Needing advice about my sons behavior. Any suggestions?

I’m in desperate need of help or advice. I have a 5year old son with a terrible behavior problem. His at creche, and when I do chat to his teacher regarding his behavior and attitude, she says she has no problems with my son whatsoever in class, but when he’s at home, he turns into a totally different child. Sometimes he can be so sweet and loving other times, he is just so horrible, and my husband nor I don’t know what to do anymore. The forms of discipline that we tried don’t work especially not the naughty corner or taking his toys away. It breaks my heart because I like to believe my child is a good child, but this behavior of his is a major problem, he goes against everything we as his parents say, he will tell us that he doesn’t want to listen because he wants to be a naughty child at the end of the day I’m questioning myself on what kinda child I’m raising I feel so heartbroken because I’m trying my best to raise a good boy/man, but everything we are doing isn’t working when it comes to trying to change his behavior. I really feel like I’ve failed when it comes to parenting because I’m unable to handle my child when he’s at his worst. I feel like a horrible, horrible mother.