Needing advice for being put on bed rest: Help!

Just got put on official bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy and tbh I’m FREAKING OUT inside. I’ve always been told to take it easy. But bed rest? A low placenta? What does all this mean? What are the chances that I’ll actually get to meet my little man!? Who’s gunna do my mommy duties ? And how am I supposed to be a mom at all to the three that I already have?! Especially the little one that still requires me to hold her and pick her up every five minutes. I know I have a good support system. But I’m just scared. I’ve never been put on bed rest before and this is my fourth pregnancy. Well actually it’s my 11th but the fourth that’s made it past the first trimester. My last baby. My little miracle man. And I really just want to be able to meet him


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Needing advice for being put on bed rest: Help!

Sending prayers little mama

I know it sounds terrifying, but what they are recommending is what will make sure that you get to meet that little man. Your placenta is partially or fully blocking your cervix. They don’t want you on your feet too much so that baby’s weight doesn’t press down on the placenta and make it tear, or detach which might cause you to have to deliver to early. As your uterus grows, the placenta might move out of the way of the cervix to allow a vaginal delivery. If not they will do a c-section sometime before your due date. Try to get your hubby to put a cooler in your room with snacks, juice boxes and water(in sippy cups if needed) a tv or laptop in your room and the kids can hang out with you. Ask your doctor for exact rules on bedrest. Most allow for quick bathroom breaks at least. You got this mom, it will be alright.


I agree with top comment. The main thing is to not freak out and try and remain calm remember that baby can feel emotions too.


You freaking out and stressing out is not helping you keep that baby in you. So, just relax and look at on the bright side. You being in bed rest is not for the rest of your life. Just have fun playing with your other kids around you.


Ok momma, I know you’re stressed. So was I, but you have to breathe. It’s a precaution. Stress is bad for you & lil man while pregnant. So, contact your support ppl, invite them over, have a pow wow & let them know exactly what you need. Breathe again. :black_heart:
Decide what doesn’t matter & let it go. You have to relinquish control & trust. Your focus is the baby currently baking so make a liver & the intestines; everything else can wait. :hugs:
Find a sitter for the youngest who requires attention. Day care if you can? Join local mom groups. I’ve babysat, for free, for some mommas needing help. One mom got me a case of Monsters a week for a month. :joy: I appreciated that more than cash.
Guided mediation on YT can help you relax. I know it’s so hard but this is to ensure everything is fine. Avoid salt & junk. Stay hydrated. Ask your Dr if a pregnancy massage, closer to your due date, is ok. They can induce labor in some so a week out, get one if they ok it.
You can do this. :pray: :black_heart::black_heart:
Congrats on the lil man!!! :tada:


Love the top comment. If you don’t have a mini fridge a cooler with snacks for the kids AND you, along with some coloring books and small easy activities you can do with the kids in bed, diapers wipes (if the little is still in them) ANYTHING you might need through the day for yourself or your kids.
If you don’t normally have someone with you at all times like if your husband has to go to work make sure someone in your support system can be there while he can’t to do the things that you’re not allowed to at the moment.
Remember that taking care of yourself is the only way to meet that little man. Make sure you change positions often and don’t forget to stretch to prevent bed sores.


Do as your told and you’ll have a healthy baby. I know a young lady that went through this and today is celebrating her son’s 3 month. He’s perfect in every way. She was on bed rest for months


Do what the doctor is saying… I had a early emergency csection cuz my placenta had got a bloodclot and baby was in distress… I wasn’t supposed to have my csection until aug 8… i wouldve been 28 wks then… but instead i had my baby at 27wks… she was almost 2lbs. But shes okay… shes in the nicu :heart: now i just have to wait til she can start eating herself and breathing good… Goodluck w the rest of ur pregnancy :heart: I also have a 10 month old at home w her daddy and 2 older ones :relaxed::heart:

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Be strong, you will soon get over it.

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My daughter is in the same situation and it’s freaking me out more than her. You need to follow their advice so you and little man are safe. It will be difficult but you will be ok. Congratulations x

If you have access to any kind of medical professional or medical care that would be the person to ask your medical questions of.

As far as who is supposed to pick up your existing kid, ask your support system to babysit, or the father of that kid.

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If you just want to meet him then get your behind in bed now! Let your support help you with the other kiddos. Everything will be ok. You can parent an guide your support system from bed. For you to accomplish what is most important right now you need to get in bed. Take a deep breath and release all this stress out of you it’s not good for you or the baby. Your little one that still needs you to hold her can come snuggle in bed with you and watch some Disney movies together. Your kids will be fine and so will you so long as you get in that bed.

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I know it’s hard but if you have help TAKE IT and take it easy. I just had my 4th baby, hes almost 2 months old now and healthy but my doctor also told me to rest and to stop doing so much because everything I was eating and all the nutrients I was getting was going straight to me and wasn’t going to my son so she upped my protein intake and told me to take it easy the rest of my pregnancy. I couldn’t because I have 3 other kids and as helpful as my SO is at times he was not always doing his part around the house and with the kids so it was still alot of stress on me especially chasing around a 2 year old daily. I always felt horrible and was always tired. They induced me at 38 weeks because he was measuring 35 weeks and his stomach was only measuring at 33 weeks. It turns out my placenta was detaching and ruptured so he was losing damn near every bit of food and nutrients that I was getting. I lost over half of my amniotic fluid before birth. And I had an infection in my uterus. He came out very swollen I’m assuming from resting on my pelvis and very small but he was healthy. Delivery was fine but it was a lot of stress because they had to keep my epidural down low in case something happened so I could feel it and tell them so I felt all my contractions still. He was healthy tiny baby though. It was just scary. My doctor said we were very lucky because either of us could’ve had serious complications or worse. So please if you have the help take it. It is okay to have to have help. It’s to insure that you and your baby are healthy and safe for delivery. Best of luck to you!

Get all of your support together to help you out !

You will meet your little man and you are doing mommy duties. Right now your duty is for your little man to make sure he has the best outcome. Sometimes it is hard to let go of the responsibilities of your little ones at home but they will be fine. Right now you need to trust your caregivers and do all you can to have a healthy baby boy. I have been in your shoes and yes it is hard but soon you will have your whole family together and wow you are giving your kids a new brother. Prayers for you…:heart::pray::heart:

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I was high risk and put on bed rest. I still cooked and did my motherly duties but did not lift anything. I also rested more like when the other child napped so did I. The older children helped me. You got this!

I was put on bed rest for both of my pregnancies. 7 weeks with my first and 10 weeks with my second. Take it as easy as possible. No heavy lifting, stay hydrated and try to stay off your feet as much as possible. Sit on the couch and help your youngest climb up with you. It may be hard at first but they’ll kind of understand if your persistent you can’t pick them up. Take all the help you can get and let some things go. I pushed myself to hard and ended up in the hospital because of bleeding with my youngest. I had several episodes of bleeding and it was so scary. I had a full placental previa, meaning my cervix was being covered by my placenta. Most womens move throughout the pregnancy but mine did not and I had to have a planned C-section at 36 weeks before I started to dilate on my own. If I did we both would’ve died. Try to stay calm but be mindful of the risks of over doing it. It’ll be hard because mentally and physically I felt fine but I wasn’t. Keep your head up Mama and your feet up as much as humanly possible. Don’t be scared to ask people and family for help. You got this. Also pre made stuff helps with eating. Easy things the kids can eat or grab. Can your mom or MIL come stay on and off or take turns.

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It’s important to follow dr orders but if you have someone to come stay with you until baby is born that would be great

I am currently 32w6d pregnant and in the hospital for the last 7 days on strict bedrest. I have severe preeclampsia. We are trying to help me to make it to 34 weeks before we induce. I have a 9 year old back home that is having to depend on my sister for everything. It all sucks but I know I’m right where I need to be to keep my little girl safe inside me for one more week. It’s hard because no kids allowed in the hospital so I don’t get to see my daughter but I talk to her everyday. I miss her. But this too shall pass.

Stay hydrated, don’t lift anything more than 10lbs ( have your little climb onto the couch and sit gently with you instead of picking them up ) stay off your feet as much as you can. Ask for help. Do crock pot dinners so you’re not standing. Get your partner to do the chores. Ask friends and family to come clean up the house every other day. You’re growing a tiny human, and to do that safely at this point, is to listen and stay off your feet. Itll be hard for the first little bit. But you’ll get used to it

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Follow your doctor’s order if you want a healthy baby
I was on bedrest for several months and had an emergency C-section
She is just fine is an adult with children of her own

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Bed rest doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in bed 24/7 for the rest of your pregnancy. I was high risk with my first pregnancy. I miscarried one of three at 12 weeks and was placed on bed rest. I was told no lifting and no prolonged standing. I was still able to cook and clean, it was just met with many breaks. I ended up having two healthy girls. This is where your spouse comes in to pick up some slack.

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I was put on bed rest at 8 weeks. Due to restlessness I worked twice a week until 35 weeks. At 37 weeks I had my little boy via planned c section. He is now 8 months and healthy as can be