Needing advice about the herpes virus

So this is a question about my friend. My school didn’t really have a sex Ed class, so I’m not very well educated in this department. But a little back story is when she was with her ex, he went down on her with a cold sore. She ended up getting a breakout and went to the doctor, where they confirmed that it was herpes. Well, now she is seeing a new guy, and he has asked me if she has anything that I know about. When I showed her, she said that she doesn’t have them and can’t get them unless someone gives them to her again? So she can’t pass it on. She then said that everyone has herpes (which I have heard) and that when he went down on her, it activated it in the outside, but since they gave her antibiotics, it helped, and she got them taken care of, so she can’t pass them to anyone sexually. I was wonder if anyone could explain how this works? I’m not trying to be rude by any means; I’m really just curious and feel like if I ask her more questions, she will think I’m judging her when I’m really not!!

So I am a nurse at a dermatology clinic and she technically does still have the virus. It is incurable. They likely gave her an anti-viral medication called Valtrex that can help with the symptoms and has been shown to make the recurrences/outbreaks less contagious. The medication has been known to reduce the amount of recurrences. After her initial outbreak, she could go years before ever having a recurrence. However, days prior to a recurrence she may have symptoms and not realize that she is having a recurrence the symptoms include burning, itching, tingling and/or tenderness in the area, even with no visible sores and at that point she is considered to be highly contagious and will remain so up until the sores have gone and they have completely healed (meaning no stabbed over areas or anything). During the the first onset of symptoms (burning tingling etc) and until all are healed she will need to wash hands anytime she came into contact with the areas due to the chances of spreading it into your eyes, avoid all sexual/physical contact of that areas with others. She should also avoid sharing any towels or clothing that may be ssoiled. hope this helps!