Needing advice about my painful pregnancy

I’m currently 34 weeks 3 days pregnant. This pregnancy has been horrific to say the least. I have a medical condition called CRPS. Due to the pregnancy I was advised to come of off my medication due to the pregnancy, I was not offered any other medication as an equivalent to help me. Due to this condition it makes all pain no matter where it is be excruciating and will have me in tears. Due to this condition which is in my left foot it has left me partially disabled. This pregnancy I have been through hell and back. I have had numerous amounts of scans and consultant appointments but at each consultant appointment I’m faced with nothing but problems. I’m now fully struggling, I’m in constant pain with my groin and pelvic, I struggle getting around due to this condition I have and this pregnancy is making it so much worse for me. I have spoke to a consultant about maybe being induced early to relieve some pressure from me, I get brushed off. No one can give me any straight answers, I’m not seeing the same person each time I go in. The only thing that they have said is that they will not allow me to go over 40 weeks. This pregnancy is now killing me both mentally and physically and I’m drained all the time, I struggling with eating and drinking, I’m sick all the time. There are days where I struggle to just get out the house, it’s a daily struggle just to get house chores done as well as help and support my 11 year old. I’m due back to the hospital for another scan and consultant appointment next month, but I’m worried they are not taking into my account on how I’m feeling. Most days all I do is and cry. When I’m struggling to eat and drink it makes me feel worse mentally as all I think about is how I feel like Due to not eating and drinking I am neglecting and putting my unborn baby at risk. I can not cope anymore. Iv spoken to midwife who has said that due to the circumstances I should be able to get induced early, but yet no consultant is listening to me and just brush off everything I say. I turned up for a consultant appointment last month to then be told that my appointment had been cancelled without communicating it to me. I have to fight for my appointments. I just don’t think I can fight no more and all I want to do is give up which kills me inside even more. I’m not asking to be induced right away, maybe 37/38 weeks. Give me a date where I can see the end line but no one will advise me or listen to me. I don’t know what else to do. I guess what I am asking, is has anyone been in this type of situation before, and if so can someone please advise me on what I can do to get someone to listen to me. Just to add, my gp and my pain specialist want me back on my medication as soon as possible but until the baby is here I can not go on them.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Needing advice about my painful pregnancy

Well, pregnancy is painful once you get to 30+ weeks. That’s just apart of what happens. I realize you have a condition, but they can’t really induce you because you’re in pain daily. You’ll need to find ways to start inducing labor, get a ball to bounce on, heating pads, icy hot, other ways to get rid of the pressure on your pelvis. Trust me, pregnancy is painful but it’s expected so it’s not looked at seriously. I can’t believe they didn’t give you an alternative to your pain medication though. You should have fought on that, because the withdrawals could have put your baby at high risk for a miscarriage, etc.


Pregnancy is hard. And it gets harder with each one. Your end date is your due date. So you have that already. Doctors don’t like to enduce early unless it is a safety concern for baby. I’m sorry your going threw this. Try to rest as much as possible and drink as much as you can. If you can’t eat meals. Try small snacks fruits, crackers anything.


Look into hypnosis for pain management. It worked to get my friend through labor & delivery without anesthesia: Not sure if there are any homeopathic or naturopathic remedies that would help, but they’re all safe for pregnancy.

Also, maybe later in your pregnancy it might be safer to restart your meds, even at smaller doses.

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I think women in general are undertreated for pain, and especially if you’re BIPOC.

Is there a group for CRPS sufferers that might provide suggestions?


Can you switch providers? I wouldn’t stay where I wasn’t being heard. Chronic pain is h e double hockey sticks on earth. What about cbd oil? That helped my herniated disc pain incredibly. It also made my stomach feel amazing. Love to


Ask about a planned c section at 39 weeks. Less pain for the delivery, more painful and longer recovery than a " natural " birth and you can be put back on your meds to manage your pain. If you’re not willing to do that, you’re probably just going to have to wait until baby comes. They said they won’t let you go over 40. So let that be your " end date "

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A friend of mine was on pain meds and stayed on them pregnant. They said it’s dangerous to make you quit and not good for either of them. At birth the baby was monitored for NAS but he was okay thankfully. I hate your going through it. Your in the tail end now

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Sorry about your pain & condition. They can induce you at 38 wks if everything is good. Because of your condition, maybe think of getting your tubes tied so you will never be put in this position ever again. I understand you would want to be back on any of your meds as soon as possible. But if you take them, even in the end of you pregnancy it does effect the baby. It is horrible to watch a newborn go thru withdrawals, & very sad

i got induced at 39 weeks. would’ve been 38 but the hospital was already booked with inductions. pain is a good enough reason to be induced, so don’t listen to others stating that. i would get another OBGYN so you can finally be heard instead of it going through one ear and out the other. you are so close to the finish line, keep going!!


Sounds like being 34 weeks pregnant I’m sorry but it’s a lot in general.


I also have RSD…that’s the old name…it’s awful and I can’t imagine being pregnant with it! Whoever treats your condition get them on board and find an OBGYN with knowledge of the condition!!! Most have NO CLUE!!! I’ve been in the ER when they want to grab my arm for BP etc after I tell them don’t touch it because I have it…and I’ll ask do you know about RSD and I ALWAYS get a No answer…I finally told one girl to go look it up before she touches me again!!! You have my prayers :pray::pray:


At your 37 week apt tell them you want to be induced that day. Tell your midwife, not a regular dr. My midwife started mine in the office at my apt. I had borderline high blood pressure the whole pregnancy and we didn’t wanna risk it, so she came in, said “we’re doing this today!” And stripped my membranes and sent me straight to the hospital.


Have your Dr and pain management specialist contact maternity for you. They may be able to arrange early delivery for you. Sadly Drs rarely listen to anyone but other Drs and possible they dont know just how debilitating your condition is…I know pregnancy is uncomfortable towards the end but what you are describing is definitely not normal

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With my first son they made me carry him 5 weeks over kept telling me I got pregnant in a month I didn’t even have sex in :woman_facepalming:t2: I knew exactly what day I had to of conceived by the time i did have him even the nurses and doctors in the room were saying he should of already been born weeks ago. But no one would listen to my concerns. With my second I simply kept demanding a elective induction and at 37 weeks I finally won that disagreement and was induced at 38 weeks. Keep bring it up and the reasons you feel it’s necessary. Also once you hit 37 weeks try to do things that might help jump start labor. (Of course safely)

Leaving this comment here so I can remember to come back to this post and respond after I get some rest. If someone could “like” my comment, I would sincerely appreciate it. Thanks!


I would try and keep baby in at least another 2 weeks so babys organs are at least formed and baby just needs more weight gain when they arrive. Im sorry your in pain I know it sucks and I hope for some relief for you sooner than mater I had contractions from 34 weeks- 37 weeks I could barely walk without one but no dialation happening I had to wait out my c section appointment.


I had my scheduled c section at 37 weeks due to IUGR I think I’d consult with a new doctor even being this far in pregnancy.

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NP here. Demand to see a pain management specialist. RSD or CRPS is called the suicide disease for a reason… it’s awful. Psychologically you may do better having a provider who understands the condition


Most doctors won’t induce you till you are at least 38 or 39 weeks depending on doctor but as long as baby is healthy and nothing wrong with the pregnancy they won’t induce early.

If the OP would like to message me, she’s welcome to. I’m a CPP- chronic pain patient/intractable pain patient. I may have an idea that could help her reach out and explain to her doctors so she gets the appropriate care she absolutely needs and should be getting. RSD/CRPS are no joke. It’s called the “suicide disease” for a reason, and Tylenol isn’t going to cut it with that kind of pain. These doctors have got to stop acting like women are just “hysterical” and especially with severely painful diseases and injuries. The dismissive ness, invalidation, and gaslighting of us is already gross enough, but especially when you’re in the kind of pain that OTC meds can’t and won’t touch that kind of pain.

OP, I’m truly sorry you’re going through this, because it’s so unnecessary. Please feel free to reach out to me if you want to. There’s others out there like you too, and they may have some advice to give you too. :pray:t2::heart:


A few people have said that’s just pregnancy. I personally have CRPS along with other things. I have no clue how you are even working. You need to find a good doctor who understands. CRPS is one of highest pain levels with no cure. I am not pregnant and struggle beyond belief everyday. You are doing an amazing job but find a specialist, pain management doctor, etc. If you already have one let them know exactly what is going on.


My second pregnancy gave me horrible back pain to the point I actually needed physical therapy. She nestled herself in my ribcage in such an awkward way that caused pressure on nerves in my spine. The only reason they scheduled a c-section was because the little turd was so high in, sideways, AND her head was tilted backwards!! That c-section was very traumatic though. It sounds like your doctors don’t know wtf they are doing so I would rather hang in there instead of ruining the birth experience. Maybe seek out a doctor further away for a planned c-section. Seriously some hospitals are terrible. They assume women are just hysterical and write off their pain. Ffs this is 2022!!!

If it’s not too late get a doula

It sounds like you need to transfer to a different doctor and facility that actually cares how you are doing. Find a more reliable and kind place to go. This should be a happy time in your life.

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I’ve been struggling with chronic pain for 16 years, a crushed sciatic nerve is one of my issues. It took 12 years for a dr to give me some pain medication. Now they want to take it away. I have endured multiple injuries from falls, 4 hip replacements in one hip from infection because a dr didn’t believe me when I told him something was wrong after the first surgery. Drs don’t listen to women when they say they are in pain. We’re looked at as being dramatic and exaggerating our pain. It’s a ongoing issue that needs to be addressed in the medical community. Far to many people are losing their lives because it becomes to much. I know what you’re going through. Counting the seconds and thinking, if I can just make it through the next hour…It’s almost over momma. I pray you can find someone to help you so you don’t have to suffer through the coming weeks


I was induced at 37 weeks exactly, I had stayed for two weeks before. I got induced bc of my mental health. I wasn’t suicidal I was the opposite.i was terrified the baby was going to die. I was counting kicks every min of every day it mentally was killing me.

That’s a perfect example of legal moral and ethical issues. Unless there’s a danger to baby or Mom, they aren’t supposed to induce early.

You definitely don’t want to be induced at 34 weeks. That will set up the baby for a lot of possible complications. Over the next 4-6 weeks the lungs will do so much more developing. Perhaps if you try to discuss induction closer to around 38 weeks, they will be more inclined to listen. I have pelvic congestion syndrome, endometriosis, and had symphysis pubis dysfunction and sciatica in my last pregnancy and I remember I would hear my bones click together when I walked and the pain on my pelvis/low abdomen/low back felt unbearable the last couple of months. They induced me at 39 weeks exactly, due to the pain and then already being 2-3 cm dilated for a week, so they just moved it along a bit quicker by breaking my water. Hang in there. Severe chronic pain sucks regardless, but the additional weight and pressure of pregnancy on your body, just makes it 10x worse. I remember the day after I had him, feeling better physically than I had in months! Usually one day post-partum you’re still really sore (and I was sore - it was just nothing in comparison) but instead I felt better. You’re getting really close to the finish line :heart:

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I’m so sorry I don’t know what to say except I hope you feel better after you give birth

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Prayers for pain relief and a healthy baby! :heart::pray::heart:


Tell your OB exactly what you just told us. Emphasize that the pain is chronic, not episodic. Ask if there’s anything at all the might help. PT? Stretches? Topical ointments? Acupuncture? Aromatherapy?

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I would look for another obstetrician right away. I understand why they want the pregnancy to proceed as long as possible because induction can do more harm than good sometimes. However the suffering is not making things easier.