Needing advice from other mamas who have had a tubal!

Hoping to get some info from other moms have that have had pregnancies after a tubal ligation. My tubes were tied 8 years ago after my second (and what I thought was my last). Recently I had a positive home test after 6 weeks of odd spotting amount other symptoms. Waiting for the ultrasound to confirm where it is but kinda freaking out.


Awe if you’re prego that’s a miracle :purple_heart:

Prayers honey, tubal pregnancy scares are hard for so many reasons. :pray::purple_heart::footprints:

If u are it’s a miracle But is possible. Tubes can untie and reconnect though it’s rare

It happened to me also. 3 years after my tubal I was pregnant. U/S showed fetus where it was supposed to be, etc… A week and a half later, I miscarried :pensive:

If you’ve taken precautions n still come up pregnant, God has a plan. :blush:

I had mine cut, tied and burned… a little over two years later I went to the ER thinking my appendix had ruptured (horrible pain), actually ended up being an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured… so ended up having to have both of my tubes removed… so it is very possible. My advice is if you don’t want more kids, have them remove your tubes.

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I had this happen it was 10 years after mine I was having all the pregnancy symptoms so I took a test and it was positive.I went to the dr and she said I would probably miscarry and I did about a week later.

I had a tubal ligation 34 years ago after I had my son and daughter. Well, five years later I was pregnant and had a boy who just turned 29! My Dr waited 3 months after to run dye in my tubes to see if I had a leak :flushed:. The dye stopped at the first knot and didn’t get any further. I guess my Tyler was meant to be :heart:


It definitely is a shock when it happens. I had pieces of my tubes removed with #5 and then ended up pregnant with #6 not even 6mths later. Shocked actually would be quite an understatement.

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Thirty five years ago, I had mine cut tied and burned after I had a boy and girl. I did not have any problems; however, I felt phantom symptoms of thinking I maybe pregnant.

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8 yrs ago after my son I had clamps put on both tubes. 5 yrs ago I had a positive pregnancy test. Got an ultrasound and found out I was 19 wks 6 days pregnant. During the csection the new OB found that the last OB didn’t put the clamp on the tube it was underneath my fallopian tube. He then removed both tubes.

Had an aunt who had the procedure and wound up with twins. Personally I had mine done 33 years ago and never had a problem.

My sister in law had her 4th on tuesday after having her tubes tied 2 years ago. Mine are tied. I pray that stay that way

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Today they actually remove the entire tubes so it this will not happen. This procedure reduces chance of ovarian cancer


Had mine cut and burned 27 years ago … absolutely no problems in any way…

I found out from a nurse they aren’t 100% and if your body doesn’t make a lot of scar tissue they may last 2 to six years. So remember nothing in this world last forever.

It happen to me. They used bands on me and it broke off. The next time I had it done the old fashion way with them burning the ends.

I had 2 pregnancy after my tubal both were many years later, the only explanations the doctors could give is your body will try to heal itself and the tubal is recognized as a injury. I ended up losing both tubes in separate operations.

My youngest was born 5 years and 10 months after my tubal. He’s now 39

1 had my tunes tied 35 years ago and gave birth to my youngest daughter 13 months later

It does happen. If tubes are tied and not cut they can come untied

I had mine done 4 years ago almost and miscarried recently is possible

K had one when my daughter was 3, now 41. Never had a pregnancy after it,

When I had mine done they cut them out completely!

Wish I never had mine done have had more problems then it was worth


Mine have been tied for 29 years PRAISE GOD…

Never had a problem!

I had my tubal ligation and 13 month later I was pregnant with my daughter

Could be, it’s rare but happens

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I had what was called total tublagation cut ties and ends burned after my second child it worked great that was 29 years ago I learned that if they were not burned the ends can reattach and can have a tubal pregnancy


I had my tubes tied 24 years ago after I had my second son was born! My boys are 20 years apart! I call my son my miracle blessing! After being told by doctors in December of 1992 that I couldn’t have more children, my son was born in December of 1993! At the age of 38! For my 40th birthday I had my tubes tied! :crazy_face:

I had my tubal in 2002. She cauterized the tubes. Not sure if that matters. Family friend got pregnant after 13 years tubal. I think 99%. I wish you conscious as you make your decision. If you believe in prayer, ask God for guidance with this one.

I had my tubes cauterized. Had 2 tubal pregnancies afterwards. 1 about about 2 years after and 1 about 4 years afterwards. Second tubal pregnancy they removed my tube.

After 3rd baby iwas cut tied and burned. Got Crohn’s disease during pregnancy. Had 2 friends who had a baby and they were both fixed

Had mine many yrs ago after no. 6. No problems.