Needing advice from mamas who have a large age gap between kids

My youngest daughter is about to turn 11. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with what will be my 3rd daughter. I’m hoping to hear from some mama’s that have had such a large age gap between pregnancies, specifically when it comes to labor and delivery. My first labor was just under 12 hours, and my second was just under 6. Did your body react the same? Did you deliver any quicker or slower? I’m curious to hear others’ experiences! Thanks!


My daughter is 11 and I have a 9 month old
It’s very nice and no issues.

Everything will work out

Mine are 12 years apart and not very close but I do say they have each other back

There is 11 years between my second and third child. Everything was quick but no complications.

My oldest is almost 17 my youngest is 5 months it’s seriously like starting all over again! And pregnancy is so
Much harder when ur older or atleast for me it was


My brother and I have a 20 year age gap, we don’t really see each other

Not from a parenting perspective, but I’m 10 years older than my sister (no other siblings), and it really shaped my life for the better. Same for her, she’s a super awesome kid, very mature and learned from both my mistakes and my wins. She’s my best friend now that we’re 18&28! Support that relationship, even years apart, they’ll have a LOT to teach each other :heart:

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My boys are 24 and 22. My daughter is 11. They are all sssoooo close. I absolutely love it.

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Let’s see I have a 23, 22, 13, and 1 year old! Last labor took just as long as w first labor would. The doctor told me my body thought it was in labor for the first time again because of the years in between

my 2 daughters are 8 years apart. i think that pregnancy w my 2nd daughter was way faster than the 1s one

My oldest is 15 and her little sister is about to 4. The 3 year old is a major handful but her 15 year old sister is amazing with her. She baby sits a lot to make money as well. As far as labor, they were both about 12 hours for me, but the 2nd one went much easier. I only pushed for a couple of minutes.

1st was born in 03, 3.5 hours in labor
2nd was born in 09, 6 hr labor
3rd was born in 19, 9 hour labor

My oldest is 13 and I’m due in a few weeks with my 4th boy. My first delivery was complete shit. Like I wanted to be fixed and done. My 2nd son I was in labor no joke 20 minutes. 3rd about 2 hours

I have a almost 1 year old and almost 11 year old and they r really close. I love the age different

I have a 16 year old, 5 year old and 8 week old.
I had 3 csections. First was a emergency, second was planned, 3rd was planned before l went into labour as my waters broke a week early so they hurried me in before it become a emergency csection…
I honestly can’t remember the after pain of my previous csections, I guess it similar to giving birth and forgetting the pain side of it.
My last csection was a little rough tho with recovery 2 days after i felt really sick.
the doctor told me the more babies u have it takes that bit longer for ur uterus to go back to normal so if I felt contraction feeling that’s why of everything going back to normal
Other then that I had no complications etc even with the big gap an age difference…

I’m 9 years older than my lol sis and my mom said that each pregnancy was a little bit worse as she was tired more. But labor went faster each time😂
My sister was born in under 3 hours

My labors got quicker the more I had my eldest was almost 12 when I had my second, she was 37 hours, and my second was 6 hours a boy then I had another 14 months later and he was 1 hour

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I also have an 11yr age gap but no children between. My first labor was 12 hours. My 2nd was 3 DAYS.

My brother and I are 16 years apart, with no other children in between. If I remember correctly, my mother said that both deliveries were fairly similar. In fact, she said her body bounced back faster the second time. Sorry I don’t have any first hand experience myself though.

My oldest is 15 i was in labor for 28 hrs second is 9 i was in labor 12 hours my 3rd is 6 in labor 4 hours my fourth is 3 years old i was induced that was about 14 hours my 5th is 1 that was about 10 hours and my 6th is 5 months that was 8 hours

I have an almost 7 year old (her bday is in 2 1/2 weeks) and a 5 month old, I had a c section with both. My first c section was so easy but of course I was put to sleep for it so it was literally like I went to sleep and woke up with a baby… my recovery was super easy driving myself after like 3 or 4 days, doing everything for myself, never hurt, never had my pain meds filled and then this last one I was awake for it and it was rough… I hurt about 5 hours afterwards and everything was completely opposite than my first one. It was 2 1/2 weeks before I was driving, had to have help with a lot, had my pain meds filled before I even left the hospital and actually took them. I think age had a lot to do with it.

Age gap is good.
My oldest will be 17 before this 6th baby arrives later this year.
My youngest is now 5 and for me depending on how lazy I was during my pregnancies. I found the lazier I was. The longer my Labor’s :joy: This is just my personal experience.
Lazy 1st - 23hrs labor.
energetic 2nd - 5hrs.
3rd - lazy as hell 12hours :joy:
4th energetic - 3hours
5th very energetic went into labor early - 3hrs

Best wishes!
Your daughter will enjoy being big and way older sister :blush:

My oldest is 26 and then 25 and 21 and 8. Each one my labor was 8-9 hours and my last one was 14 hours and a c section. Age has a lot to do with it. I was 40 with the last one.

I have 2 boys 15 and 2 years old. They fight a lot but only cuz they are jealous of each other. But they are both very protective of each other as well. Labor for my first was easy. Seven hours, no epidural and 3 pushes. My baby was 22 hours of labor, epidural, and pushed for 1 1/2 hours. My second pregnancy was so much harder but I think it had a lot to do with my age.

I have 4 kids, 24yr old son (13hrs of hard, induced, epidural needed, labor), 22yr old daughter (easy, all natural, 5hr labor), 17yr old son (15hrs, horrible, induced, epidural, labor), then my last is a 6yr old son (16hrs, induced, ended up having an emergency c-section after pushing for over an hour before his heatbeat nearly stopped). My body still hasn’t really recovered.
But, my older kids and my youngest one have unbelievable bound. It is one of the few things the older 3 agree on, their little brother is awesome.

My boys were 12 and 8 when I had my daughter. My first delivery was 49 hours, second delivery was 37. My daughter was by far my easiest!! Went into labor at 9 pm and she was born at 5 the next morning. No epidural, nothing. My first two deliveries were both forceps! Worst pain ever. Good luck to you!!

My kids are 7 years apart. My labor was long for both, but I think it all varies! Best of luck!!

I have 2 daughters, one born 4/12/2006, the next born 4/15/2019. There is 13 years and 3 days between. They were both due on april 20th, they both were between 7 and 8 hour labors, I needed stitches with both. My first born was 8 lbs 6 oz (8 days early), my second was 6 lb 5 oz (5 days early). I feel like I recovered faster with my second, my lady bits didn’t hurt for as long, but she was also smaller. I did have hyperemesis with both, so the only real difference was the weight of the baby tbh. I got super lucky I think.

My kids are 11yrs apart. Except the youngest is a set of twins. So right now I have a 15yr old and 3yr old twins. Its amazing how they adore their big sister. She wanted a sibling forever. I love the age gap. I learned that it’s much harder at 33 than it was at 21. They were both elective c sections. I never wanted vaginal delivery. I was shopping on my way home from being released from my twin c section

ihave large gaps i have an almost 25 yr old she walked out when born it took 4hrs and 50 minutes walked in hospital all natural. i have a 9 yr old stubborn coming out induced at 2weeks over due it took her 4hrs and 55 minutes after being last whos gonna be 8 she was a week over due also induced she was stubborn didnt wantt o come out they also gave me a warm bath to help.she was my longest induced in afternoon and born at epideral with any of them.there due dates oldest 8-23-95 came the 21s. my 2nd was due april fools 2011 came the 13th. and my last was due july 3 2012 and came july 10th.

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I was 13 when my brother was born my brother was 11 and my sister 8. He got to do so many things his friends didn’t as we got older because we had licenses and expendable income. It’s a little harder now because we’re starting families (and he’s an uncle) and hasn’t graduated high school yet but I’d like to think he’s still enjoying it :rofl:

My boys are 18 and 2 first labor was 36 hours no complications natural birth, second was emergency c-section due to preeclampsia and babys heart rate dropping at contractions. Had gestational diabetes as well. Preeclampsia didnt go away turned into eclampsia had a seizure a week later and ended up back in the hospital for another week.