food consumption they were normal 100-140 (1-2hours) they (Medical team) put me on 6units of Humalin insulin at bedtime. I walk 3miles a day plus running around with my 3 year old. I drink mostly water rarely drink a soft drink or juice. I eat a regular diet, 6 small meals a day. Proteins in the am carbs in the afternoon with protein dinner complex carbs with protein. The GD goes away after birth , when or how soon- different for everyone. Don’t stress about it. Eating and insulin do not hurt the baby, actually helps baby so you don’t put extra stress on the baby and you, can be a precursor to Preeclampsia or gestational hypertension. Good luck momma. The insulin is not hard to do. Doesn’t hurt like finger sticks.

Portion control and watch the carbs. My doctor also told me if I craved it, have it as long as it wasn’t all the time. The only thing that happened after my delivery was they put my baby in NICU for a few hours to watch their glucose.

I had it for my last baby. I had a healthy baby and safe delivery. Mines went away right after delivery

Wasnt much to it. I controlled mine with diet. Unfortunately after my 2nd I still have issues with fasting bgls

Mine went away as soon as she was born … To managed it all purely but diet , found what made it go up and avoided it… For me it was anything startchy or sweet, lived off of meats and veggies…

Make sure you follow the diabetic food guide … ( corn is startch )

Thankfully I have family that is diabetic so already knew how to manage it and all…

Super thankful I did not need the meds for it. (Some cases end up still on the meds after birth… :frowning: )

She is now a healthy almost 3 month old and I am doing great not needing to worry on if I have rice or pasta or even a sandwich…

Luck . You got this!!! 🫂🫂

Mine went away pretty much right after delivery. They induced at 37 weeks because of it, and my son was born with no issue, delivery went as well as it could have i think lol, he was ready to come out when we showed up at the hospital though, i was dilated halfway before they even started me on meds. Honestly the hardest part was trying to keep up on checking my sugars, while still working full time at a job where i couldn’t easily just go off to check it several times a day, on a schedule, after meals. And re-training your eating habits, if you are a carb/sugar lover lol.

I was diagnosed with my 5th baby… he was born perfectly healthy at 38 weeks 5 days… and the gestational diabetes was gone after he was born, no further issues, and he will be 5 in August.

I had it. Went away the second he popped out of me. A simple test for my son soon after he was born and he was fine. During pregnancy I avoided absolutely everything that might harm my baby. No sugar, bread, starch. It was frustrating but luckily we live in a time where there’s more options. And also I walked more. I walked for 45 minutes to 1.5 hours before and after I ate.

Atkins shakes were a lifesaver. I loved the chocolate shake. Mostly water though.

Monitor your diet and light exercise. Google ways to eat healthier. You got this mama❤️

I’ve had 3 babies and I had it with my second and third pregnancies. I was able to control my numbers with proper diet but my fasting number was almost slightly high so I was on insulin injections. I too 1 each night before bed. They will test your baby and you during and after birth while you are in the hospital. The baby needs 3 consecutive pricks that are healthy numbers before he or she can be released from the hospital. Both of mine were fine. My numbers were fine as well. At your 6 week checkup they will give you a script so go get your glucose levels checked. I had them checked the first time I had it and again only my fasting was slightly elevated. They told me to see my primary care but never did. The second one they did the same but I didn’t get them checked. I went back on keto and losing weight to try and keep myself healthy.

It will go away after the baby is born. I had it really bad. Like anything I ate I felt sick. I was induced at 37 weeks because they couldn’t get my blood pressure or my sugar to go down and my little girl was healthy as can be.