Needing advice about sleep studies

Who’s had a sleep study done and can tell me about it. My Dr put in a referral for me to have one done since my sleep medication (Lunesta) is no longer working, and I’m on the highest dose. I don’t stop breathing while I sleep; I do wake up at least 5-6 times during the night and only get 3-4 hours of sleep. The lack of sleep has put a strain on my heart, causing it to constantly race. I’ve tried Ambien, but it made me sleepwalk and sleep eat. I have over 13 medication allergies that included Benadryl, Unisom, and over-the-counter melatonin. All of those also make my heart race even more. Will I be allowed to listen to my audiobook while I try and sleep? I have a weird form of tinnitus (diagnosed by an audiologist) that gives me a horrible warbling sound in my head when ever I’m in a silent environment that makes me dizzy and nauseous. White noise machines and fans don’t help make the sound disappear. I am just trying to figure out what to expect. Thank you.


I had one done a few years ago. I went to the clinic and they had a bedroom/ bathroom set up. The bed was very comfy and there was a tv. They did some paperwork and asked a lot of questions about your sleep issues and meds, then wired you up and sent you to bed. There’s at least one person there awake all night to monitor you.

They attach a bunch of wires to your head and you hardly get any sleep at all :disappointed:

I was just described lunesta recently for sleep and haven’t taken it yet have you had any crazy side effects from it? I read sleep walking and it kinda freaks me out. Lol. I was on trazadone but it made me nauseated and felt horrible next day.

There are home sleep studies where you test in comfort of own home. Provider can usually contact a dme company to order that.

The wires make it hard but the bed is comfy

My roommate had one she put on and slept at home. Especially with COVID, this seems likely. My mom had one done in a facility and she didn’t sleep a wink.

You can listen to a book or music I think. They just want to make sure you actually sleep so they can monitor your sleep habits and stuff. I ended up sleeping better at the sleep study then I do at home. Bed was comfy, I wasn’t worried about kids or anything like cleaning my house and stuff like that. It was kind of fantastic and I might start renting a hotel for myself every once in a while so I can get that kind of sleep again!
My study came back fine. I personally think it is just stress keeping me from sleeping.